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FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) was born September 12, 1961, Mr.. in Montreal, Canada. However, in Canada, she lived a short time, as her parents at the end of the working contract d in 1969 moved to Paris.

Her first impulse was to become an actress (and it is still a lot), so she decided to obtain the appropriate education. It was in those years, she met Laurent Bouton (Laurent Boutonnat) - a man who became her long time creative companion and a big influence on his career in the music world Milen.

When back in 1984. Milen at the age of 23 recorded his first song My mother was not right (Maman A Tort) with Laurent Bouton (music), and Jerome Dahan (words), it was simply inconceivable, as her career in such a short time will develop to the status of French superstar.

Around the same time, she changed her real name Gauthier (Gauthier) on Farmer. Was this decision made only to itself, . or under the influence of Laurent - it is unclear, . but assumed, . that the name was taken by it in honor of an American actress 30-ies Frances Farmer (Frances Farmer), . which served great expectations, . but because of addiction to alcohol had spent most of 40-ies in a psychiatric hospital,

. Big breakthrough, of course, came in 1985-87, GG, when Milen changed record company RCA on Polydor (Polydor) and released the single flapper (Libertine) and Tristan (Tristana), as well as their first album, Ashes of the Moon (Cendres De Lune )
. At the same time, Milen repainted from its birth brown hair in red - as the mother. Union Laurent and Milen was unshakeable, and soon the angelic voice of Mylene together with composition and directorial talents Laurent began to gain the attention of the French public.

However, this was only the beginning ...

Its success is further strengthened with the release of Sans Contrefacon and Pourvu Qu'Elles Soient Douces / Libertine II, together with striking video clips. Followed gold discs and awards, the press started talking about it.

Although Milen always maintained that she was uncomfortable giving interviews in the late 80's her appearance on television have become fairly regular. However, it soon became clear that LFarmermaniya Б?? oppresses her, and she became extremely miss solitude, so after a series of concerts of 1989. its appearance became less.

After a relatively short absence Milen back in 1991. with a hit album L'Autre. He reveals new qualities Milen; his 50/50 slow dance songs and mixes allowed Milen show how strong was her vocal talents. Milen Hit Desenchantee helped get fans and other non-francophone.

As is the case with the previous album, was released 4 singles, the last of which - Beyond My Control - was released in late 1992. The next single Que Mon Couer Lache out to advance the compilation album Dance Remixes, but then in early 1993. Milen again disappeared from public eye.

This absence, however, was not due to the preparation of a new album, but due to work on a huge and perhaps overly ambitious project - Giorgino. Giorgino was expected step Mylц?ne and Laurent in the direction of the film industry. It was a really big project, and although the press published articles about the film in January 1994, a three-hour premiere was only in October 1994,. Shot on the English-language film, however, was entirely in the spirit of French cinema, this film could never have appeared in Hollywood. Many likened it while viewing with a clip Disappointment. The critics gave the film a mixed assessment, and, like many other films with the participation of musicians, he was quickly forgotten.

However, it is time to return to the recording studio. It's time to change ...

After nearly three-year hiatus Milen finally submitted a new album Anamorphosee his patient fans. Music has changed enormously, it has become much more lively thanks to the guitar Jeff Dahlgren (Jeff Dahlgren); Mylene's voice also changed, which can be attributed to her stay in Los Angeles in recent years. Most of the music was still written by Laurent, . once again showed, . how great his songwriting ability - enough to compare the storm of rock in the album Transformed with calm, . sometimes even melancholy soundtrack to Georgina,

In the first few weeks of release in late 1995. new album sold 40 thousand copies per day, demonstrating that Mylene is still one of the most popular singers in France. The album received good ratings in most music magazines. Milen returned, stronger than ever!

The first single released from the new album, became XXL. The accompanying video, as well as music, showed how deep the changes. The video was filmed in black and white, and the director instead Laurent made Marcus Nispel (Marcus Nispel). With its powerful rock chords he thundered on the screens of music channels in late 1995. Soon after the second clip released Instant X (L'Instant X) was also withdrawn by Marcus Nispel.

Following this release was finally announced the long-anticipated concert tour 1996. Starting in Toulon, the tour was to be held throughout France and in Belgium and Switzerland. Not surprisingly, the concerts were also diametrically opposed to the tour in 1989, a presentation was a big, loud and very American. With the help of a group of American musicians and dancers Milen showed his audience a different side of my personality - far more happy, smiling and cheerful.

At this time, released their third single, California, along with video clips. It was directed by Abel Ferrara (Abel Ferrara); the plot was much more complicated than the previous two. Mylц?ne was back on top of the world, but around the corner lurked a misfortune ...

June 15, 1996, Mr.. during a concert in Lyon, Milen fell at the end of songs XXL, bringing the audience into confusion. Fans waited patiently explanation of what happened. Sad news is that Milen broken wrist, and the rest of the tour will be canceled. Mylene was cruelly dropped from the top of the world.

But, as the song goes To fall down 7 times ... (Tomber 7 Fois ...), Mylene was supposed to return. Canceled concerts were postponed to December 1996, giving people another chance to see her live this year. At the same time the fourth single released as it hurts me (Comme J'Al Mal).

Shortly after the tour in early 1997. began to leak rumors about the possibility of a disk with a concert 1996. These rumors have been partially confirmed with the release of the single Rever, containing a live version of song. The next single, released in May 1997. became quite strange duet with Khaled (Khaled); it was perepevka old song Polnareffa Michel (Michel Polnareff) La Poupee Qui Fait Non. Immediately after him to keep fans in a trance was issued a large number of materials, including two videosborki, video version of the concert 1996. and, of course, a double CD recording of the concert!

. 1999 marked the release of The outstanding and absolutely no similarity to all the other albums Milen Innamoramento, . were removed, two new video - L'Ame-Stram-Gram and Je Te Rends Ton Amour - and issued the corresponding singles, appeared mysterious song Effets Secondaires,
. Sept. 21 started a new concert tour and fall Mylenium Tour Mylц?ne visited Russia ..

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  • Mypka for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • I love Milen ... Her voice is divine! To be sure, some emotions !
  • John for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Milen like a mythological siren, her voice is fascinating and one can never come off.
  • ksesha for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Hello everybody! I'm a big fan of Mylene! let's stagnant concerts, bootlegs, clips, songs and news! write!
  • ksesha for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Address for sharing! muzapp@rambler.ru
  • Xenia for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Classroom singer!
  • ISbZZ for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Appel mon Numero - the Best!
  • Pyrgen for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • I would fuck Mylene Famer 10 years ago and fucked a few days without taking!
  • KSERUS for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Mylene Farmer, I just п?п°п?пЄп?я? of your voice, you're an angel! :)
  • Anonymous for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • sansevieri for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • We Milena sad, tender, sexy, poetic songs. Nice to mourn with her, and after a more optimistic attitude to life
  • Whistle for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • It's time-would have to update the biography .........
  • intuiziaj@ayndex.ru for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Mylц?ne Farmer songs are full of sensuality and meaning. Are delighted the transfer singer of the song itself. Music helps, and mourn, and to find a balance mood. Breathe romance and harmony of the soul with music.
  • Katerina for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Until now, I can not move away from the concert at the JCC. It was just a fantastic spectacle. I just adore her. She just clever. Milen keep it up! All you the best !
  • Janczyk for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Milen just super, sorry that we have none!
  • Tolia for FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)
  • Brilliant singer. This in my opinion the first singer who combines such different, but unexplained complementary qualities and images ... Especially, we can not forget her eyes when I saw them at least once ...
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    FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer), photo, biography
    FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer), photo, biography FARMER Mylene (Mylene Farmer)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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