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Biography AC / DC
photo AC / DC
Born in Australia in 1973 on the initiative of rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young (Malcolm Young, was born on January 6, 1953 in Glasgow, Scotland), after the collapse of his previous project Velvet Underground. Young, whose elder brother George had already achieved star status in Australia within a team Easybeats, included in the draft as his younger brother Angus (Angus Young, born. March 31, 1959). Their sister suggested that Angus went to the scene in his school uniform, a joke, which soon evolved into the group's image.

. Two brothers made a debut in a bar in Sydney, calling Dave Evans (Dave Evans) on lead vocals, Larry Van Knedta (Larry Van Knedt) on bass and Colin Burgess (Colin Burgess) on drums.

. In 1974, the brothers, along with Evans moved to Melbourne, where they were joined by Mark Evans (Mark Evans) on bass and Phil Rudd (Phil Rudd) on drums
. Bon Scott (Bon Scott, the full name of Ronald Scott, born July 9, 1946 in Scotland, as Yangi), starting as a driver team, after some time has risen to the status of the vocalist, after one night, Dave Evans refused to go on stage. Scott before he worked in such local teams as Valentines and Fraternity, - true, on the positions of the drummer.

. The first 2 album of AC / DC, "High Voltage" and "TNT", was produced by George Young and a contributing partner, former member Easybeats Harry VENDOME (Harry Vanda)
. None of them has never been published outside Australia, but that the records with the first two albums AC / DC, then they were released on compilations by the British Atlantic. At this period, bassist Mark Evans was replaced by Cliff Williams (Cliff Williams).

Once the tour began AC / DC outside Australia, immediately began to set up a cult image of. Popularity them equally served as a clockwork heavy (at the time), music, and a little theatrical show.

. Album "Let There Be Rock" lifted AC / DC on the list of the charts in Britain, but the real breakthrough came with the album "Highway To Hell" (1979), turned the team into world stars
. That was the first album with producer Mutt Lang (Mutt Lunge), and the last with Bon Scott. February 20, 1980, after a night of heavy drinking, he was left unconscious in a friend's car and later found dead. Cause of death was simple to triviality: vocalist of AC / DC Bon Scott choked own vomit. The coroner recorded death by misadventure.

The death of Scott put the band's future under question. Fortunately, his replacement, former lead singer of Georgie Brian Johnson (Brian Johnson, born. October 5, 1947), was able to adequately continue the work of Bon Scott for the mic stand. The first album with his vocals, called "Back In Black", stormed to first place in the charts in England and Australia, and gave the world the hit single "Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution".

. More musical activities of the group took place without any excesses
. After the album in 1983 came a new drummer - Simon Wright (Simon Wright), in 1990 he joined Dio and in the corresponding period a replacement for Chris Slade (Chris Slade, of the Firm).

. The Razor's Edge was one of the most commercially successful album AC / DC, the strength of star status commands
. The single "Thunderstruck" from the album entered the top twenty in England.

Next in the works of the team came right on to break for five years. Once clicked, then "Ballbreaker" was perceived as the return of the team from nothing, in fact it was nothing more than a protracted pause. Album flash back AC / DC all position of international superstar. On this album to AC / DC drummer Phil Rudd came back, who retired after not very successful in the career of AC / DC LP from 1983 and until recently lived in New Zealand. Album was produced by Rick Rubin, try to bring the sound of the team atmosphere of 70-ies. The most successful tracks are "The Furor" and "Burning Alive".

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AC / DC, photo, biography
AC / DC, photo, biography AC / DC  Music Group, photo, biography
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