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Signora Simona (Simona Signoret)

( Actress)

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Biography Signora Simona (Simona Signoret)
photo Signora Simona (Simona Signoret)
Life: 1921-1985

Italian actress. Shot in the films "The way to high society" (1959, Oscar), "Ghost Ship" (1965), "Recognition" (1970), "Burned barn" (1972) and others.

Yves Montand and Simone Signoret first met on Aug. 19, 1949 under the blue skies of Provence on the terrace of the restaurant "Golden Dove", where two years later they were celebrating their wedding. They both then had to 28 years.

She - well-known actress, wife of director Yves Allegra and their mother, daughter, three-year Catherine. Montagne, who came on tour to Nice - a rising star of music hall, nicknamed "Dynamite on stage" ( "De la dynamite sur scene"). He has a shady past and questionable character Don Juan's outskirts, has entered the capital on the boards thanks largely to the patronage of the great Edith Piaf, whose lover he was for two years. Simone Kaminker (Signoret - nickname, . taken in honor of the famous French movie actor Gabriel Signoret), . daughter of the bourgeoisie of Neuilly, . smoked a pack of Gauloises "day, . friend Prц╘vert and Jean-Paul Sartre, . initially inspired a certain timidity son of Italian immigrants Yves Levy (Montana - also a pseudonym, . came as a memory of childhood, . when his mother called for dinner, . shouting in Italian: "Ivo monta! Ivo monta!" - Ivo, . stand up! ").,

. In his first book "The Sun is full of head Montan both described their historic meeting:" In the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by light-winged doves, is a young woman
. She has an unusually light-colored hair. She smiles a hair's breadth, as the smiling girl in old paintings of Italian masters. I know, . her name was Simone Signoret, I have never seen pictures, . in which she acted, I'm not familiar with it, . but I know, . is now approaching her, . trying not to frighten away pigeons, . and tell her two or three sentences - just, . still some two or three phrases, . so she turned to me, . two or three sentences, . so, . not to frighten away the pigeons ...,

. It was a happy day
. And whenever I think of it, me having blonde hair, glare of the sun, pigeons, and Simon, at the very moment when she looked at me and realized that I was going to her "

. Much later, in the late 80's, after the death of Signoret, Montand began when writing a new book of memoirs, he gave another, more plausible, version of their acquaintance: "The image of women with pigeons, we are not destroyed, so as not to disappoint journalists
. There is indeed a photograph of Simon, sitting, feeding the pigeons, looking for someone (maybe me, but I'm behind the scenes) ...

. We presented each other in the "Golden dove", and the next day we had lunch together
. For dessert, taking her hand, I whispered: "What you have thin wrists!" - And since then we never parted.

. Upon returning home, Simon told Allegra begun his novel, but, fearing that a sudden break with her husband hurt his daughter, did not dare to leave immediately to Montana
. That, however, was not going to tolerate for long such a situation: "It was something huge, a storm of passion, joy, delight, celebration, and then at seven she had gone" home ", that is, to another". Crisis. Ultimatum. Soon Simon in Neuilly. ( "Thus began our life together. Forever. Really.)

December 22, 1951 in the municipality of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Yves and Simone were married. With his hand witness was Paul Roux, the owner of "Golden Dove", with her - Jacques Prц╘vert. As a gift to the wedding of Pablo Picasso's picture is sent, made marker (which in those days was a rarity).

Siniora recalled: "It was a village wedding, as I dreamed. I was happy like a little girl on Christmas morning. "

Since one of the most promising stars of France and the cash intended to be only a companion and wife of Montana and almost put an end to itself of its film career. Simon was so afraid of parting with Yves, the waiving of all, even the most tempting offers, including the first and the script by Jacques Becker - "Golden helmet". Only through the perseverance of the director, does not think his film without Signoret, she starred in "Golden helmet", which itself is then considered one of his best work in film.

This was the time of their great love and genuine passion. Siniora was accompanied by Montana in all his foreign tours.

. Montagne recalled: "Before the concert I ever shot a wedding ring, but the knowledge that Simon in the hall, was the greatest happiness, which supported me."

. One of the most serious and dramatic test for Union Signoret - Montana became his affair with Marilyn Monroe
. It all started with "friendship families" in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills Hotel, where Montand and Signoret rented bungalow б╘ 20, and their neighbors, Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe - bungalows б╘ 21. That Marilyn insisted to invite Montana after his triumphs in New York to appear in the film George Cukor "Billionaire", where she was supposed to play a major role.

. "Idyll no future", . dubbed as newspapermen new love most famous blondes of America's most famous Frenchman, . became a true godsend for advertising future movie, . whose budget has doubled after, . they both became tabloid heroes chronicles,
. Montand was frank: "Many of my friends are still convinced that this relationship above all flattered my vanity. Yes, it is this: I was really flattered. But far more moved and touched by. Touched by how it was perfect. Touched, because it was hopeless. Never for a single moment did not arise in my mind to break with my wife. "

For Simone, this story has become perhaps the biggest drama of life. She went to the shooting in Italy, knowing that the risk of losing Montana forever. She chased reporters: "Do you think he'll be back?" She replied without hesitation that yes, of course, but how could it be otherwise, she just waits for him. The most horrible thing that she had no no illusions about their future. "You know many men who have stood in front of hugs Marilyn?" She suffered so that beginning to drink. Her face changed, lost her looks. She did not want to resist any age, nor his new addiction to alcohol. She agreed to age prematurely.

Meanwhile, the novel Montana over the last week to film "billionaires". After a heartbreaking farewell, he returned to Paris with the intention of permanently break with Marilyn. He returned to his Simone ...

Simone Signoret

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Signora Simona (Simona Signoret), photo, biography
Signora Simona (Simona Signoret), photo, biography Signora Simona (Simona Signoret)  Actress, photo, biography
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