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( The Sultan and the first king of independent Egypt)

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Biography FEDRO I
photo FEDRO I
Born Ahmed Fuad was born in Giza (Egypt), March 26, 1868, the youngest of 12 children Khedive Ismail. Childhood and adolescence spent mostly in Italy, while he studied at the military academy in Turin. In the 1890's he returned to Egypt and became an adviser to his nephew, Khedive Abbas Hilmi II (1874-1944). He cared about the educational and charitable institutions, founded in 1908, University of Giza, named in his honor (now Cairo University), and established in 1932 in Cairo Arab Academy.
The entry of Turkey, the nominal suzerain of Egypt, in the First World War on the side of Germany and its allies led to the overthrow Abbas II by the British in December 1914. He was succeeded by the eldest of the surviving sons of Ishmael - Hussein Kamil (ca. 1850-1917), received the title of Sultan. Egypt officially became what he was actually from 1881 - British protectorate. In October 1917, Fuad succeeded his elder brother - Hussein Kamil. During the reign of Sultan at first, and then King Fuad of Egypt and the United Kingdom were in constant conflict over the independence of Egypt. Fuad supported the movement for independence, since it could strengthen his power, but opposed the mass of the national-patriotic Wafd Party, established in 1918 by Saad Zaglyulem. Therefore the victory Wafd Party in 1924 election disturbing Fouad no less than the British.

After the murder of 19 November 1924 the British commander of the Egyptian army Lee Stack, United Kingdom issued an ultimatum, and the Wafd Party was excluded from power. Deadlock in the Anglo-Egyptian relations seemed hopeless, until Fouad and Prime Minister Sarwat Pasha in July 1927 not paid a visit to England, where he was accorded a warm reception, which allowed to resume talks. Death Zaglyulya in August eliminated the outcome of this visit. His successor as head of the Wafd, Mustafa Al-Nahhas Pasha, spoke against the new treaty and in 1928 achieved the displacement Sarwat. But three months later, Fuad, using trumped-up letter to the involvement of Prime Minister Al-Nahhasa a public scandal, sacked him and other members of the Cabinet. Control over the new government turned to the coalition party Constitutional Liberals and the moderate wing of the Wafd. July 19, 1928 Fouad coup d'цLtat, and Prime Minister Mohammed Mahmoud Pasha, dissolved parliament in three years. Negotiations with Britain led to the conclusion of a new treaty, a prerequisite for the ratification of which was to permit Fouad to conduct new election. After winning their Wafd Al-Nahhas in 1930 once again became prime minister. His intransigence on the issue of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan has made impossible further talks with Britain. Soon Fouad Al-Nahhasa dismissed and appointed a new Prime Minister Ismail Sidky. Thus, despite the opposition Wafd Party and the liberal constitutionalists, Fuad imposed a regime of personal power. However, in 1934, failing health and demands to restore the constitution in 1923, drove Fouad replace the new Prime Minister Yahya Pasha at Nasim Pasha. 12 December 1935 constitution was restored. Fuad died in Cairo on April 28, 1936.

May 25, 1919 Fuad married Nazli, daughter of Abd al-Rahim Pasha Sabri, former governor of Cairo. He had several daughters and a son, Farouk, who became heir to the throne.

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FEDRO I, photo, biography
FEDRO I, photo, biography FEDRO I  The Sultan and the first king of independent Egypt, photo, biography
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