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SIKORSKI Igor (Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich)

( Russian and American aircraft.)

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Biography SIKORSKI Igor (Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich)
Born May 25, 1889 in Kiev. From childhood fond of modeling, in 12 years built a small helicopter with a drive from rubber bands. He studied at the Sea Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg (1903-1906), Kiev Polytechnic Institute, briefly in Paris. The summer of 1908 traveled to Europe, met with the Wright brothers. Back in Kiev, has begun to establish a helicopter. In 1909 and 1910 built two machines, which have not been able to raise in the air. Convinced of the futility of further work, decided to engage in the construction of aircraft. In 1910-1911 created a number of aircraft C-Series. The summer of 1911 at biplane C-5, equipped with an engine capacity of 50 hp, made a flight lasting more than an hour and reached an altitude of 450 m. In the same year received flight certification of the International Aeronautical Federation for number 64. From 1912 to 1918 he headed the design bureau Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the Russian-Baltic plant, which in 1913 and 1914 produced the world's first multiengined aircraft in its design ( 'Grand', 'Russian Knight', 'Elijah of Murom'). During the First World War was built 75 four-engined Sikorsky
. In 1919 Sikorsky emigrated to the U.S., . where for several years lectured, . worked as a teacher, . and in 1923, along with several Russian emigres - former officers organized a company 'Sikorsky Aeroinzenjering', . which in 1928 became part of 'United Aircraft',
. Sikorsky has remained the general designer of the company until 1957. The first aircraft built by Sikorsky in the United States, was a twin-engine biplane S-29 (1923). In 1929, Sikorsky has created for the airline 'Pan American Airways' twin-engine S-38. The aircraft had a short fuselage of a flying boat, high-tail rendered back double farm, which relied on the wing, and retractable landing gear. Then, Sikorsky has begun to develop designs of aircraft with high wing loading. His four-engine S-40 (1931) and S-42 (1932) were the first in the world of transport aircraft equipped with propellers with constant speed. S-42, designed for long-haul flights, established in 1934, a record altitude (6220 m), carrying a load over 4900 kg. In the same year at S-38 was delivered eight world speed records.

By the end of the 1930's era of flying boats over, and Sikorsky helicopters returned to his. Already in the early 1940's was publicly demonstrated stable flight trajectory of the first sound of the helicopter in its design. Sikorsky helicopters have set several world records, in subsequent years, they were delivered to the army, were purchased by various civilian government agencies and airlines. Helicopter S-51 has been used extensively in combat operations during the Korean War.

Sikorsky was awarded many scientific titles, was an honorary member of scientific societies of different countries. Sikorsky died in Easton (pc. Connecticut) October 26, 1972.

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SIKORSKI Igor (Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich), photo, biography
SIKORSKI Igor (Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich), photo, biography SIKORSKI Igor (Sikorsky Igor Ivanovich)  Russian and American aircraft., photo, biography
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