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There was a group in the Down Under. There are only two of them grew up on music, when the synthesizer was the main musical instrument, and in the charts in the first places were groups such as "Tears for Fears". The duo "Savage Garden" literally burst into the front ranks of pop music in the wake of a soft, soulful performance of popular hits. For two years they enjoyed the first places in national and international charts, toured extensively, performing hits from her first album. Impressive show of two boys of their suburban Brisbane, Australia, attracted more and more fans around the world.

Darren Hayes (born in 1972) and Daniel Jones (born in Essex, England, in 1973) met in 1992, it is the usual way: Daniel put in a local music paper ad "requires a singer". Darren replied, and soon joined a group called "Red Edge", despite the fact that listening to his voice broke. Finding similar views on music (and the desire to create their own compositions), Darren and Daniel broke away from the band to concentrate on work. The guys have had different musical tastes - Daniel liked XTC, . Peter Gabriel and "Tears for Fears", . and Darren brought the music of Marvin Gaye, . Prince, . Diana Ross, . U2 and idols 80, . such as "Duran Duran" and "Smiths" - but they are united with the spirit of success,
. Individual differences are the boys in the unmusical area (for example, Darren - a vegetarian and do not drink alcohol, unlike Daniel).

The musicians recorded a demo tape with five original compositions and sent them on the 150 record companies across Australia. Tape fell into the hands of manager publishing company and recording studio of John Woodruff's "Roadshow Music", and he specifically prileted in Brisbane, to sign with Hayes and Jones contract.

In 1996, the studio in Sydney, the duo recorded their first album. Recording lasted eight months, but in July the same year released the single "I want you" ( "I Want You"), immediately released on the 4 th place in the charts of Australia. The song was written in explanation of sleep, dreamed Derrenu. But nine months later came their first full length CD. The next single, "On the moon and back" ( "To the Moon and Back") had even bigger success, placing first. In March 1997 a group of "Savage Garden" (the duo took the name of a popular novel by Anne Rice) finally released their first album, which included a mixture of the best singles duo. Album once headed tops Australia. Not surprisingly, their next single "Truly Madly Deeply" also came in first place. That same year, "Savage Garden" has won 10 top music awards of Australia - 10 ARIA awards (Australian Grammy equivalent), including awards for best group, best album, best debut album, best single, best song of the year. By the time the album is certified as a multiplatinum.

When released the single "To the Moon and Back", the rumor about the duo reached the United States. In the studio "Columbia" has not lost in vain. Soon the boys had signed an ambitious contract, though terms of agreements with the "Roadshow" and the New Zealand recording studios have not yet passed. "Savage Garden" in April 1997 released the album "Stateside", which became the lead single "I Want You". After a relatively quiet start of the song became very popular. Not without the help of Rosie O 'Donnell, who liked the chorus of this song, and he invited the group to his television program. Soon the duo became a frequent guest on television. In 1998, the group participated in the programs of "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee", 1998 Blockbuster Awards, MTV Live, the World Music Awards, the Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. The single "I Want You" gradually came to fourth place on the Billboard charts. The next single of "To the Moon and Back" is not gained such popularity, but if we consider that it is published for the third time, we can assume it is also quite successful. Arrangement of "Truly Madly Deeply" in December 1997 came out on top. In March 1998 album "Savage Garden" was certified platinum.

By the spring of 1998 "Savage Garden" finished which took a huge success touring Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand - next stop - North America. In June, the boys went on their first tour of America and Canada. The tour, entitled "The Future of Earthly Delites" ended with a grand show in Chicago in August. Release of the next album, the group plans in the next 1999.



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  • Alena for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • adore this group ! Thank you AOR that you remember her!
  • Indira for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • Group singing romantic songs, and mv п п?п?п?п?п?п?п?!
  • Unazuki for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • just пЎп?п°пІп°я? this group! they have amazing songs!
  • Marina for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • Dasenka-best performer! And Savage Garden was the best band in the world! Love!
  • Aliyah for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • I love and respect of some of these unique and one only a pity that they broke up, they could write a lot of great songs they are just wonderful people they are impossible to dislike the upper class, they do not even have words to express their love and admiration
  • ila for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • Everything is right in saying that I have little to add. It really is the best group of all time, the baggage of their best songs and the joint remained unspent, Darren with the best vocals in the entire universe, and I adored him.
  • Gulistan for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • This group is the steepest of all time! Any song - is a hit. Darren - a charmer. I love ! ! ! 1
  • Lyuboff for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • My most favorite song "Truly, madly, deeply" and "To the moon and back"
  • Kate for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • SG FOREVER! Ah, nostalgia ... I listened to them until now! And Darren is the best in the world's voice !+)))
  • aygun for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • I love you
  • Yuri for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • Rosie O "Donnelly is a woman
  • Vika for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • SUPER !
  • Vika for SAVAGE GARDEN
  • Forever Ever END !
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