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Leontief Olga

( DJ on the radio `max`, `ether host of the program`)

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Biography Leontief Olga
photo Leontief Olga
Date and place of birth: 02 July, St. Petersburg

. Who wanted to become a child: in 5 years wanted to become a builder: I, . reason, . purely as a child seemed, . that put one brick on another - it is a trifling matter, . purely Soviet-thought, . that receive good money for a trifling matter - this thing cool:),

. It was teased in school or as it is now known as friends: at school I had a few nicknames
. All kaneshna, began with the name: there were, and Lenya, and Lelia and Leo, the last during tvinpiksomanii, transformed into Leo Johnson. Later in my class all the "brutalized" - for no reason, all of a sudden there was the fashion for "animal" nicknames: someone was Elephant, some horse, but I ... I received the name of Badger. Why? Why !!!!!! Now everything is called, for some reason, by name.

Your very first record (or a favorite toy): first record ... hmmm, probably, "The Bremen Town Musicians" and "Nils with geese":), and on vinyl! - Today is, like, cool sounds ... Never mind that if only those records in nature and there. As the first musical recordings, it was "Pet Shop Boys", had called on the tape laconic "Pet", and "A-Ha" ... Favorite toy - shaped bottle from under his mother's French perfume, and, it is "out of" spirits, tk. spirits themselves have little interest. Once I Pozar to a new bottle, poured its contents into the bathroom. Problagouhala whole apartment - evidence of a crime to conceal it was impossible. Fell for it hard.

. Your education: Bachelor's degree - journalism SPBGU

. What's been the last time laughing heartily: over a Japanese story.

. Place in Moscow / St. Petersburg / somewhere else that you love most: my bed.

. The most successful acquisition in recent years: п+яLпTпЁпTя-п¦п¦я-п+п¦я¦ jacket, which this summer I forgot to Egypt
. Now freeze. The question is: why do I need in Egypt was the jacket?

. What has changed in you since you got to MAXIMUM: the level of luck ...

. What usually cook when there is time, and when it does not exist: Vegetables in a creamy sauce

. What style prefer to dress: mod

. Favorite rags, which would never parted again: already parted: ((, cm
. Item 8.

The biggest damage caused by you - that spoiled and why: cm. Paragraph 4

. Phrase / The word / sound, from which just can not get rid: #&%#?***%&?#@!!!!! and short "m"

. The most-favorite movie, book, TV show and song: the film - ooooochen much; book - Jack Kerouac "Underground"; TV show - no; song - ooooochen much.

. Most of all love (no less than 5 responses): to satisfy their curiosity, sleep, julienne, Chocolate, Red Sea, music, love

. Do not love (not less than 5 responses): liver, brandy, disrespect to anyone, bad luck, bad Julien, Fall

. One-dra-Ms-em (at least three): a lot of pathos out of nothing; belief that feminism directly proportsianalen male boorishness and bad manners, hypocrisy, selfishness in the relationship

. If tattoos can easily be removed, what would be done today: I have already 7 years, there is one true and I love her

. Do you have a computer and what is it you: to dig Join

. If you could rewind time back, and outplay any event, what would you change: remove all situations, in which she felt an idiot

. People, . which you can call the professionals: Madonna (Madonna), . James Kemeron (James Cameron), . Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts), . Robert De Niro (Robert De Niro), . "Red Hot Chili Peppers", . producers "Gorillaz", . team "NME UK" (! just UK!) and "Q", . "Nigel Godrich", . William Orbit (William Orbit) ...,

. What you strive for / what dream: to stand firmly on their feet

. How quickly you can carry away something new and than you are "infected" in recent times: each time the rate of spread of infection is different, the latter disease - Harry Potter (Harry Potter)

. Lives Do you have at home someone with four legs, and his name: Nea

. We would like to participate in beauty contests: Nea

. Do you sing in the shower and that: the joy of neighbors and colleagues, I sing almost always

. There is something, what would you like to do or afford, but due to circumstances could not yet: there

. What for you happiness: when all around is good enough that you do not think about when it will end.

. Council for all occasions: not forswear

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Leontief Olga, photo, biography
Leontief Olga, photo, biography Leontief Olga  DJ on the radio `max`, `ether host of the program`, photo, biography
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