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DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich

( People's Artist of Russia, Laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russia)

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Biography DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich
photo DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich
Born January 16, 1924 in Moscow. Wife - Margaret V. Anastasyeva, Honored Artist of Russia, playing in his Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. Son - Andrew, Moscow Art Theater actor named A.P. Chekhov.

Vladlen knew little about his father, grew up in the care of the mother, with the enthusiasm of the Soviet time to give yourself the work and then heavily diseased.

The true educator of young Vladlena was Moscow Art Theater. Under his influence emerged Davydov ideals and tastes in art. This theater was distinguished by subtle mastery of psychological realism. The best features of the Russian intelligentsia, he tried, as an example of genuine spirituality to bring in the ideology of the Soviet Union. Davydov fell in love with images of people, comes to life on stage, and behind them - and the actors who created them. Schoolboy, he wrote letters to them on pieces of paper torn from notebooks. Its recipients were. Kachalov and I. Moskvin, classics, renowned master of the Moscow Art Theater.

As a student of fifth class, Davydov made his first appearance in public with a word about your favorite theater. Two visits on the new play "Plato Gyrfalcon" he wrote of his delight in the "Pioneer truth". If you are going to see the play and the third time, he categorically stated: "When I grow up, I would be an artist in this theater". This was said in December 1935. Then to idols Davydov added one more: Artist Dobronravov who reveals the features of a true intellectual in the way of talented Soviet surgeon Plato merlin, the opposing party careerist Arcadia.

. Strange but true: Davydov realize our aspirations and became an artist "in this theater"

In 1943 he enrolled in the school-studio behalf VI. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater in successfully graduated from it in 1947 and was admitted to the theater. His excellent external data, the creative will and determination that contributed.

. The course, which he studied Davydov, was the first set of students in the newly opened institution designed to implement a unique experiment in raising the actor in close proximity to the theater
. The theater is a change in their traditions. For students to VI. Kachalov, read them poems. At present examinations O.L. Knipper-Chekhov. Taught by the best MAT wizard.

The first role in a play Davydov Theater, received a year of work on the stage. It was April in Marshak's tale "The Twelve Months" (1948). The role of small, on which it was impossible to believe that two years later he becomes famous actor. There was also a thanks to cinema.

. Kuzmina Major Role in the film Grigory Alexandrov "Elbe" (1949) Davydov, not only brought fame and the extraordinary success of the beholder, but also official recognition: he was awarded the USSR State Prize (1950)
. His major was charming, simple and resourceful in difficult situations. It was incarnated edakii ideal, perhaps, refined image of the Soviet officer who brought the liberation of Europe from fascism and teaches them to now start a peaceful life.

. 1950-The year was significant for not only Davydova awarded the State Prize and awarded the Order of Honor, but the entry into the Communist Party
. In the Moscow Art Theater, he in the same year played a major role in the performance of Rodion Vasiltsova "Second Love" by novel E.YU. Maltsev. His Rodion, a former soldier with medals on his chest, an excellent worker, who had only one drawback: the bloated vanity. Therefore, villagers had to re -. That was the "conflict-" drama of the fifties. Performance and work Davydova it was again awarded the State Prize of the USSR (1951).

Popularity grew Davydova. Director Ivan Pyr'ev invited him to participate in the film "The Kuban Cossacks", filmed in the genre of musical comedy. The heroes of the film and optimistic view of the postwar collective farms alike in this film with the show "Second Love".

. Devotion Davydova Art Theater, the attraction to in-depth actor's creativity defended him from the danger of becoming a commercial character
. He continued from time to time to act in films: "Outpost in the Mountains" (1953), "The airfield does not accept" (1959), "Amphibian Man" (1961). In this series should highlight its good work on the screen - the role of the poet-decadent Bessonova in the film "Sisters" from the film trilogy based on the novel by Grigory Roshal AN. Tolstoy's "The Road to Calvary" (1957). Arrogance and selfishness cold emanated from this exquisite character.

Creative soul Davydova but belonged to the theater. On stage, it began to move the central and principal roles: Kerker in "Dombey and Son" W. Dickens (1953). From the author of "Resurrection" LN. Tolstoy (1956), Lord Goring in "Perfect Husband" On. Wilde (1956), The Baron in "At the bottom of the M. Gorky (1961). These were the glands in reaching the performances are particularly challenging because it was necessary to take into account was created the first performer of the role and his interpretation of her understanding, her theatrical personality.

. It was easier to express themselves in new productions, and Davydov is happily able
. In "The Pupil of the devil" B. Shaw (1957), he still paid tribute to the external brilliance and integrity of his character, Richard, in his later works 60-ies revealed his talent with a party. Henceforth, he became particularly interested in deep and complex and internally contradictory. Krogsted itself become a "Doll's House" G. Ibsen (1960), it Thalberg in "Days Turbins" by Mikhail Bulgakov (1968). These so-called negative characters unexpectedly summoned to the sympathy. Davydov found and showed their reasons to the will and desire to go to blackmail or betrayal. Their crimes they committed with the internal pain, Davydov did not justify them, but explained.

Such an approach to man Davydov embodied even more dramatic in the complex role of Ivan Karamazov in The Brothers Karamazov "by F.M. Dostoevsky (1966). The weakness of character and doubts about the correctness of his own theory of life is constantly evoked in his hero painful annoyance at himself.

Vladlen Davydov - Actor MAT schools, school experiences and reincarnation, the search for typical. And in this respect it - one of the classic actors "Chekhov Theater. In his repertoire Cech - Kulygin (1968) and Ferapont (1997) in "Three Sisters", Dorn (1969 and 1992) and Sorin (1983) in "The Seagull" Lebedev in "Ivanov" (1987), Serebryakov in "Uncle Vanya "(1988). Of particular note, three of them. In the epic Yuri Ozerov, . devoted to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, . Davydov, played the role of Marshal Rokossovskogo in its two parts - "Liberation" (1970) and "Soldiers of Freedom" (1977), . in the television movie "Tobacco Captain" (1972) - the role of Peter I, . Moscow Art Theater in the play "Amadeus" P,
. Schaeffer (1983) - Austrian Emperor Joseph II. All three - historical figures. Davydov approached them in different ways, embodied in the heroic Rokossovsky dramatic way, with humor and outlined an inspired reformer Peter, giving an ironic caricature of Joseph. And this one gives an indication of the range of his acting capabilities.

We Vladlena Davydova have a hobby, which is more akin to the theatrical profession of historian. All his life he collects archive keeps a record of events MAT life in all its manifestations. This knowledge was not based on dead weight. Davydov always ready to talk about figures of the Moscow Art Theater and Film in the days of their anniversary celebrations - on radio, on television, in magazines and newspapers. On his favorite actor, he made a collection of "Boris G. Dobronravov. Articles. Memoirs. Documents "(1983). He is one of the drafters of the Book of Evgeny Evstigneev (1994). A number of articles owned by Davydov in the anniversary two-volume "The Moscow Art Theater. 100 years "(1898), as well as in collections of memories of Livanova and Smoktunovsky.

. Prododzhaya actively work as an actor, from 1986 to 2001 he worked Davydov Theater, the museum director.

. Vladlen Davydov - People's Artist of the RSFSR (1969), winner of State Prizes of USSR, State Prize of Russia (1998)
. Decorated with Orders of Friendship of Peoples (1984), "Badge of Honor" (1950), Honor (1998).

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    DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich, photo, biography
    DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich, photo, biography DAVYDOV Vladlen Semenovich  People's Artist of Russia, Laureate of State Prizes of USSR and Russia, photo, biography
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