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Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)
Creation of the legendary singer Ronnie James Dio is quite possible to take certain embodiment hard'n'hevi for almost three decades, . striking example, . kind, . classics of the genre, . whose records, . released 15-20 years ago, . fully relevant to the present day,
. Even a cursory glance at the discography Dio enough, that to say that the name of this musician is inextricably linked with all the hard rock elite - everything revolves around the same people. One way or another, but they are still close: Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake ... Not everyone, of course, the veterans of today can stay at the peak of popularity, as in former times, but the old guard does not surrender and continue to remain confident to defend their positions. Of course, today's success Dio, alas, no longer the scale, but he continues to make every effort to prove to all who feel hard rock buried back in '70-s, it is not so. Of course, time goes by, the tastes and habits are changing, however, the so-called dinosaurs of rock once again rise to their feet and serves very good hope. In any case, the time until retirement, they still have

. Ronald James Padovana (this is the real name of Dio) was born July 10, 1940 (although he rarely refers to the year of his birth, . otshuchivayas: Mol, . not the age thing, . importantly - the music) in Portsmude, . New Hampshire, . but almost all his childhood spent in the town of Cortlandt, . in New York,
. Later, mayor of the city and its citizens appreciated the presence of the famous singer in the precincts of Cortlandt, calling one of the streets named Dio - "Dio Way", grand opening (or rather - rename) was held on November 15, 1988.

However, before such an honor to win, Ronnie had to go a long way to fame, which is not always been strewn with roses alone.

The love of music with Dio appeared simultaneously with enthusiasm fiction, which later was reflected not only in the songs, but in the singer's image. "I've always been crazy about the novels of Walter Scott and various fiction - says Dio. - The books I read just like a fish. But "znaykoy" I also could not be called - not less than the time it takes me to the sport. I played high school football team, and proud of me and friends, and teachers and even parents ".

However, in the end, Ronnie gave preference to the music, and in 1957 appeared the first group with his participation - Ronnie & The Red Caps. But in those early years, the future singer has no idea about his vocal abilities! Another school Ronnie had received a gift from his father's pipe, and a few years he took lessons on the instrument, and then took to learn to play bass guitar. In the role of bass guitarist Dio and began his musical career. But in the early 60's, he retrained singers, while not firing from the hands of his bass. Now, a full-fledged leader of the band, Ronnie decides to take him a nickname, and simply rename Ronnie & The Red Caps in pathos Ronnie Dio & The Prophets. Under this name the company of school friends has released several singles and one full-length album 'Dio At Domino's', which was recorded in one day - February 24, 1963. However, the continuation is not followed, and lasted another four years, the band split. The reason for this was care Dio and guitarist Nick Pentasa, a new group The Electric Elves (name later shortened to The Elves). The fate of this team Dio was less fortunate - in 1970 the group got in a car accident that killed Nick Pentas. But as they say, there is no blessing in disguise! Following the accident, Ronnie James Dio and two other musicians defunct group announced the creation of a new formation called the Elf. This momentous event occurred in late 1970. But in fact, Elf was not a new group, but is rather a logical continuation of The Elves.

Elf successfully gave concerts in various clubs and bars, one of which - in January 1972 - visited by two musicians Deep Purple - Roger Glover and Ian Paice. The result of this acquaintance was the debut album named 'Elf', which was recorded in April of that year, under the strict guidance of the producers of Deep Purple. Moreover, as the advertising plate Deep Purple suggested Dio & Co. go with them on a tour of America, which stretches from August to December 1972

. 1973 for Elf began with some of the changes (in addition to new guitarist and keyboardist in the group was taken and a new bassist, . as Dio decided to fully concentrate on his vocals) and with the signing of the contract with the "MGM Records" in the U.S. and "Purple Records" in England,
. True to record a new album, the band began a year later. Like last time, plate 'Carolina County Ball' was again produced by Roger Glover, and after the disk Elf again went on tour with Deep Purple. This time round was held in England, and lasted two months (April-May 74 th). At the same time, Dio took part in recording a solo album by Roger Glover's 'Butterfly Ball', where he sang three songs.

In the summer of 74-th, there was another American tour Elf and Deep Purple, in which guitarist "dark purple" Ritchie Blackmore suggested Dio and his musicians to become members of his new team. The proposal was accepted, but before the group disbanded, Elf recorded and released their third album, 'Trying To Burn The Sun' (like not difficult to guess, the producer of the disc was again bassist Deep Purple).

Their debut album, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow with the same name was published in April 1975 and, as expected, and received support from critics and from fans. Not true, it would be argued that the success of the new group belonged to a Ritchie Blackmore - contribution vocalist Ronnie James Dio was no less than the contribution of the founder and creative engine of. This was confirmed and the first personnel changes: at the end of that year from the original composition of the Rainbow were only Blackmore and Dio

. With new musicians - Tony Kirby (keyboards), . Jimmy Bain (bass) and Cozzi Powell (drums), . was recorded the second record 'Rainbow Rising', . after which the team went to the big tour, . which has resulted in a live album 'Rainbow On Stage' ('77),

With becoming more popular and more popular, which, however, was not an obstacle to the dictator Blackmore, who has decided to once again renew his team. And again, under the dismissal did not get a vocalist. The updated form Rainbow recording their third album 'Long Live Rock'n'Roll' ('78), go on tour and ... again exposed personnel "cleansing". At this time the group leaves all participants (except the Blackmore, of course), led by Ronnie James Dio. It is difficult to say how true to the version that caused disappearance of almost all musicians Raibow Ritchie Blackmore was a desire to play more commercial music, but all subsequent albums the group were clearly mainstream nature. "Rainbow" does not lose its appeal, but since 1979, music Blackmore & Co. became noticeably softer.

As far as Ronnie James Dio, after the departure of one of its most successful groups, he continued pounding away on the rock and roll line, comprising at least a certain team Black Sabbath, which fell in May the 79-year. Immediately after leaving Blackmore, . Dio tried to collect his group, . which has long been thought, . but while he was searching for a suitable company, . that would take him to release solo album, . unexpectedly received a proposal to replace in the fateful Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne! "But all this happened not so fast, . - Remembers Dio,
. - At the time I was in New York, and Tonny (Iommi, guitarist of Black Sabbath) - on another coast, in Los Angeles. We talked with him by phone several times, after which I flew to California, Tonny's house in Beverly Hills, where he held my acquaintance with this group ".

The result of jam session, which took place in the house Ayomi on the first night, Black Sabbath with Dio wrote the song "Children Of The Sea", and then Ronnie has been officially announced as the new vocalist.

Despite the fact that the departure of Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath was viewed by many as the end of the band's career, the album 'Heaven & Hell' with Ronnie James Dio at the microphone was passed quite well. Viewing passed and the first tour of Black Sabbath in the new structure, through which 'Heaven & Hell' rose to a very prestigious place in the charts.

Autumn 81-year comes a new studio album Black Sabbath 'Mob Rules', followed by the next regular tour group, which in turn was subsequently impressed on the live album 'Live Evil'. Ironically, . CD with this title was not only the last album Dio of Black Sabbath, . but was an indirect cause of the split between the founders of the Sabbath Tonny Iommi and Geezer Butler with one hand, . and Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Eppisa, . another,
. In any case, after the departure of vocalist and drummer, the other two musicians in numerous interviews accusing his former colleagues of cheating during the mixing of 'Live Evil'. They claimed that Dio and Eppis specially made too loud sound of their parties, "zadvigaya" thus the sound of guitar and bass. Several years later, Iommi, however, admitted that his allegations were not under any foundation. "Frankly, our quarrel in the studio was only a pretext, - says Dio. - We have and without it were not the best relationship. Recently, we found only in the studio and at concerts. We have not seen even in the dressing room! "

Be that as it may, in October 1982, Dio and Eppis away from Black Sabbath, leaving Iommi and Butler together to finish mixing the ill-fated 'Live Evil'.

In the same month Ronnie James Dio announced the creation of their own group, called simply Dio. In addition to the singer, a part of his new team joined his colleague in the Sabbath Winnie Eppis familiar yet for Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain, and guitarist Vivian Campbell. Place the keyboard remained vacant for some time, so the party keyboards divided between Bain and Dio himself.

Just before the start of work on the debut album of the new group, Dio spent a week in a small English town, near which was a medieval castle. It is the fortress, and reigning in the area mystic atmosphere inspired the creation of the album 'Holy Diver'. In the concept album, the tour and for which a specially made appropriate decorations.

In July 1984 they released their second album Dio 'The Last In Line', which, like its predecessor was in America Platinum certification. Again, a big tour with a theatrical show, this time, based on Egyptian themes. However, all records broke the third tour, in support of the album 'Sacred Heart'. For this concert tour was made an enormous mock medieval castle and controlled fire-breathing dragon.

According to many critics, in 1985 was the peak of his creative career Ronnie James Dio, after which the popularity of the singer and his group several bedrooms. At least record label Dio did not consider it necessary to release a double live album (as suggested by musicians) on the grounds of their lack of confidence in the commercial success of this project. It was decided to limit ourselves to a mini-album 'Intermission' concert with five things, and one new studio tracks. The latter, incidentally, was recorded without Vivian Campbell, who left the group in March 1986, shortly before the start of European tour. On the replacement was taken by Craig Goldie, which in December 1986, Dio began recording their fourth album 'Dream Evil'.

Published in May a new drive was well received, but the subsequent tour dawned extremely unfortunate. Almost from the very first concert the musicians pursuing doom, expressed mainly in the permanent road traffic accidents with touring Dio. Nevertheless, this world tour, which climaxed with the presentation at the famous festival "Monsters Of Rock", was recognized as one of the best rounds of both the Dio and the metal scene, the general.

After the tour, Ronnie began to look for a permanent guitarist, as Goldie chose to pursue a solo career. Dio had to listen to about five thousand demos a variety of candidates for the vacant seat before his choice was stopped by 19-year-old guitarist Rovani Robertson. Despite his young age, the boy filed a fairly high expectations, which apparently did not think Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell, Dio had left almost as soon as the leader of a group named the new guitarist.

In August 1989 the group finally was beefed up and, together with newcomers Teddy Cook (bass) and Jens Johansson (keyboards), Dio began to work on new album. In preparation for the new material before recording, consisting Dio there was another change: the place of departed Vinny Eppisa took the former drummer of AC / DC, Simon Wright. And only in late January 1990 the group entered the studio, the result of which was the album called 'Lock Up The Wolves'.

The tour in support of new album was modestly less than the previous ones, although tickets for concerts Dio continues to enjoy strong demand. And one of the concert tour - August 28 in Minneapolis, is the first step towards the return of Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath. On this day, the hall was Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, who came on stage and sang along with Dio "sebbatovskuyu" "Neon Knights".

"I asked Ronnie if I could come to his concert in Minneapolis, - recalls Butler - to which he replied:" Yes, of course! But then let's play together some thing ". And after the concert, we drank beer with him, recalled the old Days, and thought, and not to come if we (Black Sabbath) back together again? And Tonny liked this idea, it literally burned it when they learned of our conversation with Ronnie ".

Black Sabbath reunion with Ronnie James Dio took place in early 1991. Despite the fact that by this time in Dio was already prepared material for the next album, the singer has temporarily suspended the activities of their group, and devoted himself entirely to Black Sabbath.

The musicians set to work on an album with the working title 'Heaven & Hell-2', but immediately warned journalists that it was only a temporary project, which includes the release of the album and tour, after which Dio would return to their group.

However, the success of the album 'Dehumanizer' ('92) has somewhat changed its plans for the musicians, and Dio said he would not mind a little work with Black Sabbath. However, being on tour, Iommi and Geezer as ten years ago, almost all the time apart from the Dio and Vinny Eppisa, meeting with them only on the stage. And when Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath invited to speak in the first part of his two "last" concert in Costa Mesa in November 1992, Dio not only refused to participate in this event, but said that he was leaving the group altogether. It remains to add that the role of singer Black Sabbath at these concerts performed Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and as for Ozzy Osbourne, his "farewell" speech as such is not found.

. "It was not even that I did not want to speak to the" warming up "Osborne, as many believe - says Dio
. - I left Black Sabbath because they realized that for the past 10 years, the atmosphere in the group have not changed. From the first day of the tour, I realized that everything remains as it was. That alone was the reason for my decision forever "engage" with the group ".

History tends to repeat itself. Remaining out of work Eppis reformed Dio and Dio, inviting bassist Jimmy Bain, and began searching for a guitarist. But Bain stayed in the group of not more than six months, and in March the 93rd year, was eliminated from the. New bassist Jeff Pilson became of Dokken, and guitarist - Tracy G.

In this part recorded the album 'Strange Highways', which was released in Europe, Japan and the United States at different times. The reason for this were plans world tour Dio - in each country, the disc was supposed to appear on sale just before the start of any part of the tour. But the Los Angeles earthquake in 1994 violated the touring plans of. Because of the serious damage to homes Eppisa and Tracy was repealed part of the Japanese tour and a series of concerts in America.

In August 1995, Dio, along with two new band members - Jerry Best (bass) and Scott Warren (keyboards), began work on their next studio album 'Angry Machines', which is currently the latest release from the group.

The band is currently Dio which was composed of: vocalist Ronnie James Dio, guitarist Tracy G., drummer Simon Wright, keyboardist Scott Warren and bassist Bob Daisley, is on tour, one of the items which will be Moscow.


In 1957 came the first group with his participation - "Ronnie & The Red Caps". And in 1970 he. Dio and two other musicians, the group announced a new project called "ELF". The new team has successfully performed in clubs and bars. Once on the statement "ELF" strayed musicians from "Deep Purple" - Roger Glover and Ian Paice. The result of this visit was the debut album by a young group. But the patronage of the monsters of the genre of young people not ended: "Deep Purple" invited "ELF" s in a joint concert tour of America, which lasted from August to December 1972. In the summer of 1974, there was another American tour "ELF" and "Deep Purple". Then Ritchie Blackmore suggested Dio and his musicians to think about the co-creation. Before their disbandment of "ELF" recorded and released their third album, "Trying To Burn The Sun".

. In April 1975, released their debut album "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow", has received support not only fans but also critics.

. After parting with Blackmore, Dio tried to collect his group, which has long been thought, but an unexpected proposal to replace Ozzy Osbourne in "Black Sabbath" is changing his plans
. "Black Sabbath" in the new part has already released a new album "Heaven & Hell" and a concert tour, past quite successfully. Autumn 1981. comes a new studio album "Black Sabbath" "Mob Rules", followed by the next regular tour group.

In 1982, due to personal and creative differences Dio and drummer Vinny Eppis leave the "Black Sabbath". At that time Ronnie James Dio has announced the creation of their own group, which he calls simply "DIO". In the following year released their first album "Holy Diver". 1984 - year of the second album "The Last In Line", which, like its predecessor, went platinum. 1985 - album "Sacred Heard". For concerts in support of this album was produced huge mock medieval castle and managed fire-breathing dragon. 1986 - "Dream Evil". Speech at the famous festival "Monsters Of Rock" was recognized as one of the best for himself Dio, and for the metal scene, the general. In August 1989 the team started work on a new album "Lock Up The Wolves", which appeared in 1990.

In 1991, "Black Sabbath" again called for a Ronnie James Dio. And he agreed, despite the fact that by this time the material was ready for the next album. 1992 - the album comes "Black Sabbath" "Dehumanizer". And in November the same year, Dio said that he was leaving the group: "I realized that over the past ten years, the atmosphere in the group have not changed. That alone was the reason for my decision forever "engage" with it ".

Dio and Eppis reformed "Dio", invited bassist Jimmy Bain and started searching for a guitarist. Bain spent in the group not exceeding six months and in March 1993, resigned from her. New bassist Jeff Pilson became of "Dokken", but guitarist - Tracy G. In this part recorded the album "Strange Highways". In August 1995, "Dio", along with two new band members - Jerry Best (bass) and cattle Warren (keyboards) - have begun to work on their next studio album "Angry Machines", which is currently the latest release from the group.

Now the band "DIO" is on tour, touring one of the points which became St. Petersburg. To date, the composition of the team is: vocalist Ronnie James Dio, guitarist Tracy G., drummer Simon Wright, keyboardist Scott Warren and bassist Bob Daisley.

Name Dio connected with the history of the Mafia: this was a famous mafia James Dio. Musical gangster "Ronnie - a remarkable professional. So judge him by his colleagues on the stage. And add that to work with him - great fun.

It is believed that between Dio and Ozzy Osbourne deadly feud. Judge for yourself: Ozzy goes wild from "Black Sabbath", and Ronnie James place name. "Are there might be relations of peace in this situation?" - Screaming our Russia stereotype, fed on endless scandals in his own show-business. Here and there. With Ozzy Dio have not had any problems and still remain a great relationship. Although, of course, Ozzy was hard to experience that in "Black Sabbath" is singing a different vocalist. Very respectful relationship with Dio and Ritchie Blackmore. However, the revival of "Rainbow" speech, too, does not go. The last meeting with Richie in 1983, did not clarify, and not given any hope of fans.

Time for our music is not passed, - considers Dio - it is always relevant. Now it is very difficult to keep the brand. All radio stations is another twist: Madonna, for example. This is understandable: people want to dance. And we continue to play for our fans, those in whose heart is alive hard rock and heavy metal. "

Rumor has it that Dio has recently departed from his favorite subjects: rarer knights and dragons. Rubbish. "I was always interested in the Middle Ages and the inherent romanticism. You will see, has a new album will be more conceptual. With favorite knights and dragons. Creatively much more to me. "

. Discography Ronnie James Dio:

. Ronnie Dio & The Prophets:

. Dio At Domino's (1963)

. Elf:

. Elf (1972)
. Carolina County Ball / LA/59 (1974)
. Trying To Burn The Sun (1975)

. Rainbow:

. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)
. Rising (1976)
. On Stage (1977)
. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (1978)
. Live In Germany / Live In Europe (in 1990 / 1,996)

. Black Sabbath:

. Heaven And Hell (1980)
. Mob Rules (1981)
. Live Evil (1983)
. Dehumanizer (1992)

. Dio:

. Holy Diver (1983)
. The Last In Line (1984)
. Sacred Heart (1985)
. Intermission (1986)
. Dream Evil (1987)
. Lock Up The Wolves (1990)
. Diamonds - The Best Of Dio (1992)
. Strange Highways (1993/1994)
. Angry Machines (1996)
. Inferno: Last In Live (1998)


Photos of Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)
  • Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)
  • Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)
  • Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)

Photos of Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)
Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)Ronnie James DIO (Ronnie James Dio)

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