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Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)

( Actress)

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Biography Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
photo Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
Date of Birth: January 23, 1974, in California gordke Orendzh
. Place of residence: Los Angeles
. Hair: Dark brown
. Marital status: Married
. More: Has two brothers, two dogs and two koshek.Ona winner of several beauty contests (though I think it is stout). She is not married, but at one time met with Jason Priestley and Brian Austin Green
. Her best friend, as nistranno - DzhenniGart.
Write to her at: C / O Gold / Marshak / Liedtke Talent and Literary Agency 3500 W. Olive Ave. Suite 1400 Burbank, CA 91505 USA

Tiffany was born on January 23 in 1974 at Long Beach, California. Thiessen began pursue modeling at the age of 9 years. She won the title Miss Junior America in 1987 and became the best model TEEN magazine for 1988. Leisure Tiffany conducting with animals. Amber is also a vegetarian. Though in the TV series "Beverly Hills Area" Valerie and Kelly are the worst enemies in the life of Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Jenny Garth best

"Tiffani-Amber Thiessen grateful for all the fate"

In the early 80-x Tiffani-Amber Thiessen envied the girls across America. You bet! She participated in an advertising company's Barbie - a fresh, rosy-faced little girl with a doll is the best suited for this role. And in the age of nine has already started acting as a fashion model for magazines and commercials. From proposals otboyu was. But many of my classmates, and especially classmates were hostile to such an unprecedented success. Envy, you know ...

But what school life! In the fight against opponents of Tiffany tempered and become unflinching Iron Lady. And after working in show business, has learned the most important thing: never change yourself and more give than take.

In 1987, Tiffany received the title of "Young Miss America", which allowed it without any problems get in the insanely popular in the U.S. Youth series "Saved up call". What kind of training!

But Tiffany still finished abbreviated year of higher education for adolescents actors. Of course, she would love to get a full education in the prestigious Institute. But so far, alas, this was a dream. After all, her day is painted a scarce resource. Shooting, shooting, shooting ...

Of course, the invitation to "Beverly Hills, 90210" can be considered a great success. Aaron Spelling, producer of the series, has a terrific gift - to discover new names and turn inexperienced young actors in the stars.

Tiffany is no exception, and Spelling is not miscalculated: it was she after Shannon Doherty (Brenda Walsh) helped raise the rating of the series again.

The appearance of blue-eyed beauty in "Beverly Hills" leave no one indifferent. And much especially Brian Austin-Green, who plays David, with whom Tiffany established not platonic relationship. Yes, it was the first great sense for both, and they have not noticed, as friendship slowly grew up to love.

At Tiffany established an excellent relationship with all actors of the series. And this is natural, because between her and her heroine, Valerie, who is asleep and sees how to do something nasty, and steal a guy from girlfriends, can not be equated. Leaving in 1998, "Beverly Hills," Tiffany explained his departure this way: "When removed from fourteen hours a day, terribly tired and had already ceased to understand why you play this carrion".
Tiffany suffered a painful break with Brian. "Zayed" their grief at the villa in Los Angeles, she scored overweight. But time heals all. Brian they parted friends, exercise helped to relieve stress and regain a good shape. Tiffany pretty much withdrawn, . (Stranger beside me "(1995), . "She struggled alone" (1995), . "Sweet Dreams" (1996), . "From Dusk Till Dawn - 2" (1999)), . preparing for shooting a television comedy (the name has been kept secret), . where he will participate in directing,

In addition, the actress returns to the "Beverly Hills" - with her already signed a contract for seven series, and perhaps it will be extended.

Once in an interview with Tiffany admitted that it was better all her friends kissing Jason Priestley. Does this mean that among them was a novel? Who knows ... But Jason recently married. And Tiffany has a free search.

The tragedy with one of her admirers - actor David Strickland, who committed suicide after refusing Tiffany to marry him - left a heavy imprint on her soul. The young man's passion for alcohol and drugs has always been a protest Tiffany: "You're a great man, but do not know how to control myself. I can not be your wife ... ".

Terrible story. But Tiffany is convinced: whatever happened to her in life - sent over. And for all thank my lucky stars. Now she has moved to a suburb of Los Angeles, where she had the opportunity to stay in silence, think about the meaning of life, walking with a small volume of Shakespeare, her favorite playwright.

Broken Love Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

The heroine of the series "Beverly Hills" was going to marry.
But David Strickland, her fiance, was a victim of his own demons this motel in Las Vegas, despite the heavenly name "Oasis", is no different from hundreds of other. A bit gloomy place, "decorated with" neon signs huge beds and cable television. But for Tiffany Amber it was like hell. It was here on March 22 found the lifeless body of David Strickland, a man whom she loved actress and for whom, allegedly close to people about to marry.

But prevented the tragedy: David hung himself on the sheet in komnote motel. He was 29 years old. And no explanation. In the room found a half-dozen empty beer bottles. Tiffany reported the tragedy on the phone when she was at home.

Last time the actress enthusiastically told me that David for her ideal partner. Tiffany was charmed by his sense of humor and a heart big as the ocean ". For her lover's death was like a bolt from the sky. From the moment they met on the set "Beverly Hills" Tiffany and David Soul in each other not chayali. She was convinced that love will help David get out of the proposti, which pushed him alcohol and drugs.

This death was unexpected for all: a tender love of one of the most attractive TV stars, your own professional success ..

. David Strickland was shot in the popular American TV series Suddenly Susan with Brooke Shields, . recently appeared on the big screen film Forces of Nature, . where the actor plays with Sandra Bullock (three weeks the picture has already risen to the upper level of the charts),
. It seemed that the real rise Strickland is just beginning ... But over him naisla danger.

In the fateful day of David's was a meeting with representatives of the justice system: he had to prove that he finally got rid of the harmful drug addiction. October 31, 1998 the actor was arrested politseey Los Angeles for the storage of large quantities kokoina. He was sentenced to three years probation and forced treatment for drug addiction.

David Strickland was born in Glen Cove, New York, October 14, 1969. Grew up in the town of Princeton, New Jersey. In Los Angeles the next actor came when he was 15 years old. From that moment on he began to intensely interested in film and theater. Together with a friend, wrote comedy sketches and acted on stage. Took part in the shooting of 64 student films. This was followed by roles in films and on television. People who worked with David in the comic series Suddenly Susan, said that he was nice and open person. Series at the time had to stop. Writers need to think of the disappearance of Todd, hero of David. Brooke Shields, David's partner in series, had no immediate comment on the incident. Tiffani Amber Thiessen was able to utter a few phrases for the press: "I'm really impressed by the death of my dear friend, whose talent and sense of humor had no equal. I pray to God that his soul found rest ".

Films and TV series with Tiffany Amber Thiessen:
"Charles in Charge" (1984 ).................................... Jennifer
"Married ... with Children "(1987 )......................... Heyser McCoy: Badly-askew"
"Saved by the Bell" (1989) TV series .... Kelly Kaprovski
. Sister Kate (1989)
. "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) TV series .... Valerie Melloun (1994 - 1998)
. "Step by Step" (1991) ... in the episode: "papa's Daughter"
. "Blossom" (1991 )............................. Rica in episode: "Driver's Education
. Killer Among Friends, A (1992) (film) ...
. Jenny Monroy
Killer Among Friends, A (1992) (film) .... Jenny Monroy
Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style (1992) (film) .... Kelly
"Powers That Be, The" (1992)
Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style (1992) (film) .... Kelly
Eek! the Cat (1992)
"Saved by the Bell: The College Years" (1993) TV series .... Kelly Kaprovski
Son in Law (1993) .... Tracy
Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994) (film) .... Kelly Kaprovski Morris
. "Burke's Law" (1994 )............................. Andrea Pierce in episode: "Who Killed Romeo?"
. "NewsRadio" (1995 )....................................... Foxy Jones in the episode: "Helper"
. She Fought Alone (1995) (film) ...
. Caitlin
Stranger Beside Me, The (1995) (film) .... Jennifer Kelleger
Buried Secrets (1996) (film) .... Annalliz
Sweet Dreams (1996) (film) .... Alison
"Cupid" (1998 / I )........................... Stephanie in episode: "Children's Hour
"From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999) .... Pam
Speedway Junky (1999) .... Wilma Price
Love Stinks (1999 / I) .... Rebecca

Photos Tiffany Amber Thiessen

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Photos of Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
  • Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)

Photos of Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)
Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)

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Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen), photo, biography
Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen), photo, biography Thiessen Tiffany (Tiffany-Amber Thissen)  Actress, photo, biography
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