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Biography ANTHRAX
In the heyday of thrash-metal, this New York quintet is among the four leaders of the genre along CO Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth. Unfortunately, over time, lost Anthrax fans, and the music that made them famous, late-disk group is little left. Now Anthrax has to warm up fashionable stars like Pantera and issue albums on its own in the absence of any interest from major companies.
Group met in July 1981. fellow guitarists Scott Ian (ex-Four X) and Danny Lilker (ex-White Heat), is obsessed with hard rock, hardcore and comics. First up was very short, but managed to debut with a concert in the basement of a New York church in the presence of 50. After three weeks of Anthrax ( "anthrax") played in the same room again, but now the audience was at least 200 teenagers.

Since then, business groups have gone up the hill, which, however, did not affect the stability of the. Bassist Kenny soon replaced by Paul Kahn, but he did not last long, and took up bass playing Lilker. The second guitarist was Dave Weiss, drummer Greg D'Angelo, and the vocalists have changed with catastrophic speed. One time, when the singing was quite well, no one, took place at the microphone brother Scott Jason Ian (alias Everman). Ten years later, this character appeared in the role of the drummer in the Reverend.
Permanent vocalist Neil Turbin (ex-Amra) appears in the group until 1982. With him Anthrax recorded their first demo, which included the basis of the repertoire of those times. Music Anthrax was based on early heavy metal in the spirit of Judas Priest and Accept with strong influence of hardcore, but held in February 1983. familiarity with Californians Metallica, who arrived in New York at the invitation of the well-known figure metal underground Johnny Zazula, pushed the kids to the idea to add in elements of thrash metal music. True, the new course took to heart was not all musicians - Greg D'Angelo immediately announced his departure in the Cities, and then found himself in the ranks of the popular glam-rock group White Lion. His replacement comes phenomenal drummer Charlie Benante.

Shortly before that, in mid-1983, Anthrax recorded another demo, this time with guitarist Manowar Ross The Boss as a producer. Due to incessant live performances, "ulcer" gaining a stable reputation in New York, and they rely on to heat the more famous speeches (at the time) was the type Talas or Exciter. Stormy deyatelnnost group eventually attracted the attention of Zazuli, and he invited them to release the single on his label, Megaforce, which has just issued a legendary debut album Metallica "Kill 'Em All". On the first side was placed the song "Soldiers Of Metal", written specifically for singles with Charlie Benante. The second side took the track "Howling Furies", taken from the last demo. According to Scott, this is the first song, written by Anthrax. Megaforce 3 thousand printed copies of a single, but sold it instantly, and Johnny Zazulya immediately invited the group to record a full-length album.
CD "Fistful Of Metal" was released at the end of 1983, after a lengthy American tour with Raven. It was recorded very quickly and very heavy music with a high screaming vocals, that in those years was called speed metal. In addition to his own songs, "Fisful Of Metal" became a thing of Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen". The album has already played a new guitarist Dan Spitz (ex-Overkill), which replaced jumping in Hittman Walls. And shortly before the disc Lilker quarreled with a turbine and was dismissed from the team. His replacement, Charlie took his nephew by the name of Frank Bello, who previously worked as a guitar tech. Lilker, in turn, merged with the first Anthrax vocalist John Connelly and created a more hardcore-oriented project Nuclear Assault. In the early 90's Denny quarreled with the group and brought extreme grindcore-band Brutal Truth, also collapsed after several years of intense activity and release three albums.
Accuser Turbin, too, did not stay in the Anthrax. Already a tour with Raven Party was unhappy with his performances, and in August 1984, he was dismissed. This decision cost the group a European tour, and nearly wrecked record the next album. Having tried a few singers, Anthrax stopped on a young man named Joey Beladonna (real name Bellardini), which picked them to producer Carl Canedy. Joey played in the Canadian ensemble Bible Black, and previously in several lesser-known groups. He joined Anthrax, when recording the new material was already in full swing. The first fruit of joint activity Gioia and Anthrax became a mini-album, "Armed & Dangerous", released only in Europe. It contained two new tracks, a cover version of Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen", as well as two songs from the first disc, re-recorded with vocals by Joy. According to the musicians, these two tracks were recorded live at the first audition new singer. By the way, when a mini-album reissue on CD-ROM to the original five things added another song "Howling Furies" and "Soldiers Of Metal" with the first single.
"Armed & Dangerous" helped the band sign a contract with a major label Island Records office. Record second full length album took five months, . but the efforts of musicians and producer Carl Canedy not been in vain - the disc "Spreading The Disease" is the cornerstone of trash along with "Hell Awaits" Slayer and "Master Of Puppets" Metallica,
. We Anthrax, however, had his own vision of the style in which the severity and aggressiveness combined with a considerable amount of humor and all sorts of jokes. By Scott and the company's image stuck tightly merry-fuzz, from which the group was unable otdelatsya, despite absolutely serious content of many songs.

After recording "Spreading The Disease" Scott and Charlie left behind a large amount of unrealized ideas that they decided to put in a separate draft. They took the company of old friend Denny Lilkera and road manager Billy Milano and for three days, recorded a half-hour drive "Speak English Or Die" by the name of Stormtroopers Of Death (SOD). Album laid the foundations for a new style of crossover, in which an equal blend elements of hardcore and thrash, and the drummer Benante first demonstrated a new technique on him playing drums, known as blast-bit. SOD. immediately became a cult underground, but having played all six concerts, the musicians decided to stop working together and returned to their main groups.

. "Spreading The Disease" sold 100 thousand copies, and the team had a lot of work to keep the gained position with new album
. Nevertheless, released in 1987 CD "Among The Living" was, according to most critics and listeners, the best in the history of. All nine songs with him in his own good, but the greatest success had fallen to the lot of "I Am The Law", a powerful track with a memorable chorus and the text written on the popular comic strip "Judge Dredd". The single from this song in particular sold well in Europe, but it soon became clear that a significant role in its success played a track from the second side - rap-metal joke "I'm The Man" with the singing of Scott and Charlie and Joey as a drummer. I had to urgently republish this kommpozitsiyu on a separate mini-album, which also sold well. That's Anthrax invented yet another genre - rap-metal.

Another super-successful song from the disc became "Indians", tells the sad fate of Native Americans. In the video for this song, Joy, who, despite the Italian name, is a full-blooded Indian, was dressed in national costume of feathers. In the same Impress can be seen in a 90-minute concert video "NFV. (Oedivnikufesin) ", which was recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon and was released in late 1988.

In the same year released the disc "State Of Euphoria", but to the surprise of many, he is a bit paler than the previous. Much of this was due to the extremely busy concert schedule of musicians who have left almost no time on writing new songs. "Yazveniiki" pinned great hopes on the single "Who Cares Wins", but the video for the track were not allowed to be shown on MTV as "too serious". The song dealt with the homeless, and the video contained addresses and telephone numbers of all the New York nochlezhek. Incredibly, six months song about the homeless in the performance of Phil Collins ( "Another Day In Paradise") was a regular on MTV promotion.

Nevertheless, "State Of Euphoria" was a solid success, but after its release, the band went on tour with Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzie also lit video "Anti-Social" (the authorship of this stuff belongs to the French group Trust). This video was waiting for better fate - MTV is not only happy to turn it several times a day, and invited a group of a headlining tour Headbanger's Ball with the support of Exodus and Helloween. The success of the tour enabled the group to get a few months of respite. During this time, Scott and Charlie have written material for the new album, and Joey gave concerts with the project John Scott Hoy Band. And this tusovka mostly played covers of Journey and the Rolling Stones.
"Persistence Of Time" was recorded long and painfully. During the recording studio almost completely burned, so that the losses amounted to 100 thousand dollars. The disc eventually saw the light in August 1990, followed by a group drove off on a tour in support of Iron Maiden.

The album became the top career Anthrax. On it, each song is a complex and monumental work, . and the texts tell about the pressing problems of modern society - rassovyh Prejudice ( "Keep It In The Family"), . unscrupulous politicians ( "Belly Of The Beast"), . struggle for human rights ( "In My World"), etc.,
. It is clear that the characteristic Anthrax pictures do not tally with such serious topics, so the "Persistence Of Time" fun and ambiguous jokes are not observed at all. The only exception is the song "Got The Time" (a cover of a certain Joe Jackson) - short and ultrafast track with solo bass. The success of the plate steel edition video "Through Time (POV)" with all the clips in the group for her nine-year history and an invitation to participate in the tour Vseamerikanskom Clash Of The Titans, along with Megadeth, . Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies.,

. This decade has begun to compile with the release of Anthrax "Attack Of The Killer B's", . which includes a second side singles, . music tracks, . new versions of songs from the legendary album "Speak English Or Die", . as well as several previously unreleased tracks,
. The most interesting of them - "Bring The Noise", a cover version of famous rappers Public Enemy (the original is called "Don't Believe The Hype"). B records this song took part Chuck D., vocalist of Public Enemy, made friends with the guys so that we decided to go to the joint tour. The news that Anthrax will be performing with some rappers threw two-thirds of fans in deep shock, but despite that, the concerts were a success. Public Enemy played the first, and then on the scene Anthrax, and at the end of the concert, both groups staged a 15-minute jam, which is based on the songs "Too Much Posse" (ancient rap hit authorship Public Enemy) and the already mentioned "Bring The Noise". One vystuplny Anthrax during this tour was recorded and released as a video "Live Noise".

Experiments with rap and other non-metallic elements have caused confusion and vacillation among fans of Anthrax, but "Attack Of The Killer B's" sold more than bad and even was nominated for a Grammy. But the most unexpected happened - the morning after the award ceremony (which, incidentally, the group never received) Anthrax announced the dismissal of Joe belladonna. In the blame was put to him unwillingness to work on the songs and the complete lack of interest in writing music and lyrics. "At first, this situation suit me, because thanks to this I had more control over what happens in the group," - told reporters Scott. "But eventually I began to have thoughts like" if someone from the music does not invest his soul to the group, then what kind of music we get? "

After leaving Anthrax, John took up solo project. He has worked with many famous musicians, but have not been able to collect more or less constant composition. His solo albums (to date, of whom there are two pieces) largely repeat the work of his former colleagues, but with a strong bias in the hard rock. Left without a vocalist, Anthrax for a while turned into a musical work by searching for a singer and a new contract with the company recording. Meanwhile, Scott and Charlie have revived SOD. and gave the only concert at New York club "The Ritz". The record of this speech was published in audio and video entitled "Live At Budokan".
As a result, the contract was signed with the company Elektra, whose clients had many hardovyh and metallic stars, for example, Queen and Metallica. New singer was John Bush, before that worked in the Los Angeles team Armored Saint. John is one of the most popular metal vocalists - we know that it has repeatedly tried to get the same old Metallica, but John always refused, not wanting to leave their communities. Anthrax was luckier - their proposal came at a time when John was dissatisfied with the hopes somehow ensure their existence through music.

John Bush made his debut on disc in 1993 "Sound Of White Noise", which again caused a mixed reaction of fans. From the good old trash on the album is little left, the songs are slower and heavier, plus appeared strongest flavor siettlskogo grunge a la Soundgarden. All this is complemented by a very dark and malevolent verses and a degree of aggression and hatred in the music, which most black metal compositions do not even dreamed of. Of the total number of violent riffs highly distinguished track "Black Lodge" - the first in the history of Anthrax real ballad, written under the impression from the series "Twin Peaks". Notably, co-author of the song is a famous composer Angelo Badalamenti, the author of music to many films and serials, including the aforementioned "Twin Peaks".

"Sound Of White Noise" was a success, but the old firm of Island Records had decided to play on the nostalgic feelings of the fans and issued live album "Live The Island Years", was recorded even with Joey on vocals belladonna. The first eight tracks were taken from the video "Live Noise", and four more are recorded at a concert for the "faithful listeners' radios WSOU at Electric Lady Studios in 1992. In 1993-1994, Anrthrax also participated in several compilation albums, . most notable of which were disc "Beavis And Butthead Experience" (Anthrax recorded for his exclusive song "Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun"), . and the tribute album idols Scott and Charlie - Kiss,
. On the DVD, "Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Re-Grooved" "ulcer" reported version of the classic Kiss song "She", and it produced the record ourselves Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
Despite the quite decent sales figures, the brewing group, new problems. In early 1995, became aware of the care of Dave Spitz, who lost in Anthrax for 10 years. According to other musicians, Dave lost interest in music and the group, and the parties parted by mutual consent. New guitarist was decided not to take - at the next studio album "Stomp 442" solo parts were performed by Diamond Darrel (Pantera), Paul Crook (Beladonna), Mike Tempesta (Human Waste Project) and ... Charlie Benante! During the concert tour on the guitar since playing either Crook or Tempest.

. "Stomp 442" is a bit weaker than its predecessor, sold much worse, and Elektra decided to refuse further cooperation with the group
. Then the musicians founded his own firm Ignition Records, which issued and the next opus "Volume 8: The Threat Is Real", which zapilival absolutely the same composition solo guitarists.
Output drive lasted more than a year, and he appeared in the end only the spring of 1998. Despite the unprecedented scale advertising campaign and promises to give the best and heaviest album in the history of Anthrax, re-impose the success of the group did not succeed. Now her concerts were held in much smaller rooms, and then as a warm-up for more successful newcomers such as Pantera and Helmet.

As a result, the musicians began to pay more attention to the Project, as the main group. Scott and Charlie once again revived SOD. and even recorded a second in 14 years studio album "Bigger Than The Devil" in 1999. And John joined restored Armored Saint and the recording of their CD "Revelation" (2000). He also performed the vocals on the track "Blackout" (as you may guess, this is a cover of the Scorpions), which entered the CD "Graveyard Classics" group of Six Feet Under, released later.

Record a cover version - a favorite occupation "ulcer". Therefore, it is clear that their names appear on the covers of numerous albums tribyutnyh. Example, . John, . Scott, . colleagues at Johns Armored Saint - Gonzo Sandowal drummer and bassist Joey Vera, . and singer Whitfield Crane (ex-Ugly Kid Joe and Life of Agony) and guitarist Jorg Fischer (ex-Accept) recorded the track "Burnin 'Up" Tribute to Judas Priest "Legends Of Metal",
. This tusovka appeared on the first part of the collection under the name of Doom Squad. In addition, John, Scott, Joey Vera, Scott's brother Jason and guitarist Zach Throne recorded "It's Late" Tribute to Queen "Dragon Attack", a bit earlier, Scott, Frankie, Charlie and Zack Throne sang "Rip It Out" on disk " Spacewalk - A Salute To Ace Frehley ".

Trying to keep a good face on a bad game, Scott, Charlie and the company released in early 2000, a collection of the best things "Return Of The Killer A's". Title - a clear illusion of a similar product nine years ago, but the second part is clearly losing the first, because it includes the best hits of the group and there were hardly any new things

. Collector, . however, . might be interested in. Two little priindustrialennyh remixes of songs from the album "Sound Of White Noise" ( "Potters Field" and "Hy Pro Glo"), . as well as previously unreleased cover version of (another!) ancient hit soul ensemble Temptations "Ball Of Confusion", . sung in duet with John ..,
. Joey Beladonna. Also planned to tour with two vocalists, but Joey and the others did not divide the fee, and Anthrax had to go on tour by. However, their U.S. tour as the opening act for Motley Crue and Megadeth in the summer of that year, broke, having barely started, and again due to "financial differences". On this occasion, John promptly flew to Europe to speak at the German festival Wacken Open Air in "armored saint.

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