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NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega)

( Actor)

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Biography NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega)
photo NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega)
Date of Birth: 1.08.1973
Full name: Eduardo Noriega GцЁmez
Birthplace: Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Eduardo Noriega was born on August 1, 1973 in the Spanish town of Santander (capital of the autonomous Cantabria). Unfortunately, his parents have died.

Eduardo was the youngest of six brothers, and at the same time, the most significant among them. His first passion was music, and, within 5 years he studied solfege, harmony and playing the piano at the conservatory of his native city. It happened that by chance he became interested in theater and suddenly leaving a career as a musician, he went to Madrid to try myself in this field. Eduardo joined the School of Dramatic Art. There he became acquainted with the likes of Carlos Montero, Alejandro Amenц?bar and Mateo Gil.

In 1994, Eduardo made his debut in feature film. It was a small role in the film "Stories Krona. But in this small role he had been unable to attract the attention

. In 1996, the success brought him the role in the film by Alejandro Amenц?bar, . and this film in different countries known by different names - in Russia, "Snuff" / Snuff /, . in America - "Thesis" / Thesis /, . yet this film is known as "16 mm": We have this film was shown on television and released on video studio "Polygon",
. Moreover, it is interesting that the film was repeatedly reissued five years later, after having been created. This film raises the topic of the mysterious and terrible "snuff" - porn, coupled with the actual murder that has attracted the attention of critics and viewers. Eduardo Noriega coped excellently with the role of Bosco - hero. This role was the first step in his career.

Sledushchej his prominent role was the role in the film again Amenц?bar "Open Eyes" / Open Your Eyes / In 1997, for which he was nominated for the Spanish Goya movie award, for Best Supporting Actor ". His partner in this film was Penelope Cruz

. Since, . Noriega did not leave a company central characters of Hispanic cinema - he starred in Guillermo Del Toro film "Nobody knows anybody", . "The Devil's Backbone" / The Devil's Backbone /, . Argentine film "Burned Money" / Burnt Money /, . who enjoyed great success in Argentina and received a Goya Award for Best Foreign Spanish-language film ",

In ordinary life Noriega ordinary European "art-house" person. Noriega likes of directors like Kubrick, Kustruritsa, AlmodцЁvar and Amenц?bar. Because he likes actors Ewan McGregor and Juliette Binoche. He loves to go to the movies, get in football, and listen to loud "Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

. Regarding his personal life, it is not very vigorous - a couple of years, Eduardo was a girlfriend, Anna Alvarez, who in 1998 co-starred with him in the movie "Cha-Cha-Cha" / Cha-Cha-Cha /
. Then he had affairs with Leticia Briedis and Elsa Pataky ( "Art of Dying"). Although precise data on how these novels were in fact or not, no, but knew for certain only that Eduardo Noriega likes to act in films and he can do it very well.

. Roles:
. - "The Devil's Backbone"
. - "Open Eyes"
. - "Snuff"

. Filmography:

. Novo (2002)

. Guerreros (2002) ...
. Alonso

Visionarios (2001)
... aka Visionaires (2001) (International: English title)

Espinazo del Diablo, El (2001) .... Jacinto
... aka Devil's Backbone, The (2001) (Europe: English title) (USA)

Carretera y manta (2000) .... Luis
... aka To the End of the Road (2000) (Europe: English title)

Plata quemada (2000) .... Angel
... aka Burning Money (2000) (International: English title)
... aka Burnt Money (2001) (USA)
... aka Plata quemada (2000) (Spain)

Invierno de las anjanas, El (2000)

Fuente amarilla, La (1999) .... Sergio
... aka Source jaune, La (2001) (France)
... aka Yellow Fountain, The (2001) (USA: video title)

Nadie conoce a nadie (1999) .... Simun Cbrdenas
... aka Nobody Knows Anybody (1999) (International: English title)

Allanamiento de morada (1998) .... Simun Romero

Cha-cha-cha (1998) .... Antonio

Mas alla del jardin (1997) .... Ignacio
... aka Beyond the Garden (1997)

Abre los ojos (1997) .... Cesar
... aka Apri gli occhi (1998) (Italy) ...
aka Open Your Eyes (1999) (USA)
... aka Ouvre les yeux (1998) (France)

Cita (1996)

Cuestion de suerte (1996) .... Julio
... aka Matter of Luck, A (1996) (Australia)

Tesis (1996) .... Bosco
... aka Snuff (1996)
... aka Thesis (2001) (UK: festival title) (USA: video title)

Luna (1995) .... Alberto

Historias del Kronen (1994)

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NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega), photo, biography
NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega), photo, biography NORIEGA, Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega)  Actor, photo, biography
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