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MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher)

( English poet and the largest after the Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare.)

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Biography MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher)
photo MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher)
Born in February 1564 in Canterbury (Kent). His father, John Marlowe, a shoemaker by trade, was an honorary citizen of the city.
The only category that has been preserved from the list of Fellows of the Royal School Canterbury, shows that Marleau before entering the university received in this school scholarship. According to the archives of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, he graduated from high school in 1580 and received a college scholarship, established several years earlier by Archbishop M. Parker. Since the records of scholarships in the absence of fellows were not made, we can conclude that the first Marlo worked hard, but in recent years often left out of Cambridge. Marleau, easily earned a bachelor's degree in 1584, but in 1587 the Scientific Council refused to award him a master's degree, doing so only after a special order of the Royal Privy Council. Britain was ready to speak out against the Spanish Invincible Armada, and, apparently, the young poet was somehow connected with the British intelligence. This assumption is confirmed by the mysterious circumstances of his assassination six years later

. After receiving a master's degree, Marleau almost immediately went to London, where he became the first in the history of English literature, a group of professional playwrights, which was called 'university minds' (D. Lilly, T. Nash, R. Green, and T. Dzh.Pil Lodge)
. He brought the manuscript to London the first part of the tragedy Timur (Tamburlaine), written, probably more in Cambridge.

Marlo stormy personal life is reflected in his works. Unrestrained language, he made a few enemies. May 30, 1593 Marlowe was killed in a brawl in a tavern deptfordskoy 'Dame Eleanor Bull' near London. Before that, he got himself into trouble with the authorities - was even summoned to the Privy Council. Perhaps the reason for the murder served as a kind of intrigue associated with its secret service. Marlowe was buried in the church of St. deptfordskoy. Nicholas.

The most famous, though not the best play Marlo Tamerlane (Part 1 - 1587, Part 2 - 1588) devoted to the history of an unknown Scythian shepherd who became ruler of the world. The first English tragedy, written by a brilliant virtuoso white verse, Tamerlane marked a new period in British drama. Thanks to the powerful drama, the sonority of verse, poetic elegance play proved a resounding success; flow of quotations, imitations and parodies are not dried up for many years.

Next play Marlowe was probably a Jew of Malta (The Jew of Malta) and Dr. Faustus (Doctor Faustus). The text of both plays, unfortunately spoiled by a careless copyists, and modifications to the theater, but traces of the hands of the author enough to give an idea of the grandeur and beauty firsthand. Hero of the Jew of Malta - the play is undoubtedly influenced by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice - a Jewish merchant, the rich and cunning, and his plans fail, the daughter runs to the Christian, and he ruined.

The best piece Marlo most critics said Dr. Faustus. This is the first of the two great dramas, . based on the stories of real people - Dr. Johann Faust of Heidelberg (Heidelberg universtiteta in the archives have a record of awarding him a bachelor's degree in 1509), . which, . the legend, . sold his soul to the devil,
. The source of the play Marlowe served as a popular German book about Faust, the English translation of which was released in 1592. However, some evidence suggests that the play was written in 1588-1589. In this case, who had experienced German Marleau was available earlier, not extant translation of the Book of Faust. JW Goethe used the same story in his tragedy Faust, very highly of the play of his English predecessor. In no matter how damaged as no extant text of Marlowe, it keeps the original strength of feelings, the mastery of plot construction and magnificence of verse. Particularly impressive last scene, where only a few minutes of scenic action unfolding drama of a man whose soul is doomed to eternal perdition.

The last of the great plays of Marlowe, Edward II (Edward the Second), different from anything written by him before restrained manner, demonstrating the artistic maturity of the author. The wholeness of the plot, harmony songs, deep penetration in psychology, especially women, in the absence of stilted rhetoric - all said that before the death of the poet reached flowering of his talent. In Edward II Marlowe first interest in the topic of romantic love. However, this play - one of the first major successes of the English historical drama. It is mainly based on data from the Chronicles (1577) R. Holinshed (mind. app. 1580). In comparison, the two more recent tragedy Marlo - Dido, Queen of Carthage (Didona, Queen of Carthage) and the Paris Massacre (The Massacre at Paris) - do not have any serious value

. Marlo and undoubted talent in nedramaticheskoy poetry, . though he left only two poems - Hero and Leander (Hero and Leander) and Passionate Shepherd - his beloved (The Passionate Shepherd to His Love), . and in the first Marlo owned only two songs, . the others were It written after the death of his friend Marlo Dzh.Chapmenom,

The influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare no longer in doubt; imitation and reminiscences of his compositions recorded in about half the plays and poems of Shakespeare.

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MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher), photo, biography
MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher), photo, biography MARLY Christopher (Marlowe Christopher)  English poet and the largest after the Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare., photo, biography
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