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Sergei Krylov create a party CHILDREN OF RUSSIA, that did not prevent him to retain membership in the capital club TOLSTYAKA "Robin Bobin". In turn, the said club threw the slogan "Fat Man of all countries, unite!" and even tried to create its own theater, where Juliet must be no less than 300 kg and circumvent it could be just jumping - with the sixth!

. From an interview with Sergei Krylov:
. "It's normal temperature conditions"

. -You are a busy man
. Let's start with your daily schedule.

-Getting up at 8.25, 8.30 - charging. What is this?.. I turn on TV, the son goes to work. Son of 5 years, he worked in a kindergarten.

-Who is it?

"He works there child, to be honest ... There is. Up to 9 hours I watch television - what has happened over night, and at 9 o'clock start preparations for spacewalk. Because any person in the territory of the room, that's how we, for example, now sit - we "obezopasheny" we are not afraid of no rain, nor snow, suddenly the past ... On 12 April this year, it began to snow ... This was surprising, but it seemed to me quite natural, because the weather depends on where we fly ... We must remember that we are constantly flying. As the scientists tell us, if they believe: our planet letit.so speed of 260 km / s. And here is what we find flows - air, water in its path, depends on how our lives are constructed. Most importantly, in the place where we are now, we never will, that is, the Earth is constantly flying somewhere ahead. Thus, 2 hours preparing for the exit into open space. It is hygiene, culture medium - makeup for the body ...

-What you fueled for breakfast?

-This is usually cereal with milk and tea sandwiches with cheese, sometimes, when I want to drink coffee with milk. I arrived at half past eleven, . 12 starts reception of visitors, . because with 12 hours, I not an artist, . the vice-president of the World Welfare Association theorists and professional fashion sex and the director of the private Institute for the Study of the amplitude fluctuations in the spectral range of perception of reality,
. This post I combine with a position as president of the International Charitable Fund of the Union of Russia's children, where we are.

-How much you run out of time?

Officially, at 19 hours, this is what I regard to official meetings, but then I'll stay here and continue to the next meeting of the informal. Now we meet at work, as, for example, after the interview, you decide that, say, a better companion for you there. This is the most successful state of man, if he suddenly decides that every meeting is such that you can focus on. But if there are any alternatives, I would like to see you introduced me to these people, who prefer the time of his informal time to meet with you. Introduce just out of friendship, I'll be very glad. And then let's see, . how useful they really, . because you on your age period may seem, . that they are useful, . than, . example, . i, . and I would like to know, . Then why, . when I do these things analysis, . compare, . example, . Igor (Vereshchagin, . which at the moment we constantly photographed,
. - Prim.avt.), With whom you are, say, chat at 9 pm, and myself, with whom you could chat at 9 pm, but preferred Igor. He may be one advantage: perhaps he is not married. In this case, it certainly win, because he does not have to leave their family. I did not fall for this man's life there just in conjunction with those or other people.

-How much did you get home?

-Home I get in 12 or in the morning.

-At what time you go to sleep?

-Most of 2 hours 19 minutes.


Yes, from 2.19 to 8.25 - it is little more than 6 hours. I think that 3 minutes on this side and 3 minutes with the falling asleep and waking up to. 6 hours - this is a multiple of 3. Must sleep, or 3 hours, or 6, or 9, or 12. Then you will not have a headache, and you'll feel good, you will not have no reason to think that you will die soon. You'll think of that will live a long life in the physical body, because the energy correctly rashoduesh your body, you feel like a man. For example, the batteries have finished their work - they threw. Why? Either the instructions are not used - stuck there, which do not have to shove, and they finished in 3 minutes, or raped, just specifically included, forget to turn off when the tape ends, etc.. And if everything was correct, they have worked a long time - everything is normal. Pressed mode - record, stop ... And they will work as long as it guaranteed the people who made them.

-When we came here, on the door was a plaque with the name of your association and the name of its chairman - Ian S. Krylov. Apparently, this is your son?

-Absolutely true. Some people who are attracted by Maxim Gorky, think it was me. Because he really was Aleksei M. ... I am grateful for such a character thought. Imagine, with little volumes Gorky suited man and thinks: "Aha, Maxim Gorky - Sergei Krylov. Gorki - Ian S.. And what Sergei actually called Ian? "It's at least interesting, such an unusual way of thinking.

"Then why are all the same name of your son?

-Because it is his office, he knows this, knows that I am here. He's just now on holiday with his grandmother, and I am instead. This created an atmosphere like in a fairy tale. Our children must live permanently in the mode of tales. And it should be maintained as long as possible. They. not be retarded, they will grow just people who believe that fairy tale and comfort - very similar things. Earth - a good planet. Here, the normal temperature conditions, especially in the part in which we live here all the cool range here.

-Imagine that you are very tired, you had a busy day. You call that evening to his wife and ask her to cook?

"You know, I try at night is not. This is the first. Secondly, if I am very tired, the most frequently called his wife and say that I will not come home to sleep, because sleep will stay here, where I. If I'm really very tired. It happens that up to 2-3 nights we are here. There is a desire to quickly purchase a sofa, put it, then it will be quite convenient, you can be.

A woman prepares you do?

Generally, the wife.

-What in her performance you most enjoy? What dish?

-I love the traditional food, no love, no culinary delights. I like scrambled eggs, salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes, seasoned with sunflower oil with added salt and pepper to taste I still prefer sausage - Doctoral. Butter and cheese - sandwich, white bread - it is also a normal food. If butter, cheese and bread - fresh, you can feed me. With great pleasure I'll eat a sandwich and coffee with milk.

A to vegetarianism as a treat?

-Positive, my wife is a vegetarian, she does not eat meat is 5 years. I like vegetarians, but non-aggressive. There are aggressive vegetarians, they usually have no luck in life. Everyone must choose either his next act according to his intellect, his own freedom. But only wish to see freedom was based on the breath and the mind. Our mom today is not our mother and our breath. And our father is our reason. And our children are our thoughts, our words and our actions. I think that the interview with us so successfully passed on the ground is just that we relied on our children - the thoughts, words and deeds. Most importantly, during the interview did not say a single word that can not be called true. So thank you for your attention, the work continues, I wish you success "Restaurant statements".

Interviewed by Natalia Yanchuk.

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