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Lead program "Good night kids"

They say that I was born on September 64 пЁпЎпЄп°. I do not remember exactly, maybe not - but that the fuse in the soul - this ogaltelye crowd of schoolchildren with flowers, blocked all the streets. It was not easy to be born. But I am stubborn. It's my appearance. Even on the street you can easily recognize me in the characteristic ears, paws, tail, and - above all - the Medal for the most-most service dog in the world.

And my house was too difficult to distinguish. They live in HSC. Only you do not think that this Christian separatists, communists, or, God forbid, Sly Blue carp, or want to find a film comedy. Everything is much easier - it is perfectly known to you Piggy, and Stepashko Karkusha.
That's how all interested. Television here, my life, my cholera. I remember the difficulty already - long ago ran past him, still surprised - what a strange house? And just beyond such a funny guy, named - Yerofei, and said - come on, it is. Well, I am no fool, and went - painfully amusing house, and the boy uneasy ... So it all started - still can not get out. Yes, and feel like - used. Of course, there are all sorts of trouble - every evening, for example, must - as a bayonet into a TV, and lead program. And no life. Although, on the other hand, can be found in this successful side - in the morning - a mountain of free time. It used to say our elder comrade Winnie the Pooh, "Who goes to visit in the morning - he is wise!" In my opinion, a very sensible idea - just about me.

Well, my tastes, interests are different - there is nothing special about gone, all our love, the usual. Here, I remember, once recognized me on the street - well, the signs - remember, I have already told. Well, of course, din, the crowd, all yelling, avtograyf ask ... Then suitable girl - such a small, appetizing - to treat me like, asks - Phil, Filechka, look as hot, and you have thick hair, let you buy ice cream! Or better juice. You said what you love juice? I'm already tired, and heat it, and the people - could not restrain himself, bared his teeth - and how gavknu - "Meat juice love !..." The crowd - as the wind blew, the sun even for a cloud hid the rain dripped ... I am in front of the girl - still uncomfortable. It is .. I bet Aunt. Excuse me, Auntie.

Next - in the film served with depression. There - another problem. Two cinema - on Krasnopresnenskaya, well, you know of course. There "Flame" - a high-rise building, and next - "Barricade", where the cartoons show. And - such bad luck - once two of my favorite movie. At the same time ... In "Barricades" - "Once upon a dog", my favorite cartoon. And in "Flame" - "There was a dog on the piano" .... Horror. None in the world of perfection. It would seem - that still need to be happy - favorite movie ... But I still choose - too late for both. Just like a child - gave chase, remember, its tail ..... .... and catch up! Stupid, it seems, did not invent. Then I remember him chasing dooooooolgo-late to school for five hours. But only once happened to me - usually time to go there, after all.

Although - it was still a couple of times. One day - I remember going to school, morning, time early, summer heat, the birds sing, walk-dream .... Dreaming, feet do not look, and look on the contrary - in the sky. And in the sky is interesting, there - helicopter. And in it - fliers. In, I think - I want to become a pilot ... And suddenly - I see - one pilot dropped down and flies. Oh, I think, a dangerous kind of work - will not be a pilot ever! And then - good look - and it is not a pilot at all, and PIG !!!!! And therefore, I go under the legs do not look, but look at this unfortunate flying pig. And kaaak fall into the pond! And then on top and a pig - Splash! Good luck to her that the pond. And then b broke. And I was not lucky - I got soaked and Nevel to school late. So I, incidentally, c Piggy met. Flounder about in the pond, look - runs along the bank of rabbit. "Where is he running?" thought we Piggy. And it turns out, I save runs. And dragging with a newly-cool geometric shape (I was just a lesson in geometry truant) - not a wooden box, not the paper oval, not a rubber circle ... Yes, exactly, the terms. And, then, he throws himself into the pond and swims to us. I immediately see that, in spite of the circle, swim, he does not know how. We have some dogs, from birth - somehow, even a dog, but the water cling. I'm not talking about rabbits - they are almost like rabbits, but swim in style - Kroll. And this means that flounders, gurgles, right - now sink. Pity the fool. I caught him at the last moment of his teeth behind the ear. So I became acquainted with Stepashko. And then came the huge divers and vytashili us - all three - from the pond. So I have since I dream of becoming a great diver. Well, get or how. And I dream to become a shepherd - because even a proverb is - "it's a poor Phil, who does not want to become a shepherd!".
I really bad?

And once I was late to school. Winter it was. Ida, hurry - it is cold, your ears are freezing ... Suddenly I looked - baba.Ya already in the senior class was, you know, at this age can not safely past the prominent women undergo. And it is to the same miserable, freezing, and from the place can not go - primerzla. Then I felt drawn to the exploits. (tell me - and you're in 10th grade never dreamed of saving at least some zavalyaschenkuyu princess - well, or there to kiss a frog?) Well, I think I'll save woman. And there - whether that be. In an extreme case - marry her. What am I - a little or something? Grabbed this woman and I think - where her trail? It is too early, dark, all shops are closed ... The main thing - somewhere to go, the place does not stand. I dragged it means - and it extremely heavy, cold all. It is understandable - the woman some snow. But I like that - since I took time to save - then save necessarily, as you would not resist! We go to a concert by the studio - I push the door - and there - openly! And no one, and heat. Well, here I am with my woman so and ran up the steps - straight into the hall. He put her on a chair, and the school ran. Too late anyway, and soaked through - a week later in snot went. A woman so I did not rewarded ... Do not wait for me. Here it is, vaunted women's ingratitude! Although, maybe she did not find me just ... Because of my position would have done everyone.

Then, when I grew up, I'm often asked - and tell me, Phil, about his first love. Am I just not thought out - all your favorite veduhih dragged-aunt Valya, Aunt Lina, Tetu Tanya, Aunt Leroux, even Zhuchka from a neighboring yard ... But, in truth, all I just can not forget the woman rescued - whatever you say, but the memory of a real feat, committed in the tenth grade, warms the soul. Still, a pity that she has not found me later. Or no - let them dream a dream and will remain so!

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