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Comments for JUDAS PRIEST
Country: United Kingdom. The composition of the original: Glenn Tipton (guitars), Ken K. Downing (guitars), Rob Halford (vocals), lan Hill (bass), John Hinch (drums).

Throughout a career in the group were followed only by a drummer, the other musicians were indispensable. Since Hinch, . new drummers appeared kazhdyygod: Alan Moore, . Simon Philli'ps (Jack Bruce Band, . MSG, . Mike Oldfield Group and many others), . Les Binks-Only from 1980 to 1988 in the ensemble is stable and solidly worked for an old friend Glenn Hughes (Glenn Hughes) no Trapeze (see) Dave Holland,
. However, the best was the last - Scott Travis from the local British command Racer X.

This team became the first in the category of so-called "New Wave of British Heavy Metal". In fact, it was the train-speed group 70 in the world. All Judas Priest music structures located within the hard rock, that is a basis unrelated to the classical sonata, which is expressed at higher levels of metal - Doom and Progressive. In principle, these are the direct forerunners birmingemtsy thrash movement, which haraktirizuetsya normal acceleration standard hardovyh structures with sharp and monotone riffovke main themes. Until now, Judas Priest, especially after the album of 1990, looks better than the vast majority of thrash metal band, which suggests the following. Hardly trash can next be seen as a hard rock a higher level in the aspect of progressive music. Rather, . is simply an offshoot of hard, . bearing in itself is not a greater potential, . whereas actually a new step after the hard-rock is doom, . of hardovom "bed" which unfolds first classical sonata form music, . proper epic,

Straight on the quality of music and vocal material is characterized by creativity Judas Priest in general. Select possible: a composite attitude - "Stained class", . "Defenders of the faith", . but particularly significant for the traditional pristovskogo metallic hardovogo key looks like "Ram it down", . like a blend of the best, . created a group for many years,
. Commercially very successful albums were 1980, 1981 and 1986 - in our concept are the most primitive.

A rare in the history of rock music event, where the best works come in the later period, demonstrated Judas Priest his two latest projects, which gives them a very large value and an example. Simply stunning left-disc "Pain-killer" (1990). Frankly, hardly anyone expected from this stable team of such a step up! The ultra-fast, full of unexpected turns of metal, woven from the wonderful songs and excellent arrangements, the group came close to the category of progressive. Metal got another bright pearl, and the group forever in the annals of legend "heavy" rock.

Unfortunately, after this most elegant of his album, the band lost its front man in the face of the original in the literal and figurative sense vocalist Rob Halford. He first appeared on a concert of Black Sabbath, even before the rumors of the Reformation that ended with Ozzy. Then, taking from the Judas Priest drummer Treyvisa, organized its own project Fight. Music last pristovskom sustained in a traditional manner, but to the best album of the old group still falls short. Maybe change his mind yet Halford, because without it, Priests for some reason do not want to work on, perhaps in vain. Copyright reserved for Tipton, and good singers are still missing. However, they'll see.

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  • Vanja for JUDAS PRIEST
  • Brilliant original point of view. Went here by accident, but the article made a strong impression on me, and I decided to leave a message. Myself am a fan of Judas Priest, and the album of 1980 (surely meant "British Steel"), which you mentioned, I can not believe primitive - my favorite. Most importantly, it is now August 2003, and again at JP Halford .
  • Solus for JUDAS PRIEST
  • Article put it mildly outdated and full of delusional speech is unclear by whom and where the excavated! Sometimes a good idea to at least a little knowledge of an object about which you write, I am a fan of Priest and read this nonsense, it was somewhat unpleasant
  • IronJedi for JUDAS PRIEST
  • Judas Priest are REAL heavy metal Gods!
  • A fan Deep Purple for JUDAS PRIEST
  • What nonsense is that? I first heard that primitive British Steel album! Who wrote this drivel? If you believe the author is to Peynkillera a Priest was not a good album! This is a complete idiocy !
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