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Biography DOORS

Jim Morrison
Rey Monzarek
Robbie Krieger
John Densmore

Los Angeles, California

Recording Company: Electra

Founded: 1965

American rock band. Founded in 1965 in Los Angeles consisting of: Jim Morrison (vocals), Ray Manzarek (keyboards), Robby Krieger (guitar), John Denzmor (drums). With there only six years old, but its influence on the music of the 80's and 90-ies is the study of new rock bands. Interest in THE DOORS evidenced by regular re-release the band's albums, as well as the inclusion of their works in various collections.

. Ray Manzarek, graduate students, University of California, met the first year, and Jim Morrison was delighted with his poetry
. Determined to create a group, they invited as a drummer John Denzmora, who played in the group "THE PSYCHEDELIC RANGERS". The trio failed to learn the poetry of Morrison's attempt to record a demo teip not crowned with success, only after the musicians joined guitarist from "THE PSYCHEDELIC RANGERS" Robby Krieger, the case shifted. The bass guitar led Manzarek, the keyboard on the second round of his elektroorgana. THE DOORS name was taken from Aldous Huxley's novel "The Door Of Perception". In 1966, THE DOORS signed a contract with Columbia / CBS, but for the year have not written a single song. Only when the group performed at the famous Los Angeles club "Whiskey And Oo-Gos", in THE DOORS drew the attention of Jack Holzman, founder and president of the new company's "Elektra Records".

. Signing a contract with "Elektra Records", the band released an excellent debut album "The Doors", which was produced by Paul Rothschild
. Released in early 1967, "The Doors" became an international bestseller, helped out the single "Light My Fire", who headed the U.S. hit parade (in the UK - only 49 th place). In the same year he released the album "Strange Days", dispersed as the first one million copies and entered the national Top 3. In 1967 against Jim Morrison was made the first charge 'in violation of public order' - the singer during a concert in Connecticut provoked the police and together they rushed to the scene, . where in the presence of several tens of thousands of spectators, Morrison was arrested,
. Such accusations leveled against Jim to the end of his life.

. Third album, . "Waiting For The Sun", . released in late 1968, . after two American (Top 40) singles: "The Unknown Soldier" (this single was shot movie clips, . which shows the 'shot' Morrison - it was the first in the history of rock promotion-video) and "Hello I Love You", . became their second hit single number one,
. The album also had a million copies and went to first place of the national charts (in the UK - 16 th). The next CD "Soft Parade" was almost ready, when Morrison once again arrested by the police, followed by more arrests, each time on the same charges - 'disturbing public order'.

. "Touch Me", the first single from the album "Soft Parade", was the third millionsellerom THE DOORS; but the other singles sold poorly
. Nine months later, the band recorded the disc "Morrison Hotel", which marked a return to rhythm and blues - a style that is common to THE DOORS. The only single from the album "Roadhouse Blues" very successful not used, but several years later the track became a kind of hymn concert performances STATUS QUO.

. Less than six months after the release of "Morrison Hotel" the band released a double live album "Absolutely Live", recorded while on tour in early 1970
. This CD is the sixth LP group, which came in the national Tor10. A few months later came a collection of 13.

Finished in early 1971 to record a new album, "LA. Woman ", Morrison and his common law wife Pamela Kurson left for Paris. When I was released "LA. Woman ", Morrison still lived in Europe. The record also included in the American Tor10, but Jim Morrison did not know about it - July 3, 1971 he died of a heart attack in the bathroom. Two singles from the disc, "Love Her Madly" and "Riders On The Storm", entered the U.S. Top20.

. Decision musicians THE DOORS continue to work as a trio surprised many - the value and role of Morrison as a catalyst for creative group could not be overestimated
. However, two albums recorded with session musicians, "Other Voices" (1971) and "Pull Circle" (1972), entered the charts in the U.S.. In 1972, efforts Denzmora, Manzarek and Krieger was released a collection of things Jim "Weird Scenes Inside The Goidmine". By the end of 1972 Robby Krieger began his solo career, while John Denzmor and Ray Manzarek formed the group THE BUTTS BAND, part of which are included in addition to three British musicians.

. His solo work of musicians had no success with fans of THE DOORS, but each new collection, which includes songs of Jim Morrison, always arouses great interest
. At the bestseller list is a book about Jim Morrison "No One Here Gets Out Alive" ( 'alive nobody here will not leave'), which was written by Danny Shugarmen and Jerry Hopkins. In 1991 came Oliver Stone's The Doors, in which the role played by Morrison's well-known actor Val Kilmer, who brilliantly played a few things THE DOORS.

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  • Terry for DOORS
  • I think the Doors - the best band of all time, but is not a single Russian site devoted to them, no. So I now create your own
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