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Ingrid Thulin (Thulin Ingrid)

( Swedish film and theater actress.)

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Biography Ingrid Thulin (Thulin Ingrid)
(p. 1929)
Born January 27, 1929 in g.Sollefteo. After graduating from the ballet school performed on stage as a dancer, then decided to become an actress and graduated from the school of the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. Went to Paris to study mime. In the movie started filming in the late 1940's student (Where winds blow - Where the Winds Blow, 1948; Love prevails - Love Will Conquer, 1949). In 1956 the duet with Robert Mitchum played a major role in American foreign spy thriller intrigue (Foreign Intrigue), filmed in Europe. The true revelation of individuality Tulin been acting in plays and films, I. Bergman. Co director and the actress began in the Malmц╤ City Theater, allowing Tulin became one of the most prominent actresses of the Swedish scene. In 1957, Bergman makes the film Wild Strawberries (Smultronstallet), while still under development scenario assigns a major role Thulin.
The image of Marianne Borg was a logical development in the new bergmanovskoy work, psychological drama At the root of life (Nara Livet, 1958), for which Tulin, along with B. Anderson and E. Dalbek, there was a prize of the Cannes International Film Festival. This was followed by person (Ansiktet, 1958), Communion (Nattvardsgasterna, 1963), Silence (Tystnaden, 1963), Cries and Whispers (Viskningar och rop, 1972). Total Thulin played in 9 films Bergman. Dominant bergmanovskih heroines, played Tulin, was an intriguing combination of external mask of cold rationalism and raging passions of internal. Such arbitrary and capricious March Lundberg, the mistress of a pastor in the Communion, possessed by love-hatred for his sister, a lesbian Esther (Silence), diplomat's wife, Karin (Cries and Whispers), who had contempt for her husband and to the world.

High Acting, expressive appearance, suggesting nobility of blood and sexual eccentricity, did Tulin equally attractive for the masterpieces of elitist films, and films for commercial flow. Among the first war is over (La Guerre est finie, 1966) Rene A. (Marianna, the mistress of a professional revolutionary) and Gц╤tterdц╓mmerung (La caduta degi dei, 1969) L. Visconti (domineering and vicious Baroness Sophie). Rather, . their roles in the commercial genre films (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, . 1962; desire Games - Games of Desire, . 1968; Bridge Cassandra - The Cassandra Crossing, . 1977), she remembered poorly broad audience and not compete with Hollywood stars of his generation,

In the mid 1960 Thulin attempted to debut in direction (short film Prayer - Hangivelse, 1965, together with A. Edwall). In 1978, together with participants of projects bergmanovskih E. S. Josephson and Nykvist, put the full-length film One and One (En och En), which played a major role. In 1982, the screens out of its film Broken Sky (Bristen Himmel), the basis of his story lay Tulin nostalgic memories of his childhood. In the late 1980's, she still continued to appear in the film M. Ferreri House of Smiles (La casa del sorriso, 1988) her heroine in his declining years is experiencing an unexpected love affair. During the 1990 period moved away from the active cinematic work.

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Ingrid Thulin (Thulin Ingrid), photo, biography
Ingrid Thulin (Thulin Ingrid), photo, biography Ingrid Thulin (Thulin Ingrid)  Swedish film and theater actress., photo, biography
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