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Lord John (Jon Lord)

( Keyboardist in the group Deep Purple)

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Biography Lord John (Jon Lord)
photo Lord John (Jon Lord)
Jon Lord was born June 9, 1941, Mr.. in Leicester, United Kingdom. In nine years, began playing the piano, because his father decided that he should become a professional musician.

In the early 60's in London, studying at Central School Of Speech And Drama began working with the group The Bill Ashton Combo. In 1964, Mr.. played with The Kinks, then moved to The Artwoods. In February 1968,. Lord was the first musician in the Roundabout, the group, renamed a month later in Deep Purple. In 1969. Lord wrote, and "Concerto for Group and Orchestra, performed in conjunction Deep Purple and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1971, Mr.. with the London Symphony Orchestra musicians and a part of Deep Purple has recorded "Gemini Suite". Until the dissolution of Deep Purple in 1976. Lord, along with the work of the group performed in a trio "Ashton, Gardner & Dyke", and recorded together with the Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra in 1974. solo album, "Windows", and in 1976. album "Sarabande".

In 1976 - 77 i.i. worked in a group "Paice, Ashton & Lord", and since 1978. by 1984. played in the "Whitesnake" David Kaverdeyla. In the same period, Lord recorded a solo album "Before I Forget", . and also participated in recording the album of many famous musicians, . among them - Maggie Bell (Maggie Bell), . Joe Breen (Joe Breen), . Bernie Marsden (Bernie Marsden), . Graham Bonnet (Graham Bonnet), . George Harrison (George Harrison), . Cozy Powell (Cozy Powell), . David Gilmour (David Gilmour) and other,

Since 1984, Mr.. Lord - again as part of Deep Purple, in addition, he continues to session work, helping to record album by Sam Brown (Sam Brown), Powell (Cozy Powell), Alvin Lee (Alvin Lee) and other. In October 1998, Mr.. released a solo album by Jon Lord "Pictured Within".

In 1999. accompanied by musician friends who participated in the recording, among them Sam Brown and Miller Anderson (Miller Anderson), the Lord made a European tour with the material solo album. At the same time, . thanks to the selfless aid of a young Dutch composer Marco de Goey (Marco de Goeij), . actually restoring lost the score of "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" (1969), . Jon Lord to convert this material prepared by his jubilee (30 years) performance at London's "Royal Albert Hall",
. The concert was performed, accompanied by the London Symphony orketsra in September 1999, and in autumn and winter of 2000. mezhkontinetalnom followed by a tour in which musicians than Deep Purple and several symphony orchestras attended by many famous performers in t.ch. Ronnie Dio, Eddie Hardin, Graham Presket (Graham Preskett), Pete Brown (Pete Brown), Sam Brown, Miller Anderson, Steve Morris.

Fall 2000. in a London church of St. Mary was executed written by Lord of the chorale "From Darkness To Light". Summer and autumn of 2001. Jon Lord was not able to participate in the European tour due to surgery on his knee, and it substituted Don Airey (known keyboardist, played, in particular, in Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore). But on Nov. 4, 2001 in London, the Lord still came out on stage at a concert in memory of the deceased the same year, Tony Ashton (a close friend and member of the project "Paice, Ashton & Lord"). Currently, Jon Lord is working on a new symphony project, which is expected to be completed and recorded in the London Symphony Orchestra during the next two years.

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Lord John (Jon Lord)

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Lord John (Jon Lord), photo, biography
Lord John (Jon Lord), photo, biography Lord John (Jon Lord)  Keyboardist in the group Deep Purple, photo, biography
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