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Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni)

( Designer)

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Biography Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni)
photo Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni)
Sun-drenched northern coast of Sardinia. Here, at irregular sprawling villa, just as colorful as the clothing fashion house Missoni reigns Angela Missoni

. Clan Missoni - it Ottavio, . or simply Tai, . founded in 1953 with his wife Rosita company producing knitted goods, their two sons - Vittorio, . Managing family business, , . Technical wizard, . able to debug the equipment for the production of any of the new models, as well as the daughter of Angela, . the official designer of the company,
About three years ago, Angela began to engage in design family fashion clothes. Missoni became known thanks to the specific combinations of uneven bars at the jersey, reminiscent of ripples of the TV screen on a dead channel. It was Angela's mother persuaded her to return to the family business. She shelve in connection with the first marriage and children and attempts to transform the planet (Angela founded the farm on organic farming of chickens and opened a kindergarten).

'It was not difficult to maintain corporate identity of the family', - says Angela, who found a way to update the past, making for Missoni what did Lagerfeld for Chanel and Tom Ford for Gucci. 'I was absolutely sure that such an aggressive style, like ours, is very rare, even in fashion'. Since his appointment to the post of creative director Angela, in her own words, 'revived the style of Missoni 60's and 70-ies' and significantly changed the color scheme. In the last shows she ventured to demonstrate a combination of all three, and sometimes even two colors, which met with some resistance to the old-timers company. 'If they do not see 22 colors for every 12 inches of tissue, - said Angela, - they immediately ask:' Is this Missoni? "

Angela decorated his villa in a bit messy, but brace style. 'Most things, . you see here, . were used in my home, . - Tells Angela, . - And when I brought them here, . then I knew perfectly well, . where is their place 'She points to some of her favorite subjects: the spiral incense,
. Hung over the fireplace, a low wooden table, made from the loom, and the trendy TV from Philippe Starck in the case of plywood snuffy. One of the radiators covered with multicolored shawl from Missoni.

Ty 81 year. He was a bronze from the sun, and the scar above the left eyebrow gives him some kind of diabolical. Tai was born in the former Yugoslavia and began his career in fashion with the production of woolen suits. After marrying Rosite whose relatives were well-known manufacturers of textiles, they created their own line of women's clothing.
'We have become famous thanks Strips. At that time we had cars that were not allowed to do anything but strip, but, of course, and can be many things to think ', - says Tai. At age 17 he won a national championship in Italy in the race for 400 meters and still maintains the sports lifestyle, which, incidentally, shows the whole family.

As a child, Angela Missoni did not see anything unusual in the fact that her parents spend all the time for discussions of patterns on the fabric and planning fashion shows. This was nothing more than a way of life, in which the fashion and the family is inextricably linked. All journal articles about the idea of the House of Missoni family has always been in the first place.

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Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni), photo, biography
Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni), photo, biography Missoni, Angela (Angela Missoni)  Designer, photo, biography
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