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Biography Violetta LITVINOVA
photo Violetta LITVINOVA
Violetta Litvinova was born in Tallinn on the Baltic Sea in the family, unrelated to the art.

Mother Violetta, Litvinov, Rimma Ivanovna, an economist by profession, a lot of time to create clothes for himself and his Fly (a name invented by one of the children's bridesmaids Violetta).

As a non-professional dressmaker, it was she who first introduced Violetta with the fascinating world of fashion, trying to dress her daughter so that she was not like anyone around. Two grandmothers, Violet often delighted his only granddaughter of new clothes.
New Violetta learned how to create clothes in 5 years when pierced his finger on the sewing machine Podolsk.

In school, she with my mother sewed for themselves unusual clothes for discos and amaze classmates. It was in those years was born her interest in the history of the world's material culture: her favorite place - the library, her favorite book - dedicated to the art.

In 16 years, fate throws Violetta in Moscow, where she was on the advice of parents come in MITHT them. M.V. University. Despite studies in technical colleges, Violetta gives a lot of time drawing and creating collages using rubber, plastic and metal in the style of pop art.

In the late 80-ies fate brought her to young artists: Andrey Bartenev, Tatiana Ass, Zhanna Yakovleva, Masha Kruglova, Alena Eremenko. Together with them, she participates in the first major art event "Moscow-Sochi" Gallery "MARS", received a broad resonance.

In 1991-1993, together with Violetta is involved in several art exhibitions, such as the famous "spree Mount Ana Dyr Nikitinskii the singing fish," "Mars" in action "wrapped pupa". At that time, it embodied their ideas in graphic works, characterized by distinct identities, pictorial collage and costumes out of cardboard, which the association devised and created for their performances.

In 1994, Violet goes to the Tallinn Art Institute, but after 2 years leaves school and begins working in a Moscow studio. Before that in 1993 she helped A. Bartenev in creating costumes for participation in the Assembly untamed fashion in Riga under the title "Botanical Ballet," where they receive the Grand Prix. At the same time in parallel, it is working to create their own collections of clothing such as "15" - clothes for teens, "Reflections" - a collection of evening gowns, "Fantasy in C major style - improvisation on the theme of medieval clothing, etc.. In 1995 she participated in the festival "EN Vogue Vilnius" and receives a special diploma jury headed by Paco Rabanne. At the same time it becomes a party contests of young designers in Riga and Moscow.
Over the last 3 years, she has a permanent member Russia Fashion Week.

In 1995, in Sochi on I Russia Fashion Week, she received a Special Jury.
In 1997, the competition "Images of Fashion" Violetta gets the prize for best hat.
The successes of the young fashion were seen in other countries. In 1996, at the invitation of the Director of the Paris School of Fashion "Studio Bercot" Hmm Marie Rucki Violetta visited one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe. Her work has been highly appreciated by specialists.
Since 1996, Violetta Litvinova - Member of the International Organization "Union of Designers".

In 1997 participated in the contest of fashion designers hosted by this organization in conjunction with the firm "SAGA FUR", and was awarded the diploma of the competition.

Close long-term friendship ties Violetta with the Moscow gallery "Nagornaya, where she always holds its exhibitions and fashion clothes.

Thus, in 1997, she presented to the public its collection of extravagant headgear in the project "All the colors of the world except the yellow". In the same year, she began her collaboration with fashion designer Elena Suprun, which in February 1998, they created a collection of "My Movies".

In February 1999, the artist's works are published in the English magazine "Sunday Times". In November 1999, Violetta creates headwear and accessories for the collection of sportswear designer Sergey Efremov.

Ingenuity of the designer is always in sight of the press. Her works are published in such magazines as "Cosmopolitan", "ELLE", "Officiel", "OM", "IT", "STEP", "NRG", "Maroussia", "I myself, have made her a prominent figure in the artistic life Moscow.

Today Violetta Litvinova - a dynamic expressive artist who creates each collection in his style, combining modernity and respect for tradition, seeks to awaken a woman's desire to be on anyone unlike. Infinitely being at the mercy of our own experiments, Violetta joins in their collections incongruous at first glance, materials and time. In this case all that she invents or creates, always looks like a fairy-tale story in which she herself and the author, and, often, the Executive.

Besides creating clothes and hats, the designer continues, starting in 80 th, gather a collection of antique accessories. In her collection of samples collected hats, shoes, handbags and jewelry, which reflect the fashion of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The artist believes that it is thanks to the efforts of collectors remain a living witness of human history - the clothes.

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Violetta LITVINOVA, photo, biography
Violetta LITVINOVA, photo, biography Violetta LITVINOVA  Designer, photo, biography
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