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Shiryaev Vyacheslav E.

( TV journalist, entrepreneur, social activist)

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Biography Shiryaev Vyacheslav E.
1977-1994 gg.

Shiryaev Vyacheslav E. was born February 23, 1977 in the town of Severodvinsk in the family of an engineer and an accountant. In the first class went from kindergarten "Sunshine" on Marine Avenue. Secondary education began to receive in school? 25, the vicinity of the house. The first years was a straight. Rate to grade 5, and 7 th went to study in Severodvinsk city high school is? 17.

Even in the garden began studying music, enrolling in music school? 36 at St.. End. He wanted to learn to play the violin, but had a chance to learn the most popular instrument - accordion. The same time pursuing the piano, accordion, guitar. Repeatedly defeated in the municipal, provincial competitions, and in 1990 was twice winner of the 1-Russia competition of folk music in Pskov.

In high school also showed notable successes. A winner of city and regional Olympiads in chemistry, English, biology, geography. Engaged in Young Sailors Club (KYUM), traveled with the propaganda team in the garrisons of the Navy, the Far East, Kamchatka. In his spare time involved in the city program, "Your top, becoming a winner in the category" Business Leader "(a project the school store) and" Scrabble "(intellectual challenge).

. In 1993, together with his associates created the famous club Severodvinskaja intellectual creativity "Black Square"
. Regularly participated in the programs of the Central Television: "Field of Miracles," "The Magnificent Seven", "Brain Ring". At the same time preparing for entrance to college: studied with tutors, engrossed in literature. Graduated in 1994, were listed in the certificate only three grades of "good", others - "excellent".

In June 1994, went to Moscow to receive higher education. Chose the Institute of International Relations, but the certainty that the act there may not have been. Filed documents yet another university - Russia State Humanities University, the faculty of information protection, and after passing the exam was enlisted. However, on examination in MGIMO scored a pass rate (18), and did so in the most prestigious University of Russia in the Faculty of International Economic Relations. To study the rare inherited languages - Indonesian and Malay (in addition to English - it is compulsory for all students).

Earnestly engaged, do not forget about social life. In 1995 he took part in the creation of the Youth Parliamentary Assembly at the State Duma of Russia. He became one of the initiators of the revival of the institute KVN team, which was invited to the festival leasers in the city of Sochi, meeting faculty teams. In 1997, organized a meeting of two generations of MGIMO (graduates of different years and students), which was visited by many distinguished guests. He continued to compete in televised games: "His game," Put simply "," One hundred to one ". In 1994 Severodvinskata Football team "Brain Ring" under his leadership became the absolute champion nationwide television championship, twice beating all rivals.

. In the second year he started an apprenticeship in television, winning a competition for the leading role of the entertainment program "Night of Fashion in Titanic
. I worked a director, the author transfers, produced their own projects as a Program Director of the independent television TATA. In 1997, another sold his cherished dream: was selected to join the elite club connoisseurs "What?" Where? "When?". He played several seasons, twice reaching the final and picking up maximum rating.

He graduated from the MGIMO in 1999, becoming a certified specialist in the field of foreign economic activity.

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  • Zing for Shiryaev Vyacheslav E.
  • Shiryaev, hello! I looked your site. Well, what do you say? Could better. If it is you yourself, then nothing, and if kogo0to hired, let them return the money. Well, you knew that it was a joke. Yours, Uncle Matt, Travel ... It is not there. In general, by Sergei Ivanov. Yet. PS. Come to North-ck autumn, vodka drink.
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    Shiryaev Vyacheslav E., photo, biography
    Shiryaev Vyacheslav E., photo, biography Shiryaev Vyacheslav E.  TV journalist, entrepreneur, social activist, photo, biography
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