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In 1986, the legend of the German heavy metal ACCEPT reached the peak of its popularity. After successful tours in Europe and America and the devastating tour of Japan in support of their latest album, "Russian Roulette" the group returned to their homeland to Germany to write material for his next album. However, . when work on the album was almost completed, . Most members of the group decided, . that the time had come for the final conquest of the American market, . offer frontman vocalist Udo Dirkschneider abandon the classic sound of the group in favor of a more Americanized band's sound,
. Despite the fact that such a change in the image of the group promised more money and worldwide fame, Udo refuses to change his manner of performance and bring their fans and left the band to create his solo project. Besides that, Udo svdba was planned and he needed a vacation. It should be noted that this split is not accompanied by the usual for such a situation a scandal - the musicians remained friends, and in the future in every way to help one another.

Leaving ACCEPT, Udo collects its own composition called UDO. Dirkschneider himself, but explains that the title of his new team does not mean his name, and is abbriviaturoy, which stands for UNITED DIPSTICK ORGANIZATION. Participants UDO. steel: guitarist Mathias DIT (ex "SINNER"), a second guitarist and bassist Peter SZIGETI Frank RITTEL (both from "WARLOCK") and little-known drummer Thomas Frank. In this part of the band recorded their debut album "ANIMAL HOUSE", which was completely written by a group ACCEPT, and originally planned to become another creature quintet. Album immediately drew the attention of both press and old fans ACCEPT and stayed on the 1st place the hit parade magazine "METAL HAMMER" for 5 weeks. The concept album, like many things ACCEPT was permeated with anti-war theme. Video clip from the first single, "They need a war" (They Want War), filmed in Poland, says that during the war, primarily affects children. "This is about children's game - says Udo - about playing with toy gun. That is a game where something really. If the children in our music video shoot at each other, then get up and run on, then in other places there are bullets and the blood, just think about Iraq. There, children will no longer rise when are shot to death. they remain on forever ".

Following the release of the video group goes on tour, changing in its composition and Frank Peter SZIGERTI RITTELA on SYUZEMILA Andy (guitar) and Dieter shirt (bass). "Peter and Frank - good musicians - Udo explains the change in the group - but on a personal basis, we spoke different languages". During the tour, it became clear that UDO. - Is not prsto solo project of ex-vocalist ACCEPT, and a full band, where each participant has a wealth of creative potential.

In late 1988 the band released their second album "MEAN MACHINE" - the first album, written by UDO. a group. As part of the team again is changing - the new group becomes the bassist Thomas SMUSHINSKI, and the place behind the drums is a former member of the cult German quartet RUNNING WILD - Stefan SHVARTSMAN. The second album showed not only the virtuoso fast guitar passages and technically zubodrobilnye drum breaks (which, . clearly to this day is a business card UDO), . but emotional melody and break through to tears lyrical vocals Udo in the ballad "Sweet Little Child", . Mathias DITOM played on the piano,
. Despite this "MEAN MACHINE" can be called the most uncompromising album maestro Udo and Co. As before UDO. go on tour. The same group took part in the festival dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the magazine "Metal Hammer", which played on the same stage with Ozzy Osbourne.

In 1990, out, perhaps the most melodic album in the history of the group "FACELESS WORLD", during the recording of which occurred the next replacement. Andy SYUZEMIL gave his place of second guitarist man named Wally BEM (Wolla BOHM), but this change notice, not all. The fact is that Wally as a twin brother was similar to its predecessor. Another interesting fact is that the third prodesserom creation Teutonic metal was none other than Comrade Udo on ACCEPT - drummer Shtefan Kaufman. In addition to working with his group Udo also helped many young musicians playing the role of a producer, a guest vocalist
. Meanwhile, sales of the album "FACELESS WORLD" gained its momentum and has already been planned large-scale tour, . Suddenly in relation to the hard work (sometimes had to work 15 hours a day) Udo gets a heart attack and doctors advised the singer to give at the time of the concert activities,
. The tour was canceled, and Udo took a vacation, who has spent with his family.

In 1991, Udo with new forces began to record their fourth album, "TIMEBOMB". At this time, with only one guitarist Mathias Dita. Constant change guitarists delayed rehearsals, in addition to the previous albums UDO. almost all the guitar parts Mathias recorded alone. The new release was the most severe, brutal album ever recorded band UDO. This was largely thanks to Stefan Kaufmann, who again produced the album. After the release of "TIMEBOMB" followed by a tour of the western and eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. The group also performed in many festivals, among which was the annual GIANTS OF ROCK in Finland, where the UDO. performed together with the masters of Brazilian thrash-metal SEPULTURA. By the way, at this festival to the group once again joined Andy SYUZEMIL.
All performances were held with the tour already sold out and was nearing completion when, after one of the last concerts Udo was a heart attack and was rushed to a local hospital. Guitarist Matthias DIT later explained in an interview that this was due to tight schedule of tours, as well as in connection with udo addiction to smoking. After leaving the hospital Udo dissolve their group and decide on the time to leave career as a musician.

Around the same time, ACCEPT fans from all over the world are beginning to attack the letters with a request to reform their favorite team as management ACCEPT, and the participants Legends 80. Received thousands of letters, the group decided to reform itself in its Classical composition. Udo Dirkschneider, rested and gain strength, thirsty concert activity, and failure ACCEPT without Udo strengthened the desire of the old associates of Mr. Dirkschneider again come together in order to record an album.

So, in 1993 published the first after the split with Udo drive ACCEPT "OBJECTION OVERRULED", which was a real sensation in the world of heavy music. In the same year ACCEPT first came to Moscow and gives a unique concert in the crowded hall of the Palace of Sports "Luzhniki". The show made history shows foreign groups and memorable Russia fans. There were also no surprises. So when Peter Baltes (bass group) sang the ballad "THE KING", which is not performed s1980, the hall is literally flushed thousands of lights and surprisingly sang the text word for word. Until now, many can not forget how they sang together with Udo and "Balls To The Wall" and "Princess Off The Dawn".

After the "OBJECTION OVERRULED" followed by two fairly strong album, the reformed ACCEPT, but the years of discord left their mark on relations within the group. Moreover guitarist Wolf Hoffman and bassist Peter Baltes moved by that time in America, and Udo and drummer Stefan Kaufmann left to live at home. This distance between the musicians made it difficult to communicate and work together, but life in America has had on Peter and the Wolf and his influence in music terms. Wolf tried to play more and more mainstream, while Udo remained true to his style. As a result, it was decided to give a farewell world tour, which was also timed to the 20-year anniversary team, after which the group finally disbanded.

ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman began recording her solo album, and Udo decided to continue to move in once already chosen their direction. The first step towards the reformation UDO. began recording a cover version of Judas Priest "Metal Gods" for pristovskogo tribute album. In 1997, the UDO. of - Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), . Jurgen Graf (guitar), . Fittja VINHOLD (bass), . Stefan Schwartzman (drums), and an old friend Udo still on ACCEPT Stefan Kaufmann (guitar! - Back in 1994 by Stefan problems with the spine because of what he had to leave the drums) recorded their fifth album "SOLID", . which has received recognition among all the fans inimitable vocals Udo,

His tour of the new composition began with a presentation at one of the most prestigious metal festival in Germany WACKEN OPEN AIR. After the tour the band took a short vacation and the spring of 1998 they released their sixth and best album, "NO LIMITS", . where in addition to his own works were written in the updated version of the classic ACCEPT "I` m A Rebel "(song from the self-titled album in 1980) and a cover version of SUPERMAX" Love Machine ",
. Remarkable and the fact that the establishment of a cover tossed Udo very first drummer ACCEPT Frank Frederick.

In 2000, Udo releases the album HOLY, in which the third composition is based on a musical theme Moscow Nights.

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    UDO, photo, biography
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