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Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)

( Designer)

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Biography Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)
photo Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)
Now and can not believe that the attention of the world's leading lights won the health-dropout, received by the University of Milan at the insistence of parents and threw him, not having studied at the therapeutic department and three years.

Speculate about the future of the young Italian had been in the army, but even then he did not anticipate that would be a designer. Returning from military service, Giorgio Armani assisted photographers who designed the display cases, was engaged in procurement for a major Italian supermarket ... It is this experience will help Armani, the only contemporary designers, to keep in the hands of their corporation, the annual turnover is only in America is approaching one billion dollars. But it will be later ...

Seven years later, Armani finally realized that he was ready for creative work. And then he smiled luck, brought the last point in the endless variations and determined the further fate. During the regular procurement Armani met Nino Cherruti, who had already gained a strong position in the fashion world. Cherruti believe in the strength of Armani and invited him to develop a model for the brand Hitman. Another ten years it took to the talented Italian finally decided to take the risk and embark on a single voyage. And then Giorgio sold its no longer new Volkswagen and opened their own business.

The triumph Armani began with the appearance in its first female collection pret-a-porter in 1975, blazer, very similar to men. This Armani got on the cover of the magazine "Time", becoming the second designer since Christian Dior to be awarded such an honor. Today, he openly accused some of his colleagues, mainly Jil Sander and Calvin Klein, in a blatant copy of its models. Colleagues, in response rebuked Giorgio Armani in arrogance.

I must say that the famous Italian sometimes gives rise to such claims: Fifteen years ago, for example, he decided to call a fight ... whole state. After the scandal at one of the hits Gio, as affectionately called by his friends, said that refuses to participate in a week in Paris pret-a-porter. Ironically, it only strengthened his position. When Armani risk - he wins. Even then, in the mid 70's, at the very beginning of his career, he refused ryushechek and ribbons, proclaiming the main principle of his work absolute minimalism. Once Gio risked firing - again one of the first - "fresh" flavor, which instantly gained popularity. After "Aqua de Gio" perfume with fresh and light scent began to produce virtually all designers ...

His career is called phenomenal. Expressing yourself quite late, in forty years, a talented Italian just off of fashionable Olympus. First, under the banner of Armani ten years ago, got Michelle Pfeiffer, followed by Meryl Streep, Kim Basinger, Mira Sorvino, Jodie Foster, Geena Davis, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage and many others. Even Sophia Loren changed Valentino, who dressed 20 years, preferring him by Giorgio Armani. Ornella Muti is so cherishes the friendship with him that he was afraid even to look at other boutiques designers. Boris Becker led to him his entire family, and Princess Caroline Monaco - its ...

The names of the clients are working on the reputation of a designer - is not it a clue lies gripped the world "armaniomanii? However, the Armani is another secret: he is still able to look forty. Perfect health, perfect sports figure - indeed, Giorgio is something to be proud. In the end, he's only 65 and he wants to live as many more ...

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Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani), photo, biography
Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani), photo, biography Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)  Designer, photo, biography
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