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Vyacheslav Petkun

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Vyacheslav Petkun
photo Vyacheslav Petkun
Vyacheslav Petkun - leader of pop group 'Dancing minus', art director of Moscow's trendy club '16 tons' of origin, education - Petersburger. With all the advantages, . minuses, . guardedly intelligent glance askance, . cool, . detached, . light, . polite intonation, . easily lapse into a sarcastic aggression, . clear as steeples, . Brochures knowledge itself, . their forces, . resting on the bog-washed foundation illusory, . aesthetically perception of reality around itself,
. A person living on the edge of rock, pop, aestheticism, a protest of the Moscow life, of Petersburg psychology.

Now aged 31. Not married. No children (at least, he did not know). In the journalistic reputation of being a horrible environment brawlers and boor. Perhaps because of this his group "Dances Minus quickly blended into the play-lists of FM-radio.

The first time he took a guitar in his early childhood, but not to play, but in order to break. It turned. However, time has taken a lot: about a week. But the poems were written easily. One of the first works: "Spring", "Autumn", "Winter" and "Water".

First appearance on television - in the clip "Spring", where the whole screen was shown a naked male g-pa. Clip planned to be shown on March 8, so mom and her friends were preparing for the premiere. ... Came out pretty.

I never liked Boris Grebenshchikov, only recently began to treat him well because he "was so innocuous and harmless old age". But for some reason he was invited to sing for the young BG in the movie "The mood of Psi" of the "Aquarium".
Amorous. With a glance. Or with the first touch. And in general, falls in love with the smell.
. Its annoying human hypocrisy, stupidity and dishonesty.

. On the scene with a persistent feeling of complete misunderstanding of what is happening around and persistent misunderstanding of why the people he sees come to his concert.
. And, finally, about his music, he said: "We're playing a x-nude, listening to you, in my opinion, just absolutely impossible
. I, for instance, I can not listen to what we play. "

Conducts program "Black and White" on the channel STS:

"Black and White" - a heated debate on hot issues around the show-business. Away program - well-known personality, popular performers, musicians, artists, elite of show business - often have divergent views on the issues discussed. Who will be the arbiter of their heated arguments? To force a 'divorce corners' producers and musicians? stars and the paparazzi? record companies and music "pirate? performers and listeners?.

. Thank Petkun, . lead singer of 'Dancing minus' and the singer starring in the musical''Notre Damme de Paris'! He believes, . that in Russia 'good music, no one is playing' and recognizes, . that he plays bad music, . and 'those people, . who was listening to her, . really disappointed ',
. He is convinced that the 'generation of Russian musicians, who come with their songs to the West, is still only goes to school'

. His heroes had a hard time! After all, this program is no half-tones - black or white:

. Phonogram or live sound? 'Night Snipers' and 'Arrow', 'Total' and 'Tattoo' - which side will lead? And you?

. How to meet the musicians, who started together, but dispersed in different directions? Garik Sukachev and Sergei Galanin, 'brilliant', 'High School', 'Omega' ..
. Shake hands with each other or come to blows?

Graven idols. Say you're listening and I'll tell you who you are: Yura Shatunov and Konstantin Kinchev, 'Hands up' and 'The King and the Jester'.

Opinion leader - not an axiom. You're going to decide for himself what is black, but that - WHITE.

Production: 'Production Office Exit'
Producers: Anton Kalinin, Alena Mikhailova

Official site of "Dances Minus

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  • Spring for Vyacheslav Petkun
  • Surprisingly his life energy! Where did this man draws resources? Why is attracting so much attention? I think I know the answer: he simply harmonic. A cocoa confidence comes from him! It's one of the most important qualities of men. Stunning people.
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    Vyacheslav Petkun, photo, biography
    Vyacheslav Petkun, photo, biography Vyacheslav Petkun  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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