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John Wesley (Wesley John)

( English church leader, the founder of Methodism.)

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Biography John Wesley (Wesley John)
photo John Wesley (Wesley John)
Born June 17, 1703 (old style) in Epuerte (Lincolnshire) in the family pastor, an adherent of the Anglican High Church. At the age of 13 entered the Charterhouse, cheekbones, charter schools, based Duke Bekingemom, where he studied ancient languages (ancient Jewish, Greek and Latin). In 1720 Wesley went to Oxford University, where he spent 15 years with breaks. At university he became the leader of 'Club Saints' Student Society, founded by his brother Charles (1707-1788) to study the Bible, pray together and doing good deeds. Members of the club struggled with idleness, met regularly for discussions on religious themes, rejected entertainment, devoting his free time helping the poor. They preached in prisons, organized a school for poor children, visit the sick.
Driven by a desire to devote her life to God, Wesley went to America as a member of the Missionary Society for work among the Indians in the State of Georgia. The unfavorable situation in the colony did not allow Wesley to do missionary work, and the governor of Georgia, General Oglethorpe found it used as a pastor for the English colonists. This work is soon disappointed and lost his sense because of his strict views, typical of the High Church, parishioners irritated. In Georgia, he made the acquaintance with the German pietists, Moravian, and, struck by their persistent faith in God during the storm, began to listen to their sermons on the way to God. In early 1738 Wesley returned to England.
Wesley died 2 March 1791

Turning point in his life was a religious experience, tested them in the prayer room on Oldergeyt Street in London. At this point (he even remembered the hour - 'a quarter to nine' May 24, 1738), he was filled with confidence that God, for Christ's sake, forgive him all the sins. All doubts and internal conflicts have given way to the unshakable conviction with which he has since started to preach the gospel.

Some of the innovations which he introduced, his complicated relationship with the Anglican church authorities, but also ensured the success of the work among the poor. He was excluded from the number of preachers in many parish churches, because his sermons violated complacency parishioners. Then he began to preach in the open air. Thousands of ordinary people came to hear the news of what God wants to save them. Wesley began to involve the laity for preaching. The first sermon on the spiritual revival evoked strong emotional reactions from the audience and accompanied by fainting and religious ecstasy.

Wesley organized a 'society' of its supporters, initially in Bristol (1739), London (1740) and Newcastle (1742). From these centers movement has spread to small towns and rural areas. 'Company' were divided into 'classes', consisting of a dozen neighbors who gathered weekly to pray together, worship God and mutual religious education. In 'societies' maintained strict discipline violators of her after several warnings and exhortations expelled. Preparations were preachers of the laity.

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John Wesley (Wesley John), photo, biography
John Wesley (Wesley John), photo, biography John Wesley (Wesley John)  English church leader, the founder of Methodism., photo, biography
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