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Biography STATUS QUO
Rosie (originally known as Mike) Lancaster met at school in the spring of 1962-th. 12-year-old boy, organized his first band "Scorpions". After 4 months, guitarist left them. But Rosie and Lancaster scored the other schoolmates, to continue the work begun. This second group in September 1962 chance meeting with a group Koflana, which rehearsed in the next room.

They survived several changes in the group, and ц?he Spectres, they began to call themselves, began to play at parties on weekends. In April 1965 Royle Lines decided and began to play the organ. Rossi, Lancaster, Koflan Lines and recorded their first three records. Parfitt joined the band in May 67 th.

Group name changed to Traffic. Then the Traffic Jem, because they themselves were out of Winwood. They recorded their second single, but to earn more, have decided to "live" play along with the American groups. In August 1967 a group pereimonovalas in the Status Quo. Then they recorded the Pictures Of Matchstick Men, but left the support group. In early 1968 Status Quo once grew in the pop stars thanks to this single, which became an international hit. But it so happened that later tvorchestkie further their efforts go unnoticed.

Lines left the band in 1970, when Status Quo was in the creative stagnation. A year later, the group appealed to Vertigo Records with no hope of success. But, despite this, they began to rise, playing boogie-woogie, which very few people listen. Ignoring the criticism, the fans have moved their Status Quo Paper Plane 10-ku hits UK. Piledriver was not long in the charts, but in this short time they have become the gold. Down, Down was N1 in the UK u album On The Level was in the charts in late 1974. Andy Bown played keyboards from 1974 to 1979. Since 1974, each new disc, recorded on Vertigo Records, hit the top five hits Britain.

Despite a series of performances and achievements of the status of "veteran", Status Quo yet menee not achieved much success, although reports in the 82 th year that Koflan leaves the band, caused some surprise.

He was replaced by Pete Titchner (ex-Original Mirrors), who participated in creating the album in 1982 and in the "live" concert From the Makers Of ... Temporary interruption caused by the relocation of Lancaster in Australia, seemed to put an end to all the undertakings, but Status Quo should have been creatively developed, so the bass guitarist is back on "live" combined concert in 1985. Meanwhile, some of the group met, when she returned to work in the studio without a Lancaster, who never believed that "they did not shine without him". In 86-th year, after all disputes group reunited, having composed Rossi, Parfitt, Bouna, Jeff Rich and John Brown. This quintet has recorded a hit In The Army Now, who rose to second position in the British charts. In the 90 years of Status Quo came with plenty of 25-year stay in the entertainment industry. Francis Rossi (Francis Rossi)


Francis - group leader. His instantly recognizable voice and his guitar playing, were the main distinguishing features of Status Quo. The musicians of his called "Frame" or "Gomorr", as he honored the veteran rock 'n' roll. His wife's name is Eileen (Eileen), he has eight children from two marriages, and he lives in England. At this stage Francis showman, agile and charismatic. However, it was christened "recluse" because it rarely appears on the "get-togethers and large public events, preferring to stay at home ... (if you saw this house, you'd understand why!) With regard to music, he still loves to play, speak and write as before, and always takes part in all creative Status Quo. In between tours Frances strengthens your body swimming and physical exercise. In addition, he holds the record of England eating spaghetti.

Rick Parfitt (Rick Parfitt)

Rick is one of the most famous British rhythm guitarists. His impressive style of play has always been the core of playing Status Quo. Known as "The Womorr" (The Wild Old Man Of Rock and Roll), . that can be translated as Wild Old Man Rock and Roll, . Rick has written several memorable tracks Status Quo, . among them: "Whatever You Want", . "Backwater", . "Living On An Island" and "Rain",
. If you have ever seen "live" concert Status Quo, you know what happens when Rick goes to the edge of the stage vykalachivaya from his extraordinary guitar rhythms. Long pratnerstvo Rossi and Partiffa, it is the factor that unites the group and, despite the difference in their characters, they remain great friends for over 30 years. Once received the name of the Wild Old Man Rock and Roll ", Rick is now insists that he learned to relax and now he is more" moderate rock-n-Rol'shchikov "(If you think you ever believe it! )

. Andrew Bone (Andrew Bown)

. Andrew, also known as "sarcastic" because of his sharp intellect, a multi-group and, although he hardly recognizes - a fantastic musician
. In addition to keyboards, harmonica and guitar, on which he played on stage with Status Quo, he is also a great bass. Few people know that the bass guitar - his main instrument. Furthermore, by his own admission, he is the worst drummer in the world! Andrew is also a great connoisseur of wine and is known as their loyal customer. Andrew lives with his wife Carolyn and two children, Sophie and William in the South-West London. After becoming a full member of the group in 1976, he contributed to the list of hits of Status Quo in such things as "Whatever You Want" and "Burning Bridges".

John "Rhino" Edwards (John "Rino" Edwards)

John has worked with many other performers, but for him there is only one group, and it is there where it wants: to Status Quo. In addition to "Reno" he was known also as "The Bludgeon" ( "Club"), because he's the most awkward man in the world and manages to break everything that comes his way. Big fan of football club Brentford, as well as an expert in the field of "do it yourself" (ie. "destroy"). He is married and has three children. John loves to travel, and when the band is on tour, it can often be seen on the streets with Andrew. They love to knock about in art galleries, see the sights and taste the local beer.

He probably owns the biggest stereo in West London, and lives among the most wonderful neighbors, because, as muzykagolikom, listens to any music all directions at home .... at full blast.

Status Quo will be playing rock and roll until the group is Reno ...

Jeff Rich (Jeff Rich)

Jeff - this is simple-minded favorite group. He joined the Status Quo, along with Reno in 1985 when a group obkatyvali album "In The Army Now". For some time he worked with Def Leppard, after their drummer Rick Allens had a car accident. When Status Quo are on tour, Jeff does not give a dull, traveling across the country and arranging master classes on the drums for the children. Not so long ago, Jeff moved to Sussex. He is married and has two children. He has a reputation of very heavy drums, and when he was recently asked to add more dynamics in one song, he replied: "I'm playing so loud as I can!"
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Photos of STATUS QUO
  • Francis
  • Rick Parfitt (Rick Parfitt)
  • Andrew Bone (Andrew Bown)
  • John 'Rhino' Edwards (John 'Rino' Edwards)
  • Jeff Rich (Jeff Rich)

Photos of STATUS QUO

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STATUS QUO, photo, biography
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