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Urgant Ivan

( Actor, TV presenter, showman)

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Biography Urgant Ivan
photo Urgant Ivan
Ivan Urgant born April 16, 1976 in Russia's domestic film and theater actor, TV presenter Andrew Urgant and comedy actress Valery Kiselev. Grandson actors Nina Urgant and Leo Milindera.

In school, he had many troubles, because Ivan was an upstart and fidget. Up to 5 years Ivan lived with his parents in a small room in the house at the corner of Nevsky and Foundry avenues, and then moved together to his grandparents in a two-room apartment on the canal Griboedova.

Ivan was in good company, he immediately made friends who did not drink or smoke, foul language is not cursed and all that is demanded of Urgant. They helped Ivan experienced parental divorce, taught philosophically to perepitiyam life.

'Today, almost all of them live abroad. Who in Israel, who in Holland, who in Germany. Only one lives in St. Petersburg, even in the same yard. We do not support the relationship, but if I met them, I would have fallen at their feet: they have done so much for me! Thanks to them I know for sure that we never perish '- speaks showman.

. First earnings - 3 rubles 50 kopecks (chopped ice from the restaurant 'Seagull' in Leningrad) - spent the plate Rolling Stones
. In 15 years, visited the exchange in the U.S..

After that, he graduated from high school at the State Russian Museum, and went immediately to the 2 year St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Arts.

Studying at the Academy, along with actress Alisa Freundlich played in the performance of GABDT. BDT "Macbeth," where Alice Brunovna played Lady Macbeth, and Ivan - guard N12.
Since the money in the theater brought a little, Ivan began working in nightclubs. In one - a bartender, in the other - led strip show under the pseudonym of Jean-Michel, sang Spanish songs.

Two years later, he got tired and he returned to his old passion - music. With the participation of the singer Maxim Leonidova he recorded songs of his own composition. The disk could not be delivered, all instances Ivan gave away to their friends.

In 1999, Ivan Urgant began working at the St. Petersburg Radio Super Radio ". Then got to the Fifth TV channel in St. Petersburg, where he transfers the Petersburg Courier. Then there were "Russian Radio", "Hit-FM", TV channel MTV (program "Cheerful Morning"), "Russia" (the show "Pyramid", "People's Artist of ")...

In Moscow, he went briefly - to make repairs. Apartment in St. Petersburg still stands without repair. And it is quite firmly entrenched in Moscow. Already apartment and bought the famous House on the Embankment, which he himself calls it nesting because the apartment under the roof - before there were art workshops. From the windows overlooking the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the famous Seven Sisters. This is a weak replacement of native Peter, but a compelling illustration of the new status of Ivan.

He himself refers to it simply: 'In St. Petersburg you can live in the heart, and it will mean nothing - except that you live there. In Moscow these komandarmovskih homes can not be random people. This certificate is your proximity to money, power. But I went to this apartment accident. I fought for it, no one subscribed to the cemetery. The only reason why I find this particular sign - a sign of fate or something: the ease with which I got this apartment, I regard as a tribute to my ancestors undervalued - his father and grandmother! "

Now Ivan Urgant - the face of Channel. After Andrei Makarevich is a popular culinary and entertainment programs 'Relish', . was the leading project 'Circus', . one of the leading comedy show "ProjectorParisHilton" and "Big Difference", . participate more in a variety of new and not so new projects.,

. In 2008, a documentary on television screens out the multi-film one-storey America
. Each series - a piece of the big trip to America, Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Pozner and Brian Kahn, each with its own view of modern American reality.

. The future plans - a new documentary film about the multi-France, which Vladimir Pozner and Ivan Urgant plan to travel by bicycle.

. Autobiography
. I was born in 1978 in Leningrad, a young actor's family
. Less than a year, as a young actor's family fell apart, but then I decided to become an artist. During the years of standing behind the scenes, spying in the dressing room of the great artists who play with fake beards and envy Fede Stukov, this desire grew strong and grew in me. Actor should be able to all: - often said to my father, playfully razdelyvaya Pig carcass. Therefore, the number of my childhood hobbies all the time grew nearer to the number 'three'. Music, sports and songs Mikhail Boyarsky - here, perhaps, those three pillars on which rested my childhood.

. After graduating high school at the State Russian Museum, I was surprised to find himself in the second year the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Art
. But what about the first:? - I asked his master, People's Artist of Russia A. YU. Tolubeev. Everything is fine! ", - Said the master, slyly winking pictures of my father. Finding the course of other actors' children, I realized that the master of a sly wink photographs of many artists.

Studying at the Academy, I, along with the beautiful and my favorite actress A. Freundlich has played in the play GABDT them. G. A. BDT 'Macbeth', where Alice Brunovna played Lady Macbeth, and I - the guard? 12. Since then, many years had passed, but I always remember the warmth of those four performances.

Soon, in my rebellious youth knocked crooked arm needs. I began to forget the text and confuse the staging. Toothless grin hunger writhed then one or the other wings. I began to look with interest at the beckoning signs nightclubs. Starting to work in one of them as a waiter, in another I was singing Spanish songs, and the third was to conduct night shows, where the only clothed person on stage was I. Retreat:! - Angrily shouted after me master, but I answered him the words of his character from the play 'Macbeth', then there is silence.
. Two years devoting staring at his own reflection in the bottles with expensive brandy and glowing eyes of moths, I left this abode of vice, and becoming a free artist, recalled one of his childhood passion - music.
. With the direct participation of the singer Maxim Leonidova, my father and myself, I recorded an album of his own songs on the CD, which has since become an ornament to my music library
. This story about his own musical achievements I am torn because the tears poured manuscript:

In 1999, the fate for me, opened the gate leading to the wonderful world of St. Petersburg Radio. For six months I worked at the radio station 'Radio Special', where the number of listeners approximately equal to the number of DJs. In parallel to the St. Petersburg Channel Five television I had the program 'Petersburg Courier', which is telling us about the difficult routine of confectioneries, woodworking plants and tourist companies. In general, devoted himself entirely to high art. Then 'Super-radio' has given way to cnachala 'Russian Radio', and then - 'Hit-FM', and the fifth channel gave way to channel MTV.

. Now I live in Moscow at the weekend leaving for St. Petersburg and continue to inscribe more new chapter in that story you just read.

. Life

. The first school love, Ivan was the niece of a famous sports commentator Vasily Kiknadze - Natasha
. From cute brunette Ivan lost his head back in tenth grade school at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, where Urgant and Kiknadze learned in one class. According to his school friends Urgant, Natasha also reciprocate courtship of Ivan. But after graduating from high school kids decided to leave, they say, check your feelings of strength.

. Natasha almost immediately married a Georgian beznesmena Vakhtang Kutulya and bore two children, Ivan moved to Moscow and Russia began to storm show business.

. On MTV Urgant met TV presenter Tania Gevorgyan and nearly five years living with the beauty of unmarried
. Colleagues on television only a year later learned that Urgant and the most popular MTV VJ in love with each other and take off in the capital of apartment. Leading went to a romantic trip to Portugal, made plans for the future. Colleagues have called them an ideal couple, the parents approved of the choice. But the meteoric career Urgant stepped into a pair of artistic rivalry, and this was the beginning of discord. Romance Gevorgyan and Urgant came to an end, when Ivan ran into his first love of Natasha Kiknadze.

On the eve of this fateful meeting Urgant Gevorgyan and admitted to journalists that their wedding is not far off.

Kiknadze, accepting the invitation Urgant supper in the restaurant, told him about his family life and congratulations to the proposed marriage. Ivan, as though stupefied meeting with Natasha, said her first love, that is not going to marry Tanya Gevorgyan.

Exactly six months after the break with Tatiana, Urgant began meeting with Natasha Kiknadze. According to some media, their romance lasted more than three years. Natalia divorced her husband and moved to Moscow in an apartment in Urgant Syromyatnicheskaya Lane.

In 2007, New Year's Eve, Ivan and Natalya Urgant formalize their relationship. A May 15, 2008 Natalia gave birth to Ivan's daughter. The girl was born in St. Petersburg. Ivan was at this time in Moscow on the set of the next project. After work, he rushed to St. Petersburg and met with his wife and newborn daughter a few days. But, then again, TV presenter had to leave for Moscow for the shooting.

. Television Career

. Leading television programs:

. 1999 "Petersburg Courier (fifth channel)
. 2001-2002 "Cheerful morning" (MTV Russia)
. 2003-2005 "People's Artist"
. 2004 "Pyramid" (game show) (TV Channel "Russia")
. 2005 "Great Prime Minister"
. 2006 "Spring with Ivan Urgant"
. 2006 "Relish"
. 2007 "Circus with stars"
. 2007-2008 "Tuff Turf"
. 2008 "Big Difference"
. 2008 "Circus"
. 2008 ProjectorParisHilton "(First Channel)

. The co-moderator of the project 'one-storey America' with Vladimir Pozner and Brian Kann.
. Leading final Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in Moscow on May 16, 2009.

. Repeatedly tried playing top leagues of KVN, as a member of the jury.

. Winner TEFI 2007.
. For a couple with Pamela Anderson led the ceremony 'MTV Movie Awards Russia 2007'

. Filmography

. 1998 Difficult Time
. 1999 Streets of broken lamps (Series 'Trap for a mammoth')
. 2005 from 180 and above
. 2006 1 st fast
. 2006 Tin
. 2006 п?п¦п¦п¦п¦я¦яTп¦п¦
. 2006 Flushed Away (voice)
. 2007 He, She and I
. 2007 Three and a snowflake
. 2008 Wizard
. 2008 Paradox (in production)
. 2008 Europe-Asia (in production)


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Urgant IvanUrgant IvanUrgant IvanUrgant Ivan

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  • I love you
  • liolia for Urgant Ivan
  • Urgant one of those whom I am glad to see at any moment. It is a huge charge of energy, cheerfulness, joy and humor. I think that few such people who would disagree with me.
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  • nteresno and Ivan himself is reading all these messages? I like real magic, conquered his sense of humor and charm. :-)
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  • Ivan, you believe in magic? :-)
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  • Yes, he simpotyazhka
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  • The embodiment of masculinity, strength and Oboyan all Vanya!
  • Innulya for Urgant Ivan
  • The embodiment of masculinity, strength and Oboyan all Vanya!
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  • recently I dreamed about you))) here and decided to write)) sleep was amazing))) and a very unexpected ...
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  • Ivan, hello, I want you to praise!:) There are very few top! But I do not know that you're a person (really wanted to know) but the screen you're done! "Thank you for vnemanie:)
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  • Vanya You - the best! Most oboyatelny and attractive! I (yes everything!) Love you! No!
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  • I am now, many will be condemned but I'll tell you what I think. Yes, I will not argue Ivan cute but no more. The girls says' I love you ".. love is not possible for the exterior ... Maybe I am wrong but but Ivan - a regular guy .. just so good-looking and all ... Here ...
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  • I LOVE YOU ! Vanya
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  • decided to take this opportunity to comment on ..) man, . which I am very likable ..) Ivan Urgant, . think, . even if it were not for fame and popularity, . and if .. well, for example, . he was my former classmate and ... there .. a friend of my brother, . still would have liked me crazy) ... THANKS,
    . GOOD LUCK!
  • Nahalenysh for Urgant Ivan
  • Ivan, just casually looked "Relish" Nikolai Drozdov, I am simply impressed! I storonik "life" without meat "Relish" then watched a second time, but it's not the point ... I got great pleasure! ! Thank you very much.
  • Jeanne for Urgant Ivan
  • Zai I Love You
  • Believing2008@yandex.ru for Urgant Ivan
  • I know, I know how it is, leave alone in the compartment, at night, read a book, watch a movie that somehow escape from those thoughts that haunt, and do not sleep ... "Mama, Mama, I'm unhappy people "spinning in my head, that's just tell yourself it myself. Yes seems to be doing great, and already accustomed to, and sometimes you can not. Can not, and then want to run away, go away, left alone, despite the loneliness. But perhaps a better one? "No ... no one, nobody, what a terrible word, well, then, until the fate of ... the brain is thinking hard, and in love the brain carefree as it would be nice to sink into indolence. And now drowning in sorrow, and fall asleep, get up early in the morning.
  • Tatiana for Urgant Ivan
  • Hello, Ivan! "I like very much to watch programs with your participation! Posmot rela film The Wizard, remained dobolnoy, I really liked it! You are wonderful, talented actor ... I wish you success! Sincerely Tatyana.
  • IRINA for Urgant Ivan
  • TSKTZ TV-best
  • Ukrain.MAN for Urgant Ivan
  • THE BEST MAN vasche just я¦я¬п©п¦я-п+п¦я-п¦ dude, I immediately fall in love in all the transfers that he is or he is present ц-цLц-ц¦ц-ц¦ц-цL
  • Sasha for Urgant Ivan
  • I just adore you)) You're so cool)
  • Lilia for Urgant Ivan
  • You're doing fine! Clever. No brighter man on television. I write all my heart. Health to you and long life. Raduy us. I love you so much.
  • Iz @-kristi for Urgant Ivan
  • You are very cool, write me ...
  • Sashka for Urgant Ivan
  • It is a dream just to see you! You are a person who can laugh even the queen Nesmeyanov !)) bright, talented, sincere, funny, beautiful, intelligent ........
  • Buka for Urgant Ivan
  • Vanya is impossible not to love! He is a humorist!
  • svetlana for Urgant Ivan
  • Very good language podveshan! Funny and kind of clever! Yes, the Jews, they are smart! Tall and attractive man! Although lately, it seems that he zazvezdilsya!
  • natalia for Urgant Ivan
  • looks like my ex, like 2 drops of water, only Ivan brunette
  • Natalia for Urgant Ivan
  • Thank you, that does not disappoint ...
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  • Ivan! I love you! U very handsome guy!
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  • Как-то непонятно почему закрывают прожектор перис хилтон, стоящая программа, закрыли бы лучьше "Наша Russia", вот этот проект уже насмотрелись все...
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  • I love you ... !
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  • next time you need to display something in English, don't go to Google translator. This text is ridiculous! Only somebody, who knows Russian, can understand it.
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