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Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian)

( English biologist.)

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Biography Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian)
photo Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian)
Born in London on June 22, 1887. Grandson of Thomas Huxley (Huxley), great-nephew of Matthew Arnold, the eldest son of the historian L. Huxley and brother of writer Aldous Huxley. He was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford University. In 1910-1912 he lectured in zoology at Balliol College. Huxley's first book - Especially in the animal kingdom (The Individual in the Animal Kingdom, 1912). He worked as researcher at the Institute at Rice in Houston (pc. Texas), in 1916 he returned to England. During the First World War he served in the Italian general staff. In 1919-1925 he taught at New College and was a senior demonstrator in zoology at Oxford University, member of a university expedition to Spitsbergen in 1921. During this period, wrote a series of articles entitled The Return of America (America Revisited), and in 1923 published the first popular science work - Notes biologist (Essays of a Biologist).
In 1925-1927 Huxley - Professor of Zoology at Kings College London. In 1926-1929 - President of the National Union of academics and professor of the Royal Association. The result of visits to Africa and the USSR were the book Focus on Africa (Africa View, 1931) and scientist in the country of the Soviets (A Scientist Among the Soviets, 1932). In 1935 Huxley was appointed secretary of the Zoological Society of London, served as director of the London Zoo until 1942. During the Second World War, organized a series of sessions of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

He worked as Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission of UNESCO, and in December 1946 was elected Director General of UNESCO,. In 1956 he lectured at McGill University (Canada). In the same year received the Darwin Medal of the Royal Society. He was awarded knighted in 1958.

Among the works of Huxley - Life Stream (The Stream of Life, 1926), Life Science (The Science of Life, together with i.i. and GP Wells, 1929), which I dared to think (What Dare I Think, 1931), astute observer, and other poems biologist (Captive Shrew and Other Poems of a Biologist, 1932), Evolution. Modern synthesis (Evolution, . the Modern Synthesis, . 1942), . Man in the modern world (Man in the Modern World, . 1947), . Heredity: East and West (Heredity, . East and West, . 1949), . Evolution in Action (Evolution in Action, . 1953), . From the old country (From an Antique Land, . 1954), . Animal kingdom (Kingdom of the Beasts, . with U. Sushitskim, . 1956), . Religion without revelation (Religion Without Revelation, . 1957; rus,
. translated 1992), . Secrets of Life (Secrets of Life, . 1957), . Biological Aspects of Cancer (Biological Aspects of Cancer, . 1957), . New wine in new bottles (New Wine in New Bottles, . 1957), . The human crisis (Human Crisis, . 1963), . Notes humanist (Essays of a Humanist, . 1964), . Aldous Huxley, . 1894-1963 (Aldous Huxley, . 1966), . On the marriage ceremonies grebes (Courtship Habits of the Great Crested Grebe, . 1968) and memoirs (Memories, . 1970),

Huxley died in London on February 14, 1975.

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Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian), photo, biography
Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian), photo, biography Julian Huxley (Huxley Julian)  English biologist., photo, biography
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