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( The critic, literary historian, a geologist.)

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Biography MACEDONIA Adrian V.
(9.V.1909, Smolensk - 15.H.1994, St. Petersburg)
. He graduated from the model school at the University of Smolensk (1926), . Department of Language and Literature Faculty of Education, University of Smolensk (1930), . Post Graduate Degree in Russian Literature "at the Smolensk Pedagogical Institute (1936),
. In 1932-33. served in the First Artillery Regiment Smolensk. Printed in Smolensk publications began in 1927. and at the same time joined RAPP. Worked as secretary of the Smolensk Branch of the RAPP, the secretary of the regional publishing houses, the executive secretary of the journal "offensive", the executive secretary of the editors of "Work path". In 1934, Mr.. was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers and including 4 representatives of the Western Region participated in the 1 st Congress of Soviet Writers. Since 1934, Mr.. many published in the Moscow magazine "Literary critic", "Literary Review", "Literary Studies," "Red Virgin Soil," "Standard". In 1928, Mr.. friendships with A. Tvardovsky, about this time closely acquainted with M. Isakovsky and H. Rylenkovym. At the 1 st Congress of Writers of the Western Region in the report of the poetry of M. Tvardovskogo calls "the most original, most operate independently of the poets in our area." Twardowski testified about the significance for him M.: "As a poet, greatly indebted to him for his creative development". Continued support and protection Tvardovskogo provoked fierce attack on M. In the article "kulak toady. On verse Tvardovsky "(" The Bolshevik young, 1934.17 July). Gorbatenko accused M. that it ignores the ideological and artistic creativity vices Tvardovsky.

21.III.1937 g. M. arrested. M. were charged with: liaison with L. Averbach and execution of his enemy installations, protection of the kulak poet Tvardovsky; slanderous conversations with Tvardovsky on the leaders of the Party; erroneous assessment of Mayakovsky, participation in a counterrevolutionary organization of Smolensk Writers. Twardowski and Isakovsky, jointly and severally tried to obtain a retrial M. M. was passed by the time a light sentence: 8 years in the camps. In fact, he spent in Vorkuta, eight and a half years, until 29.Y.1946 g. After his release, where he worked as a geologist, passed examinations on the first engineering geologist, then - engineer-geologist. In 1950, Mr.. absentia graduated with honors from the Faculty of Geography of Saratov University. He worked as head of the Laboratory lithologic Combine Vorkutugol ". In 1954, Mr.. in Moscow, defended his dissertation for the Ph.D. degree in Geology and Mineralogy. In the same year for the opening of a new lithology method and its application (detection of coal seams) has been overturned. In 1956 g.polnostyu rehabilitated.

In 1960, Mr.. moved to Leningrad and worked as a senior fellow at the Laboratory of coal USSR, then - the All-Union Geological Research Institute, where in 1965. doctorate. In 1966, Mr.. Moscow came monograph "Modern nodules in sediments and soils, and patterns of their geographical distribution, in 1985. monograph published in Leningrad M. Methods lithofacies analysis and typing of precipitation humid zones ". Three monographs are published in co-authorship on the geology of M. published over 200 works.

Even in Vorkuta M. wrote the book "Sketches of Soviet poetry, which was published in Smolensk in 1960. and contained a hypothesis about the existence of the end of 20-30 years. Smolensk poetic school. This was followed by Nicholas Zabolotskii "(1968, reissued in 1987) --

first monograph on this poet at all, "Creative career Tvardovskogo" (1981), "and the eves of accomplishment". (On the poetics of the Russian Soviet poetry 1930-1970.) ", 1985)," Poetry of national heroism "(1986), articles on F. Abramov, A. Gitoviche, A. Zhigulin On. Mandel, L. Martynov, SE. Pashkov IN. Shefner etc.. Total problems literature M. devoted more than 200 works.

From the very beginning of perestroika (1985) M. took an active and consistent Democratic position. He repeatedly elected to the office section of critics, . the board of the Leningrad writers' organization, . enthusiastically worked in the interagency commission on the interaction of scientific and artistic creativity, . Where to look for opportunities to combine their human and natural history interests, . a lot of thought over the fundamental problem of asymmetry in relation to art, . constant interest in the literary life of Smolensk.,

. Lit.: Claix
. - T. 4 .- M., 1967.; Trofimov I.T. Writers Smolensk. - M., 1973 .- With. 313-314; Abramkin V., Lurie M. Writers Leningrad. - L., 1982 .- With. 197-198; Who's Who in Russian literary. - V. II .- M., 1992 .- With. 148-149; Inspiration, 1994. -? 1. - P. 9; Makedonov AV. Age Tvardovsky Baevskii VS. Smolensky Socrates. Ilkevich NN. Delo Makedonova. - Smolensk, 1996.

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MACEDONIA Adrian V., photo, biography
MACEDONIA Adrian V., photo, biography MACEDONIA Adrian V.  The critic, literary historian, a geologist., photo, biography
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