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REN Christopher (Wren Christopher)

( Largest English architect and mathematician, author of the new Cathedral of St.. Paul in London and many other churches.)

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Biography REN Christopher (Wren Christopher)
Born October 20, 1632 in the town of East Noyl, in Wiltshire, in the family priest. attended school St.. Paul in London and then in Uodem College, Oxford. In 1657, Wren became a professor of astronomy at London's Gresham College, and four years later - in Oxford. Since 1660 - member, and in 1680-1682 - President of the Royal Society of London.
In 1665, wanting to renew knowledge, Ren made the trip to France and met in Paris with the Italian architect Dzh.Bernini. Impressions from the trip was one of the most important sources of his creativity. He also borrowed heavily from drawings, prints and architectural treatises of Inigo Jones. Some of the principles that guided Rehn when creating their projects, have been described to them and can be recovered from surviving records.

First orders Rehn received through his contacts in the university and church circles, it was Sheldon Theater in Oxford, Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge (1663-1665) and several buildings for Emmanuel College. He was then invited to London as a consultant in connection with the restructuring of the Cathedral of St.. Paul. Huge space for construction activities was opened after the London fire in 1666. Architect presented his plan for reconstruction of the city and received an order for the restoration of 52 parish churches. Rehn suggested that different spatial solutions, and some buildings are built with a truly baroque splendor (for example, the Church of Saint Stephen in Walbrook). Their steeples, along with the towers of the cathedral of St.. Paul form a spectacular panorama of the city. Among them, mention should be made to Christ Church Newgate Street, St. Bride in Fleet Street, St. James at Garlick Hill and St. Vedast on Foster Lane. If demanded by the particular circumstances, . as in the construction of the Church of St Mary Oldermeri or Christ Church College, Oxford (Thomas Tower), . Ren could use pozdnegoticheskmi elements, . although, . in his own words, . did not liked to 'deviate from the best style',

For the restructuring of the Cathedral of St.. Paul, which lasted from 1675 to 1711, Rehn made a few projects, one of which formed the basis of a large wooden model. The final plan is very similar to the structure stood first on this site of a medieval cathedral, but in dealing with the interior architect managed to achieve the spatial unity of the main nave with extensive sredokrestem. Ascended to a height of 111 m dome ingenious design, consisting of three shells, has a clear, harmonious form and excellent agreement in the proportions of the other parts of the building.

In addition to the construction of churches Wren to carry out individual orders, one of which was the creation of a new library of Trinity College (1676-1684) in Cambridge. In 1669 he was appointed chief superintendent of royal buildings. In this capacity, he received a number of important government contracts such as construction of hospitals in the areas of Chelsea and Greenwich, and several buildings that are included in the complexes of Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.

During his long life Rehn was in the service of the five succeeded each other on the English throne of kings, and left his post only in 1718. Rehn died at Hampton Court on 26 February 1723 and was buried in St. Peter's. Paul. His ideas were picked up and developed by architects of the next generation, in particular N. Hoksmorom and Dzh.Gibbsom. He has had a noticeable effect on the development of church architecture in Europe and the United States.

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REN Christopher (Wren Christopher), photo, biography
REN Christopher (Wren Christopher), photo, biography REN Christopher (Wren Christopher)  Largest English architect and mathematician, author of the new Cathedral of St.. Paul in London and many other churches., photo, biography
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