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LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin)

( Designer)

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Biography LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin)
photo LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin)
Friends of the tiny girl was sure: she, like most respectable ladies of the French, would be happy to entertain myself all my life as trivial nonsense such as ladies' Cross Stitch or reading romance novels. Therefore, when in 1890 in a two-room apartment on the famous Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore, Jeanne opened a small hat shop, many of them could not refrain from exclamations of surprised. Of course, in the capital often open new Saloon, but that did this person twenty-three years old - Parisians heard about this the first time! However, the budding milliner least wanted someone to impress. She needed only source of income: after growing up in a family of nine brothers and sisters and his father's meager earnings - he simply served concierge - to life is clearly not enough.

Hearing about the intricate elegant hats from Lanvin quickly flew to Paris, soon they already enjoyed great popularity among the capital's fashionistas. The growing success convinced Joan that she had found her vocation. But how did it wrong! After the cap was only a prelude to the international recognition ...

First, for the sake of entertainment Jeanne sewed their brothers and sisters (in the stores so expensive and so monotonous!), And then only daughter Margaret. In those days, children's dresses and suits were a nearly exact copy of an adult wardrobe. Madame Lanvin also believed that children's clothes should not be so strict and prim.
No wonder that her mother sewed dresses, which appeared Margarita, girlfriends, parents take a small fashionable women's Tips. Soon Jeanne from all sides poured orders. Gradually Madame Lanvin dress and my mother started her small clients.
In 1922, artist Paul Iribe drew a few sketches depicting Jeanne and Marguerite in satin dresses and the famous "lanvinovskih" hats. One of the pictures, Jeanne chose as an emblem of the House. and since then the playful picture Iriba decorate at all labels, packaging and perfume products at home "Lanvin".

In the mid-twenties, Jeanne Lanvin was already one of the recognized masters in the world of high sewing. Jeanne again brought into fashion soft folds-nirvyur that distinguished ancient costumes. Linear lines, flowing ruffles and flying scarves, too, became a characteristic feature of the handwriting of the first female designer. Famous milliner used as a decoration, even pieces of mosaic glass, mirrors and metal. But the main thing that gave Jeanne Lanvin descendants - a unique shade of lavender blue color, which became an integral color of her house. Toilets on "Lanvin" very soon became a sign of belonging to the highest caste: dresses from Lanvin walked down the aisle, they crowned, were taken in the most famous films of the first half of XX century ...

In the Paris Museum of Costume contains 120 costumes Joan, donated by Margarita, who, by the way, thanks to mother was Marie-Blanche, Princess de Polignac. Communication and powerful patrons allowed Joan to find a successful party for their only daughter.

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LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin), photo, biography
LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin), photo, biography LANVIN (Jeanne Lanvin)  Designer, photo, biography
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