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With Kiss, more famous for its theatrical performances, brilliant make-up on the white faces and black costumes with sequins than 24 albums, captured the imagination of millions of adolescents (Cadets Army "KISS") worldwide. Contributed to this and their extravagant postures and gestures in the style of macho men on the stage, and published comic books. Commercially powerful combination - pathos hard-rock songs and ballads - was the basis for the style of pop-metal of the eighties. For rock 'n' roll band Kiss, according to critics, has ceased to exist, but it spawned a whole generation of fans. On stage the group is often used in the design of their hymns pyrotechnic effects and fog from dry ice, but the audience loved every outbreak of fire, every chilling moment of their show. For some remains inaccessible, . that it is the intensive intervention group contributed to the successful sales of their albums, . by the number of gold records (23) occupy the third place (sharing it with the band "Rush") after the Rolling Stones and the Beatles,

. "Kiss" was born in the imagination of Gene Simmons (Gene Simmons) (Gene Klein, Haifa, Israel), a former elementary school teacher and bass player, and Paul Stanley (Paul Stanley), a solo guitarist, when they performed at the Manhattan group Wicked Lester
. Then the two musicians have found a drummer, Peter Chris (Peter Criss) (Crisscoula) through an advertisement in the magazine Rolling Stone, and guitarist Ace Friel (Ace Frehley) was in a group of advertising in the Village Voice. The concept of a new group, established by Simmons and Stanley from the very beginning, was to complete dramatization of speeches, including white makeup with complex tattoos, shoes with thick soles and extravagant silver-black outfit. The appearance of each group member emphasized cartoon character of the selected image: Simmons-Lizard, Chris - Cote, Friel-astronaut and Stanley - The Star-Child. This approach has shown that staying loyal soul rock-n-roll, they have shown tremendous commercial talent and took first position in the music market.

Ret, after the first performances in 1973, the group signed an agreement with production company Aukoyna Bill (Bill Aucoin), and two weeks later, they signed a deal with the newly established firm Casablanca. Their first three records show his search for the sound of a young rock and roll group. This lasted until 1975, when I came out a double album Alive (with the main hit, "Rock and roll all night" ( "Rock and Roll All Night")), in which the musicians were able to show their true ability. In 1976, under the leadership of Bob Kiss Erzin (Bob Ezrin), the producer of Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper), writes a pleasant and accessible to hearing the album "Destroyer". In form it was made in the style rock ( "Shout It Out Loud", "Detroit Rock City"), but the main achievement of the album was orchestrated in the style of heavy rock ballad "Beth", which appeared vocal drummer Chris. In the charts the song came seventh in that group, performing a heavy rock - it was unheard of, and could fairly be described as the first powerful ballad.

Published by Marvel Comics replied to the success of the song "Beth" edition of the comic book "Kiss". The red ink used for the illustrations contained a drop of blood members of the group - another brilliant marketing move.

In the late seventies, the quartet has been very active, went five albums, including the multiplatinum "Alife II" in 1977 and a collection of hits "Double Platinum" in 1978. In October of that year, "Kiss" makes the next visionary step - simultaneous release solo albums each member of. By releasing the 1979 album "Dynasty", group "Kiss" is still actively promoted, keeping the same style. But by 1980, the musicians began to drift apart. Peter Criss left the band before recording "Unmasked", replaced by an (for the future of the show David Letterman) drummer Anton Fig (Anton Fig) (he played solo album, Frehley). Chris found a permanent replacement in 1981, he became Eric Carr (Eric Carr).

In 1982 he left the group of highly skilled guitarist Friel (Frehley), making it difficult to record the album "Creatures of the Night"). He formed his own group "Frehley's Comet", and Music "Kiss" significantly affected. Next year, . with the release of "Lick It Up", . Kiss for the first time abandoned their makeup and costumes, and if some fans sympathized with their dermatological problems, . since they use cosmetics for years, . image of "Kiss", . they wiped their faces, . noticeably affected,

Vinnie Vincent (Vinnie Vincent), who joined the group during the recording of "Lick It Up", left her two years later, he was replaced by Mark SW. John (Mark St. John), with him recorded the album "Animalize" (1984). St. John became seriously ill - Reiter's syndrome, and in 1985 he was replaced by Bruce Kulick (Bruce Kulick) and stayed at this place in a decade. Despite these adversities, in the late eighties, "Kiss" saw a restoring its former glory and recruit a new army of fans. Ever since "Beth" album "Forever" (1989) with the song "Hot in the Shade" was the biggest achievement of.

In 1991, they lay in wait for another blow, drummer Eric Carr died of cancer at the age of forty-one. Three years later, this tragedy was reflected in the album of "Revenge". Eric Carr was replaced by Eric Singer (Eric Singer). Album "Revenge" noted the return of "Kiss" to the heavy rock, and went gold. In 1993 followed by a third live album - Alife III, and the concomitant success of the identified long tour for next year.

By this time, "Kiss" had a legion of fans - it is the history and significance of this phenomenon is extremely large. Under the watchful eye of Gene Simmons was born album "Kiss My Ass" (1994), presenting transcriptions of songs Lenny Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz) and Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks). The next step of opportunistic group was the creation of an entire organization dedicated to fans of "Kiss". The Group has established institution, the main activity of which was the closest living contact with the artists at concerts. For the fans it was a chance to see the game first "Kiss" "live sound" and the band even took requests from fans.

As a result of these interventions in 1995 was created an advertising program on MTV (Unplugged) (implemented on CD in March 1996), as special guests the founders of the group appeared - Criss and Frehley. The next step "Kiss" was the recording of the new studio album, "Carnival of Souls" (1996), but with the success of "Unplugged" their plans drastically changed. Summer of 1996 led to a complete reunification of "Kiss", which became the hottest news of the season, as Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, and Criss returned and re-launching its foggy car. Singer and Kulick had an indeterminate status for reunification, and it was as if two groups of "Kiss" - the original and new members, which had coexisted. But in early 1997, . Singer and Kulick amicably left the band, . when the reunion ended, . now left alone sostav.Chetyre tall men (shoes on the platform), . with bright makeup on her face, . who has long suffered ridicule, . not only returned, . they - extravagant, . than ever.,

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