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Biography Viktor Shenderovich
photo Viktor Shenderovich
I was born on August 15, 1958 in Moscow, on Clean Ponds.

Parents - both at the time said of the Soviet intelligentsia: a mother - a teacher, father - an engineer. Genealogy model - one grandfather died in the Great Patriotic War, the other was an "enemy of the people."

. As was the boy from a respectable family, in my childhood I was given to a music school, and even finished it, but most of his childhood spent on the school football pitch, leaving only the translation of the first KVNov
. So was the first humorous education.

Then began luck. I took his drama school at the Palace of Pioneers Baumansky Oleg Tabakov. Sixteen, I fell into the hands who shoveled my life. Actor from me, thank God, did not work (the absence of talent discovered soon enough), but I began to read books and think.

. Soon began to understand too much - at least for myself: when entering the Directing Department GITIS - look for thirteen years
. I read Mary Levinton Knebel Salieri's monologue - and she burst into tears of laughter.

. I entered the Institute of Culture.

. However tabakovskoy studio, playing in the crowd plays "Mowgli" and "two arrows", experienced an initial collective glory - and joined the Soviet Army.

. Popal in the Trans-Baikal military district - and there I quickly explained who I am and where my place
. I met face to face with the Soviet people, and we do not like each other.

After the army began to write prose (poems composed and earlier). Written (mostly impressions of the Army) wore on journals and magazines shied away from me.

By restructuring accumulated enough poison - and first came to the time. I gradually began to print, my first miniatures took execution Gennady Khazanov - and suddenly found that I am a writer and satirist.

. Eight years after the army combined writing with teaching at the Municipal Palace of Pioneers and GITIS (stage movement), and only in the ninety-first finally moved his desk
. By that time, in addition to the desk, got a wife and daughter - and since then only a matter of priority.

. On television first came in 1993 (the idea and the script program of Zinovy Gerdt).

. In 1995, the company launched "Dolls" - and I'm stuck in Ostankino, I fear for life
. Although - you never know.

Idols in my youth I had many, now there is not one, but there are people (living and have already gone), on which I check their deeds. This is a nice number of names, very well-known or unknown at all. Some of them gave me their attention and affection - and a gold reserve of my memory.

From the accumulated solid hobbies: jazz, walks around Moscow (preferably in the evening and in solitude), and football. Sick of "Spartacus", although in recent times it requires considerable mental energy.

I consider myself fortunate and lucky man - I have been doing business, which I like very much, and I still pay for this money.

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  • Vasily Ivanov for Viktor Shenderovich
  • Viktor Shenderovich: 'Why Russian drink vodka? "Writer Viktor Shenderovich - a drinking man. He told Time Out thoughts on why some drink, while others get drunk. Vodka, ballet and EVA Russia, of course, is associated with vodka. Like the children's test of association, remember? The poet - Pushkin, part of the face - the nose, fruit - an apple: What first pops up on the language. Russian - it's vodka, ballet, space, triples, dolls, glasnost: A set of platitudes? Yes, but trivial - does not mean wrong! Banal - means generally accepted. Do not argue with what. Now take a closer look (the most interesting thing happening at the approach of the eyepiece). The issue is not that the Italians and French drink wine, and Russian vodka. This food details. Why drink? - This is the correct formulation of the question. Then, alas, be sad answer: For a glass of wine - this, of course, for fun, and helpful - even doctors recommend. A glass of wine invigorates, elevates the tone of the conversation increases the degrees - no alcohol in the body, and perception of life. A glass of wine is well suited to the warm landscape. After some 'Medoc' looking at people passing by nicer than before: But the French cafe - the theater! Chairs deployed on the street. You look at your watch: In Georgia wine - part of the mentality. Remember 'Listopad' Josseliani! Grapes are harvested, crushed long clean legs: The wine is a long time, gathering strength: The process can not be compressed in time without the strain of the national spirit (as the movie). As the subsequent process feast. Vodka, of course, carries very different social problems. She poured the mountain, the imperfection of life. Not to improve the festival is, but for oblivion of sorrow. And even when the joys of drinking, still heard in this strain. In fact, after some glasses do not understand, you're at a wedding or memorial service. Reason is lost, is dominated by degree. And all the drinking, well, almost all. It varies, of course, and drink themselves to different: But do not drink here, if this is not a spy, then at least people on suspicion. Drink - part of the mentality, the compulsory program! They sat down at the table, poured - and went aside the soul: from women to politics. And a shrink, we do not go. Our analyst - a neighbor in the compartment, and the more random the better. Because he would go and carry your confession with a. Perhaps with vodka in recent times and has been transformed, but drinkers - yet. This is a different topic. There is a theme of quality. Svetlov joked that vodka can not be bad, but only good or very good. Vodka can be very good! Good vodka in the West is in the list of elite alcoholic products, but it is still - for the joy of life! An interesting theme - with more than (except vodka) associates Russia. Unfortunately, there are idioms in different languages, very sad for us. For example, in the Finnish language is an expression of 'Russian Work'. That means - moonlighting. It is not just vodka, although it is related things: There is a theory that explains the mentality of Russians incertitude of the world. Vodka is included in this theory of smooth, seamless: It makes no sense to build a good house to-morrow will Tartar and all burn. Yes, and Tatar is not necessary - is taken away their. The story of Khodorkovsky and the mores of recent years have been, . think, . substantially increase the number of drunks - and increased! Recently published data on the new record for the Russians in terms of per capita consumption: Right! What is the meaning of work 'in a long', . if tomorrow blast of 'Tartar' in the form of tax, . the Petrograd Cheka, or just a local feudal lord - and the Khan,
    . Hence the philosophy hapka, and contempt for the long term: no sense to plan! Will be the day - will be food. God willing. In this sense, vodka-universal means of compensating for defects in the social and political life. The lack of solid tomorrow much in this sense, explains: As I was once more struck in Holland? In half an hour from Amsterdam - a town Monikendam. Two thousand people. Canals, fish restaurant, a small real estate agencies, church, cemetery - all. And people live in this small town, reclaimed from the sea. They all filled up. Tiny uchastochki. This territory has never expanded - nowhere. But the man knows that this piece of land - its. It was his great-grandfather, great-grandfather, and goes to his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren: And no one takes: the word 'cannibalization' in Dutch no. Here he is another bush in the area planted, that's a plate screwed television, so bought a new cutter: Nothing is lost! It is - it! Of course, he can also drink because of personal grief and personal happiness. But the mental preparedness at any time precipitate it does not and can not be: Joe Smith: "Why Jews are so many degenerates? Simple factory storekeeper James Smith - did not degenerate. He shares with Time Out thoughts on, . Why do some live like normal people, . while others go out of mind. God's chosen people, . sure, . associated with its extreme isolation from the world. Like the adult test of association: The Jew, . - First, . that pops up on the language: Jew,
    . Simple - it does not mean wrong! It is generally accepted. The issue is not that the Georgian, Russian and Eskimos, and those Jews who do not degenerates or they are. This question Psychiatry. Why Jews are so many degenerates? - This is the correct formulation of the question. Then, alas, the sad statistics ... For all people for centuries mingled among themselves, avoiding incest. For the Christian and Muslim priests strictly safeguard its spiritual father of vyrozhdenchestva. Beautiful Hindu bracing hormones Englishman, but a nice healthy Turks attracts Serb woman. In Russian and other imperial assimilation of Aboriginal peoples - Part mentality. Remember the movie "The Jew and the earth" Rooma. Black Sea and the Crimean land populated industrious Jews. Municipalities, like the kibbutzim, who live only for its internal colonial life. Jewish colonists and kolonistki mastering derelict land on the background of the difficulties of anti-Semitism that erupted in the USSR in the late 20-ies of the twentieth century. Colonists - as one big family. Yes this is the tangle of blood kinship. This process can not relinquish to the broad relationships with goyami without deformation of the national spirit (as the movie). As the subsequent process of degeneration of the Jewish nation. Kinship among the Jews perform a completely different social problems. These links lead to the only God's chosen estate. Not to improve the world, and to excellence only correct a small nation over goyami. And when Jews marry women of other nations, it is perceived with bruises. Not clear, Tolia Jews survive, Toli their world views collapses. And incest forced to deal with everything, well almost all. Many are forced to use gomosposobami to avoid seed. The consequences are different and reach the extreme forms of degeneration. Because if you took a couple of the stranger, then suspect the wrong attitude to interpretations of the rabbis. Incest and homosexual love - part of the mentality, the mandatory program. My brother lives with his sister, father and son - but the consolation: we - do not row, as God's chosen. And we go to a shrink - this is a Jew with Blinded, but are willing to empathize with a lot of money, since he say that the degeneracy can not be cured - at once deprived of their income. And the more radical our analyst, the more we provide its labor income and more entrenched in the belief that "the right way, comrades" (with radical Jewish roots Kalmyk VI. Lenin (c) 1917), an interesting theme - with what else (besides degeneracy) associated God's chosen people? There are many idioms in any language ... They are more than sad for us. The English expression is "worse than a Jew". This means the viciousness of the Jewish disposition. So, not only degeneration - although it is related things. There is a theory that explains the mentality of the Jew nothingness goyskogo world. Degeneration of flies in this theory with a whistle, not touching the edge ... It makes no sense to respect the Goyim, if tomorrow they will come with the pogrom. And not only the enemy of the Jew is a goy, but as a Jew and his brother. The story of the revolution shows how one Jew gnobil and shot another Jew. Long, long ago published the statistics of mental rassroystv and suicide in persons of Jewish nationality. Record among all the peoples of the remaining. They showed how the degeneracy of the Jews act on their own as. Correct! Why, one wonders, be a good person, if not among themselves Slad? Or why live, if at any time goy come and will deprive you of life? I think the number of suicides among God's chosen only to improve. God willing, it will carry after serving. In this sense presmykanie before the strong and the aggression against the weak - a universal means of compensating for defects in the social, political and isolated life. The lack of a lot of friends in that sense explains ... Most of all, I am amazed in any country of the fact that Jews were persecuted wherever they are and whatever they were engaged in. Well, no one likes the Jews in the world. Apparently, a different mentality of the Jews and the surrounding row are not ripe and not ripe ...
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