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Biography PRODIGY
The media can often be heard many flattering words to Prodigy: that this group is the main hope of "white" electronic music, . and that Prodigy was another contemporary British team, . which will go down in history "pop",
. One can argue, are right or not apologists Prodigy - one thing is certain: the band gave a good kick dozing rock-n-roll and forced to take themselves too seriously.

From a young age having a pronounced tendency to "ska" (West Indian music similar to reggae) and hip-hop, Liam Haulet to begin with, that found a job as a DJ and tapped in clubs Essex. Keith Flint and Leroy Thornhill in those days were a staple of nightclubs and often met there Hauleta. Once they asked the DJ to record some of his mixes on tape, but when listened to their homes, found that he inserts into the mix and the music of his own composition. And they both liked what they heard, that they immediately offered to work together Hauletu. Following the advice of friends, the trio took part in the Maxima, possessing exceptional communication skills, which later came in very handy at concerts.

In 1990 Haulet appeared in the office of the independent British record company XL Recordings with the demo tape, which contains ten songs, recorded them in my bedroom. He managed to get the first contract for Prodigy, which in itself was a huge success, which he told the rest of the group only when all the papers were signed.

In early 1991, one of the songs from that demo tape, "What Evil Lurks", was released on vinyl and was the first single of. The record went on to sell 7 thousand copies and was awarded a mention in several music publications. It has also become quite popular at rave parties. After a rather modest success for all has become a surprise hit single of the next group of "Charly" in the Top Ten UK hits. Based on the sampling rates of cat child commercial, the song became the first of a series of subsequent children "techno-order"

. Unlike most electronic groups, . competing with each other while in England, . Prodigy is constantly on tour, . creating a image with a British audience, . factor, . undoubtedly largely determined the success of their first album "The Prodigy Experience" (1992),
. Plate twenty-five weeks managed to stay in the list of 40 best British albums. "Experience" has not yet managed to leave the charts, and Haulet already decided that it was time to change the sound of. Tired of the standard rave sound, it begins to look for other options. Haulet listens to Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and other alternative team. The first composition, where Liam tried in his own music to express what it is now interested, was the song, which was called "One Love" and went separate single summer of 1993. Despite changes in the sound recording was accepted by fans "to cheer. The experiment was a success. Haulet still an ongoing process, and work on their second album Prodigy is already in a different direction. "Music for a Jilted Generation" was released in 1994, and stasis "fire" in the first place in the British charts. In America, though, the album managed to climb only to 198 on the Billboard.

Nine singles Prodigy in turn includes a list of the top 15 in Britain, but none has not been raised to the top. Finally, in March 1996 the band released "Firestarter". Being the loudest of all the songs, this single significant is the fact that it is the first role of the singer goes to Flint. He Haulet jointly written text. There were even calls to ban the song because the authorities feared epidemic of arson. "Firestarter", however, not only was the single No1, but settled at a place of honor for three weeks, which is a rare opportunity for the rapidly changing UK charts. When in November the group released another single "Breathe", he repeated the path of "Firestarter" and led not only the British hit parade, but "hot scores" of eight countries.

By that time, electronic music has already become quite popular, and many observers predicted that it will be the Prodigy of the group, which will carry the British dance music on the other side of the Atlantic. In 1997, Prodigy win the Brit Awards (the English equivalent Grammy) in the category "Best Dance Group

. Popularity Quartet growing, . They are flattering offers of cooperation from David Bowie, . Madonna and U2, . Haulet but rejects them one by one, . but instead goes into the studio and the musicians working on their third album the group, . which is called "The Fat of the Land", . hinting, . that Essex was more famous for its pastures, . than the dance floor,

In addition to "Firestarter" and "Breathe", the album was included a few songs with guest artists. "The Fat of the Land" went up to the first position in the British charts, as well as in the U.S. and even in the twenty-one country in the world. Success was fantastic. During the first seven days after the start of sales were sold three million copies, which is a record figure in the history of popular music.

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  • Turkish for PRODIGY
  • Aono Rulez!
  • rouge Mona nataha for PRODIGY
  • I adore you ! ! but I did not understand, where they write that you are a trance, where psychedelic rock, where pop! recently do not believe, but the trance or psychedelic?
  • Linda for PRODIGY
  • Please, on what site you can find and see tatushku on the leg of one of them (the one that haircut, though two horns). My young man wants exactly, but nowhere can it find
  • Anonymous for PRODIGY
  • The most gorgeous sporty group in the world for all time ! 1
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