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COHEN Leonardo

( Musical Performer)

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Biography COHEN Leonardo
photo COHEN Leonardo
Leonard Cohen was born Sept. 21, 1934 in Canada in Montreal, his father - an engineer died when he was 9 years old. He spent his childhood in this northern country. At age 14 he learned to play guitar.

Later he enrolled to study English literature at McGill University in Montreal, where he performed with the reading of verses in a night club. It also became fascinated with country music and formed the trio "The Backskin Cowboys". After some time out his collection of poems "Let Us Compare Mythologies" (1956) and "The Spice-Box Of Earth" (1961). By 1966, Mr.. left two of his novel "The Favorite Game" (1963) and "Beautiful Losers" (1966). At this time, Leonard Cohen live on the island of Hydra (Hydra) in Greece with Marianne Jensonl.

In 1967. out his first album "Songs Of Leonard Cohen". Released album "Songs From A Room" (1969) and "Songs Of Love And Hate" (1971) only reinforce its position as the singer's sadness and hate. In 1972, the birth of his son Adam.

In 1973 he published the album "Live Songs", which included songs from the previous three albums and new songs. Album "New Skin Of The Old Ceremonies" (1973) describes a more orchestral sound, but the theme songs have not changed and imbued with the spirit of human struggle.
. In 1974, a daughter, Lorca.
. Leonard Cohen took a leave from the musical wars for the next few years, releasing only album "The Best Of Leonard Cohen" (1975).
. 1977 was marked by the release of the album "Death Of The Ledies' Man", which was released in collaboration with Phill Spector
. Their cooperation was very strange, as this album.
The next album "Recent Songs" (1979) were fundamentally different from its predecessor. Songs of this album began to reflect his sustained research on religious themes.

In 1984 Leonard Cohen made his debut as a screenwriter and directed by. After a short break, Leonard Cohen releases the album "Various Position" (1984), which is fully imbued with the spirit of religious concern. Such songs as "Hallelujah", "The Law", "Heart With No Companion" and "If It Be Your Will" - a contemporary psalms, born as a result of hard and heavy spiritual search.

. Finally Leonard Cohen reappeared with the release of the 1988 album "I'am Your Man"
. Album immediately got on the first place and the European charts. Some critics called this album "the culmination of professional and personal creativity". Sam Leonard Cohen on the matter said: "I really do not know who owes his" resurrection ". Maybe my songs evaluated a new generation. I like to say that my songs sound so long as suitable "VOLVO" - about 30 years. "
A Leonard Cohen at this time is. And in 1992, leaves his album "The Future", to the level surpassed all his other work, and the single "Closing Time" became a hit.
. In 1994, leaves a very successful (according to critics) live album, "Cohen Live".
. And as long as the apotheosis of his work was an album released in 1997, "More Best Of Leonard Cohen", which included old hits and previously unreleased songs "Never Any Good" and "The Great Event".

. Discography:
. More Best Of (1997)
. Cohen Live (1994)
. The Future (1992)
. I'm Your Man (1988)
. Various Position (1984)
. Recent Songs (1979)
. Death of a Ladies' Man (1977)
. The Best of Leonard Cohen (1975)
. New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974)
. Live Songs (1973)
. Songs Of Love And Hate (1971)
. Songs From A Room (1969)
. Songs Of Leonard Cohen (1968)
. Official site of Leonard Cohen at the Sony Music

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COHEN Leonardo, photo, biography
COHEN Leonardo, photo, biography COHEN Leonardo  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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