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Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)

( Actor)

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Biography Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
photo Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
Name: Julian
. Name: McMahon
. Date of Birth: July 27, 1968
. Place of birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
. Hair: Chestnut
. Eye color: blue
. Weight: 74 kg
. Height: 185 cm
. Marital Status: Was married to Danny Minogue (sister of Kylie Minogue)
. Now married to Brooke Burns (the heroine of "Baywatch")
Children: daughter Madison
Place of residence: Hollywood Hills
Julian McMahon - the second of three children in the family of former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon. He studied law at the University of Sydney, but after the first year he got bored and he leaned in the modeling business, working primarily in the commercial radioperedachahs. In 1987 he was engaged in modeling business in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Rome, Paris and other international fashion centers.
His appearance in a TV commercial promoting jeans made him very popular at home. Nactolko that he won a role in an Australian "Dynasty" - series, which played a wealthy heir. After working on this TV series for 18 months, he moved to the "Home and Away," another successful series, a role which won as best actor from a national magazine.
McMahon later performed on stage, appearing in a musical version of "Home and Away" in Britain, also played in "Love Letters" in Sydney and Melbourne. Then a lead role in the film "Exchange Lifeguards" (as it played Elliott Gould), after that he came to Los Angeles to try his luck in American projects. In 1992, he took on the role of Jan Reina at NBS, in the daytime drama series "Another World". Two years later he left the series to appear in various productions in Los Angeles. He also played in such films as "Women in Control" and "Magenta" before receiving the role in "Profile killers.

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  • Baltazor for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • Julian McMahon otlmchny actor
  • meefy for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • Can I somehow connect with Julian McMahon? Maybe mail? I'm not a crazy fan, just one of his images in the film helped me cope with Stresa in my life. And I am grateful to him. I would like him to say this, though hardly possible ... If someone can help me, I shall be very grateful
  • Nansy Bledans for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • You speak Russia?
  • Phoebe for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • Male lion or a complete idiot, or bred male. Yes, Julian is a - good-looking, handsome. What can I say. Yes there are still pryntsy on our planet. Can only be glad for him .:)))
  • Olya for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • I'm crazy about Julian McMahon ..... WANT TO ITS EL. ADDRESS,,,,
  • Yanek for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • love it
  • Olya for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • I'm crazy about Julian ,,,,,,,,, LOVE HIM ! WANT IT EL.ADREES !
  • Laura for Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)
  • All this of course interesnenko! But it is hardly a walk on the internet Amateur Julian McMahon will see all these messages.
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    Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian), photo, biography
    Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian), photo, biography Julian McMahon (MCMAHON Julian)  Actor, photo, biography
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