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HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas)

( English writer and poet.)

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Biography HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas)
Born June 2, 1840 in Upper Bokhemptone near Dorchester. Primary education in Bokhemptone and Dorchester, at the age of sixteen years has been given to the students to a local architect and restorer. In his spare time he studied Latin and Greek classics, moonlighting as a violinist at dances and weddings. In 1862 he settled in London, an assistant architect A. Blomfilda.
Continuing independent study, Hardy read a lot, sent to the newspapers first verse experiments, survived a very small number. Back in Dorchester, Hardy for the sake of earning turned to prose. In 1868-1869 he was sent to three publishers and the novel The poor lady (The Poor Man and the Lady; partially preserved as part of the story imprudence in the life of heiress - An Indiscretion in the Life of a Heiress, 1878; publ. 1934) - brilliant satire of the countryside know its habits, political and religious views, what they saw a student from the western counties. Saturated, caustic, the novel was rejected by. Following the advice Dzh.Meredita, . who was then a literary consultant to publishers 'Chapman Hall End', . Hardy took up the following book, , . - Desperate means (Desperate Remedies), . whodunit, . published in 1871,
. Was followed by idyllic pastoral Under the green wood (Under the Greenwood Tree, . 1872) and romantic narrative blue eyes (A Pair of Blue Eyes, . 1873), . whose action unfolds in the windswept mountains of North Cornwall,
. Here, making sketches for the restoration of the local church, Hardy fell in love with Sister-pastor, Emma Lavinia Gifford. They were married in autumn 1874, two months before the release of the novel Far from the frenzied crowd (Far from the Madding Crowd), and settled near London.

Hardy to abandon architecture. Last novel, it seemed, gave a means to identify their strengths and find themselves in literature. In the novel arm Ethelbert (The Hand of Ethelberta, 1876) Hardy is drawn to the circles of high society, but critics recommend him to start raising sheep. Since mid-summer 1876 he lived in the heather near the edge of the Sterminster-Newton, which makes the novel Return to the Motherland (The Return of the Native, 1878), reflected the dark and difficult past the edge. Following three of Hardy's novel is also devoted to rural England - Senior trumpeter Dragoons (The Trumpet-Major, 1880), indifferent (A Laodicean, 1881), Two on a tower (Two on a Tower, 1882). In 1883, Hardy lived in Dorchester, and two years later moved to Max Gate - a house built in the suburbs on his own project. Neighborhood and rich, coming from the Roman history of these places have inspired him to write the novel Kesterbridzha Mayor (The Mayor of Casterbridge, 1886). The next novel, In the edge of the forest (The Woodlanders), released in 1887

. The prevailing view of Hardy as an unsophisticated rural narrators of stories was shaken after the publication of stories of Wessex (Wessex Tales, . 1888), . collection of five previously published stories, . two of which, . Three stranger (The Three Strangers) and dry hands (The Withered Arm), . suggested an unexpected turn satanic themes,
. But the most heated debate revolved around a kind d'Erbervilley Tess (Tess of the d'Urbervilles, 1891). Once emptied, the log version of the separate edition of the restored text delivered author notoriety; accurate depiction of 'pure woman' seemed a mockery, a dangerous heresy. Two subsequent collection of short stories, With gentlewomen (A Group of Noble Dames, 1891) and light mockery of life (Life's Little Ironies, 1894), have brought critical gossip. His latest prose novel became a favorite (The Well-Beloved, 1897), on the theme of love light.

Hardy repeatedly emphasized that the verse form is for him the most natural, while the prose was just a 'craft', if not 'journey-work'. After collection of poems Uesseksskie (Wessex Poems, 1898), which includes more established in the 'mundane' period of the poem, he has for three decades has released seven more uneven collection of thematically diverse. The total number of poems is more than 1000, with the diversity of their metrics and strofiki (new and traditional, awkward and plain), excluding the possibility of an unambiguous assessment of. Some of the work (many of them) lined up neatly, others spoil them too much originality. Using irregular and inexact rhymes, Hardy is as deliberately destroying the outer beauty, as in his reflections rejected formulaic answers to the unresolved questions of existence. His dynasty (The Dynasts), a vast epic drama of the history of the Napoleonic wars, leaving parts: first, in 1904, the second in 1906 and third in 1908. Based on Arturovskih legends full of glory: the tragedy of Queen Cornwall (The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall) appeared in 1923.

Authority Hardy - personality and writer - has continued to grow. In 1910 he was awarded the Order of Merit, and the day of his seventy-second anniversary - the Gold Medal of the Royal Literary Society. In 1913 received an honorary degree of doctor of literature at Cambridge and in 1920 - Oxford University; Modlin College and Queens College made him an honorary member. Hardy's first wife died in 1912. Two years later he married his close friend, Florence Emily Dugdale (Dugdale), children's writer. Hardy died in Dorchester 11 Jan. 1928.

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  • Juice for HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas)
  • I would like to find the novel "The Return of the Native" in the original (I mean language) ...
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    HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas), photo, biography
    HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas), photo, biography HARDY, Thomas (Hardy Thomas)  English writer and poet., photo, biography
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