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Tolkacheva Alice

( Designer)

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Biography Tolkacheva Alice
Alice Tolkacheva - designer luxury. On her shows there are only selected guests, friends and clients. The press is talking about it mostly in our pop stars: Angelica Varum, Larisa Dolina, Tatyana Bulanova, Valery Leontiev, Mikhail Shufutinskiy, Aziz and many others. Alice Tolkacheva not advertise their activities, but refuses to talk about it - about their collections, life, birth and beloved man.

Alice Tolkacheva known in fashion circles in Moscow as a designer, trimmed pop stars. Still alive in the memory of all rocked Angelika Varum dress in black and white vertical stripes, change "widow" image of Tanya Bulanova and costumes, which appeared gained its new love and figure Larisa Dolina. Initiated many changes in the stage dressing rooms of famous artists, was Alice. But seven years ago in Moscow about it, no one knew.

Resident of Kyiv by birth, Alice from an early age wanted to do to become a designer. "It was before such transfer on Radio and Television - Theater at the microphone". I am very fond of her. It gives me great pleasure to draw pictures of the performances, sounding in it to provide the appearance of characters and actors, "- she recalls.

Mother Alice could see the ability daughter and finish her home work area. Then Alice graduated from Kiev Art Institute in the department of graphics and began working as an artist-designer in the knitwear factory, resident of Kyiv, which collaborated with the Canadian, Austrian, Italian and German firms. In 1994, Alice was replaced by one capital to another - has moved from Kiev to Moscow. She loves to dwell on it - said that the journalists back to haunt her with questions on "moving". Alisa arrived in Moscow, then to her husband, who died tragically. "She came for a month, but stayed for seven years" - she smiles sadly.

The city was in no hurry to bestow upon a young woman plum. Remaining six months after the move without money, Alice went to the support of fellow countryman Boris Krasnov. "You must earn the bread itself! If you want to achieve something, you should eat as much crap as I ate it in this city!" - Krasnov replied to the request for money. "And that day, I just washed my belishko and hung out to dry on the balcony, - says Alisa. - Money for pegs was not, and all my underwear, bras blow off. I told him: "Boris, I have nothing, even cowards flew away!", And he: "You can not make - go away, whence come!"

But Alice Tolkacheva remained in Moscow. Now she has a creative workshop, which helps guide the faithful friend of Anna Isaeva, son of Vlad, a man beloved and loyal customers among the stars. More than 25 successful artists rely on their stage image Alice: Michael Schufutinsky, . Valery Leontiev, . Irina Saltykov, . Elena Zosimova, . Natalia Senchukova, . Alena Apina, . Vika Tsyganova, . Katya Lel, . Natalya Lagoda: Health-and-image-maker Alice Tolkacheva puts each of them from head to toe, . designing clothes, . shoes, . Jewelry, . hair, . makeup,
. This work with stars Alice very capricious authoritarian. "I like a doctor - she says - If you came to me with my problem, I prescribe a comprehensive treatment. And if you start disagreeing that "now is not necessary, but I see it as": Everything in the studio - on self! ".

Besides working on the scenic wardrobes Alice produces and separate collection. In 1998, she made her debut at the Moscow Fashion Week with a collection of "Basic Instinct" and became "Discovery of the Year". A recently introduced Alice chosen circle of friends and clients of his new collection of "Wild Swans". Since then, and began our conversation with her.

- Alice, your collection is closer to the pret-a-porte, as opposed to haute couture?

- I do not know if we can call it haute couture, because the Paris Syndicate of High Fashion I can not officially recognized. But if we consider that the collection of all things in one instance and none of the models are not repeated texture of fabric, the "Wild Swans" is closer to couture.

- Who is your heroine?

- It is outrageous. Very sexy but not vulgar, but on the verge of foul. I do not like vulgarity. By the way, I own that vytvoryayut in the models do not wear. For me, the podium - is primarily a scene. Epatage my collections - the other side of my nature. Just as Angelica - my libido. (Angelica Varum was first a client of Alice, who ordered her costume, not even glancing at the thumbnails and just trusting no one famous girl. - AK)

- Is it important for you to detail?

- I am considering the model to the last stitch and buttons. I can we bypass all of Moscow in search of I need accessories, and not only Moscow. Sutovsky bells coat from the collection of "Basic Instinct" I found in Paris.

- In "Wild Swans" color scheme is very quiet: the color of dried nettle, wet clay and sand, withered grass. And if you compare it with a collection of 98 of the year "Basic Instinct", we see how your style has changed: no longer one of aggressiveness, this collection is rather romantic:

. - Collection "Wild Swans" was made at the spring-summer season, but it is a very early spring, when snow has melted, but no bright colors
. Therefore, the chosen color of the earth. The fact that I myself changed. Women's way of my collections - this stage of my love. This range of colors, and the form and details. This code of my soul. Now this reconciliation.

- Reconciliation?

- Yes. First in my life was a period of ambition. Then during the evidence, when you make a name for himself in order for you turned on the "you" and did not say: "Girl, go away!". Once, when it was proven, appeared duality. Now I realize that much has been vanity and excessive body movements. Came to me a kind of wisdom, serenity experiment. Much has changed in me after the birth. There is a reassessment of values, all shifts. Priority becomes the first child, and realize that many things that struggled, jerked, as experienced - vanity. I feel sorry for those women who have given birth. They did not have this bias in the life. They all continue to fight something, something vigorously assert and ... embittered. A child changes lives, it becomes the center of everything, because you realize that everything you do, you're doing for him.

- Son is big?

- 4,5 years. This is a wonderful age, when he understands everything, but there's so much spontaneity! Once I was talking on the phone with our designer, Valery, Vlad comes up to me and asked: "You talk to anyone?" - "From Valery". - "With what?" - "From designer". He departs in the evening is already coming back and asking: "Mum, you parse it for the night, or if you just standing there?".

- You regret about something?

- The only thing I regret is about the students. It was a time when the scale sensors, when the idea of you and beat him, and I tried not to sell it, and even gave away their - if only to express themselves. Big minus - is the teachers that impede students how bad foals. Because of this, a lot goes bust inside. I would love to work with students, but now people have gone wrong. Time effect.

- How would you describe what you had to endure to become a fashion designer?

- This battle. It's no secret that the Blue rallied around fashion parties, and an outsider to break through a very difficult, especially for women. While I believe that a female fashion designer in the creation of models takes into account the better understanding of some women's secrets and complexes. What is good Moscow - here you can find a niche and not be under pressure. You're not in the complex.

- And you would have set about creating men's collection?

- I already had a similar experience - a collection of "White Rabbit". But it is very difficult, primarily because of the characteristics of male psychology. A woman can take away the romance, and it would be slobbering.

- Do you have the ideal man?

- Course. (Laughs.) This is a man of speech, taciturn, reliable. A woman always on the lookout, and with this man can relax. Unattractive. I do not like boys cats. I do not think the abundance of muscles, a symbol of reliability, I like a man lean, slender. Smart.

- How your man with modeling?

- It does not take it seriously, like my mother. He believes that it is fun for me. We would like the situation with the fashion we have changed. At the shows go more spectators, as on the show, a performance. We need professional journalists who write about fashion, buyers. Need fashion-business, not show.

- Who do you like from Russian designers?

- Igor Chapurin. This is such a glamor! I always tell him compliments, and they are absolutely sincere. He has a sense of color!

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Tolkacheva Alice, photo, biography
Tolkacheva Alice, photo, biography Tolkacheva Alice  Designer, photo, biography
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