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William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos)

( American poet.)

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Biography William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos)
photo William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos)
Born September 17, 1883 in Rutherford (pc. New Jersey). In 1902 he entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied pediatrics at the University of Leipzig. Student became friends with poets Marianne Moore, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) and E. Pound.
When a large medical practice, Williams published a book at least once every two years. Among the most significant on American soil (In the American Grain, . 1925), . collection of essays on various figures of American history, the Great American Novel (The Great American Novel, . 1923), . response to the novel Ulysses Dzh.Dzhoysa; mule White (The White Mule, . 1938), . novel about the life of a child from birth to two years; Spring and all the rest (Spring and All, . 1923, . reprint in the collection of views of the imagination - Imaginations, . 1970, . as an illustration of the pages of his aesthetic theories); collection of poems of the late period (Collected Later Poems, . 1950, . verse middle period of creativity), Paterson (Paterson, . 1946-1958) and the last book of lifetime Images Bruegel (Pictures from Brueghel, . 1962),

Recognition by critics Williams began to win after being awarded the first Natsionalnogy Book Award for poetry in 1950. In 1953 he received Bolingenovskuyu prize, and after his death March 4, 1963 in Rutherford - Pulitzer Prize.

Williams's ideas were inherently humanistic: respects to yourself and others, love of those whom you love, build up the world to live, what the poet himself has sought help and as a writer and as a physician. Formulating their own idea of what should be the modern poetry, Williams has put forward four points. First, poetry ought to apply to everyday, drawing it themes and motifs. The poet should write about things that will cause an immediate response in humans. The poet is obliged to talk about real events and people in a language that is understandable to everyone, and listen carefully to the speech of ordinary people. Williams called their language 'American speech', repeatedly emphasizing that it differs from the English language. In his prose works show how he was fascinated by the speech of ordinary people. The discrepancy with the traditional poetry, Williams was determined by the fact that he avoided the abstract things and even the slogan: 'No idea if they are not translated into concrete'. The fourth principle of poetics Williams - to write about 'local', as the whole picture of life is revealed only to those who have thoroughly studied a small fragment.

More than ten years he worked on Paterson, a long poem, which recreated the familiar landscape of his industrial New Jersey. In the city of Paterson found nature (Passaic River with its waterfalls) and industry, describing the very specific signs of this city, Williams was able to make a lot of thoughts about life in general. Like Eliot, he tried to diagnose the disease of modern man and find the antidote. By the end of life Williams gained recognition as a major poet, had a strong influence on young poets. Long before this 'document Williams' paid tribute to poets such as A. Ginsberg, K. Rexroth, R. Lowell and Denise Levert.

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William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos), photo, biography
William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos), photo, biography William Carlos Williams (Williams William Carlos)  American poet., photo, biography
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