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Biography SCOOTER
... rhythm and rhythm without stopping! These words have become not only the name of the legendary debut album, released one of the most revered idols of rave. For SCOOTER they began their lifestyle. In the rhythm a bit, they continue to produce records, enjoying an incredible demand. It's like a dream or a fairy tale, but it is - a reality.

Hit after hit is created without stopping NR Baxter, Rick Jordan and Ferisom Buhler, belonging to the SCOOTER. Those who turn up his nose out of their "Hyper Hyper" the fall of '94, soon changed their minds. In Germany alone has sold more than 700 000 copies, the title of the disc included in the German slang, and the group itself flew up to the level of international stars of the first magnitude.

The younger rave generation uses the expression "hayper-hayper" to describe something incredibly interesting, "superkrutogo". And as shown by the development of their careers, these guys are themselves living under the name of the soundtrack, which they once came up.

We have seen this many times: a group or performer goes on stage, and makes superhit ... before you have time to remember his name, it becomes part of history. But with everything else SCOOTER. They have become one of the most prominent groups that perform in the style of dance-techno. "Hyper Hyper", "Move Your Ass", "Friends", "Endless Summer" and "Back In The UK" - all went no lower than fifth place in the Germanic charts and received at least gold status in Germany (250 000 copies ).

Second album "Our Happy Hardcore" prodaetstya vestma too bad (only in Germany, took 120000 copies). This is the first CD-Extra (CD-Plus), released by the German musicians. His CD-ROM offers fans of the large number of photos and additional information about the participants of. Moreover, you can compete with NR, Ferisom and Rick in the go-cart racing.

Despite the fact that she repeatedly and in detail in the media and in print, history SCOOTER deserves to briefly recall it again. Going back in the 80. N.R. and Rick when they played together as a team, which bore the name Celebrate The Nun. Their music in those days could be called "pop-avant-garde". This creative duo with an interesting colorful sound achieved rapid success, the high point of which was hit in the top five American dance charts of Billboard magazine.

Both artists spent much time in music studios in Hamburg, together with the music too obsessed cousin N.R. Ferisom and frequenter of the scene in city clubs Jens Telem, which N.R. then worked together in one of the Hamburg record companies.

In the summer of 1993, the quartet established remix group "The Loop". Following its motto "if you like it, do it, they have collaborated with artists such as Holly Johnson, Paul Roux, Tony Di Bart, Tag Team, Mark, Mark, and soon became one of the top remix teams in Germany.

In those days they had the idea to start his own project. Panel decided to take his name as automobile bumpers, . which in Germany is called - is not difficult to guess how - SCOOTER! Unlike most techno-dance teams, . these guys are completely laid out on the stage, . and by their own admission, . best feeling, . when they are directed beams of searchlights,

As for studio work, SCOOTER recently opened his own new studio in Hamburg, and if they are not on tour, the nights are busy working on their own tracks, or, as before, doing remixes for other. If you take the studio equipment, then SCOOTER rely on the most diverse set of technology, not just the latest in this area. Rick swears that their little old RA system, which is already 15 years "sounds simply divine".

In July last year the group finished its album "Age Of Love". The included his self-titled single is the video version, shot in the style of Blade Runner / Terminator / Batman.

Latest single "No Fate" is taken from his upcoming album "Rough And Tough And Dangerous", consisting of singles, recorded from 1994 to 1998. He was released in Germany in early November

. July 1997

. Discography:

. Vall? E Larmes 19.02.94
. Hyper Hyper 15.06.94
. Hyper Remix 09.09.94
. Move Your Ass 20.01.95
. ... And The Beat Goes On 03.03.95
. Move Your Ass Remix 14.03.95
. Friends 11.05.95
. Endless Summer 24.07.95
. Endless Summer Remix 06.09.95
. Back In The UK 14.11.95
. Back In Ireland 20.12.95
. Back In The UK Remix 18.01.96
. Let Me Be Your Valentine 29.02.96
. Our Happy Hardcore 28.03.96
. Let Me Be Your Valentine Remix 25.04.96
. Rebel Yell 09.05.96
. Happy Hardcore Clips 23.05.96
. I'm Raving 19.09.96
. I'm Raving Remix 17.10.96
. Wicked! 24.10.96
. Break It Up 21.11.96
. Fire 01.04.97
. The Age Of Love 11.08.97
. Age Of Love / Album 25.08.97
. The Age Of Love Remixes 08.09.97
. All about the group SCOOTER

Photos of SCOOTER

Photos of SCOOTER

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SCOOTER, photo, biography
SCOOTER, photo, biography SCOOTER  Music Group, photo, biography
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