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Ren Vanya

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Biography Ren Vanya
Demonstration designer collections Wani Renya gathered, perhaps, the greatest number of people in the "Season of Fashion". Judging by the number of known. That evening Gallery "Lavra" was the center of social life in Kiev. Family Rybczynski, Iryna Bilyk, Sergei Byzov, Masha Evfrosinina: Collection has been controversial. Describe it, I will not, as you can see photos of most models and formulate their own ideas. We wanted to get acquainted with the designer closer and invited him to come. As our conversation turned out quite long (Vanya excellent conversationalist and a very agreeable person) we offer only a fragment.

Vanya, thy name is "widely known in narrow circles". Tell us a little about yourself to our readers.

I am from Odessa. He worked as assistant costume designer in "Mask Show", and in the film by Kira Muratova's "Letter to America". About 10 collections of avant-garde had done, successfully participated in many competitions. I love live performances, contemporary art, the Museum of. Pushkin was my show "Crime", the Goethe Institute in Odessa, did a performance for the exhibition "Fashion and Beauty". In Kiev, I am working as an advertising stylist, about 30% of commercials is my job and my basic salary, has his atelier.

This is your first impression of "Fashion Seasons"? Why did you decide to participate?
Yes, the "Fashion Seasons" my first, but I had shows in the "El Arte" and the restaurant "Desperados". In Kiev, not many opportunities to express themselves. Shown on the "Season" was a test. The main thing that I and my colleague got a good lesson, and now we are monsters.

Share what lesson?
My first avant-garde collection appeared in 17 years, and I earned that drove her to skip the clubs almost all CIS, made Performances. Today, I am less interested in the vanguard, and I decided to make a more relaxed collection of pret-a-porter.

So you have "settled down"?
Can say so. I want to make very quiet, favorite things, which are happy with the client and remember me.

Do you have your production?
Yes, in many regions of Ukraine. In one place, sewing skin, another fur:.

And as you turned in Kiev?
Invited to work. There is more room to turn.

What in your opinion, in Kiev, many fashionably dressed people?
Yes, it's all newcomers note. In Kiev, people are well dressed and stylish.

You think the concept of "stylish" and "expensive" are synonymous?
I have "style" do not love, I love the "expensive".

A combination of expensive things known brand and second-hand?
I believe that this "stylish" and "expensive". Yes, just cool, when something in a couple of thousand, and the next twenty kopecks.

Your rating fashion market in Ukraine, namely the market design copyright.
Nil. Frankly want to get away from here. Customers are very, very reluctant to pay for the design. Want to pay for fabric and sewing for the work. But the idea did not want to pay. It turns out that the designer simply does not live on that. But now imposed high tariffs on imported clothes and a chance to develop in the Ukrainian designers came. Of the Ukrainian designers are sold well in Moscow Lily Pustovit. Again, via Moscow, she was able to sell their belongings in Germany. In Ukraine, the exit opportunities for the West, their market of designer clothes there.

And unto thee fat uncle with a proposal: let's you spin the popular shalt produce more to do:?
They came, but I do not want. Liberty does not want to lose. I have the money to invest themselves. But I am friendly support gallery "L-Art", for which I am grateful.

As born model? You draw in the early drafts:
Rarely. Can be a model 10 of the entire collection. Rest mulyazhnym method on a mannequin in front of the mirror. First of inexpensive fabric trying to get conceived, is a kind of rough. Then already picking up the fabric, which I want to see in the model.

Before showing you adjust a dress on mannequin?
No. I pick up a mannequin under the dress. Easier for me to select it, than to fit the model.

When you walk through the streets, you you pay attention to the passers-by, as the masses dressed?
Not particularly. I look at the beauties. Caught girls and handsome, and dressed with taste. Just want to come and praise.

Where do you store your collection?
Yes, they usually diverge immediately. This is a problem that would not offend the other client, and this to please.

I wonder what age your client's?
All ages. For the young at heart. The main figure of the monitor.

And the men? Do you have a collection of some male models.
Although I have more female designer, but the clients I have. Young people in creative professions generally. Somewhere to 40 years.

The ideal client for you?
The one who understands me. Here is me, for example, in the collection of favorite things, and it is they, too, notes. Which takes me no questions.

A client comes for example, looks at the model and said: "Vanya, Eslea you here this ryushik prishesh here, I have this model with a happy purchase". How are you in this case do?
I feel like that would be my models were. If ryushik at the new place would not be contrary to the spirit and style model, I am ready to go at the client on a leash. I always listen to the opinion of clients.

Do you think about who could dress a woman: fashion-designer-a woman or a man?
We've got to be in the designer was both male and female beginning approximately equally. The person must submit themselves and in one, and in another incarnation. But a client, I believe, easier to deal with a male fashion.

Among your clients are people famous?
Yes. I sew for Kravchuk, Evfrosinina Masha, Irina Bilyk.

By their models you develop accessories?
This collection is developed accessories Katya Revenko, known Kyiv designer. Belts we did. Shoes on my sketches done Snezhanna Neh. In the future I think that just going to order her shoes. This is a good designer shoes as well as accessories.

Favorite fashion designer, whose collections you look happy?
Even I can not say very much loved. That's like the last collection of Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent. And the most advanced, in my view, the designer - Hussein Shalayan. The most intelligent and the ability to anticipate fashion trends. By the way things written on it "Made in Ukraine". It is interesting to know where he sews.

Favorite Ukrainian designer?
Lilia Pustovit very much, Byzov, Anisimov, a collection of Thunder liked.

And to what clothing you treat with much love?
In each season differently. Priorities are changing rapidly. Last year, loved the bright coats, sheepskin coats, skirts, butterfly. This year it is completely 80-ies.

A computer with a boot you use?
No, but I want.

What do you like besides modeling?
Contemporary art in all its manifestations. Books in my boot do not have time to read, but the music group "Deep Dish" I was very inspired. Very interesting compilation of London.

What we expect in the future from the designer Vani Renya?
By the summer I want to make a new collection of original and make a show-show. The idea already.

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Ren Vanya, photo, biography
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