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Oleg Biryukov

( Designer)

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Biography Oleg Biryukov
He - well-minimalist.
He - a fighter for the purity of lines and concise form.
He - Oleg Biryukov.

Now he was thirty-four years behind him - hard and inspired work ahead - the same. You may ask: "What about the recognition and fame?" All this in the life of Oleg Biryukov, of course, there. But for his fame - just an inevitable part of the path, which runs a real fashion designer in Russia. Trend tendency to sew things only "haute couture" Oleg did not affect. He calls himself an industrial artist and believes that the first thing people need to wear. Clearly defined goals for themselves and gathered a team of like-minded, Oleg Russia plans to put fashion on the world level.

Having moved from the generous talents of Ivanovo, where already open boutique "B! RYUKOV", he was closely engaged in the creation of the Moscow shopping oasis. If this happens, we can safely claim that Biryukov found a good compromise between those that love to create and that can be sold. This phenomenon claim to uniqueness is because Biryukov never hidden behind the tinsel pomp and pretentiousness. His clothing is simple to genius dressed in it, you tacitly declare that the self-sufficient.

When in 1997 at a professional contest of fashion designers named Hope Lamanova Biryukov took the Grand Prix, the jury's decision was made unanimously. A woman Biryukova, above all, comfortable, but that it does not make clothes with heating and sew costumes in electronics, through which you can call. Innovation design idea Biryukova expressed in the material and technological perfection of cut.

Many critics of fashion and insist that a characteristic of Russia's fashion is the absence of the primary skills in the technique of cutting. Oleg and here is a pleasant exception. His work is understood not only at home, clothes coming out of the laboratory Biryukova cosmopolitan.

Biryukov joined the Union of Designers of Russia nearly immediately, and it is not a tribute to the general buzz, simply because he sees fashion. According to him, the form must determine the content. Consecutive advocate of simplicity, he and his work examines the phenomenon of culture. After all, in fashion, too, have a certain symbolism, the idea, and ideally - the relevance and even necessity.

Considering their creative paths just minimalism, Biryukov was able to do this line of modern fashion their own, distinct and recognizable. And for this he did not even need to sew a label outside. He uses minimalism as a prism, as a way to reflect its delicately-arihitekturnoy fantasy. In his latest collection of pret-a-porter autumn / winter 2000-01 integral black dissolved in fireworks colors. And it's not because the gray-black scale is boring and bleak. Just minimalism have Biryukova becomes colored. As for his taste in fashion, he is close to people who speak the same language with. This Miuchiya Prada and Calvin Klein.

While working, he easily cuts in their models all unnecessary, because the idea is so easy to get lost and go unnoticed. The intention to make Russia's fashion industry stable, the payback is not for Biryukova fantasy. Together with Russia's Oleg designers starts this year, an action that will help implement it.
Oleg Biryukov, fashion designer, a member of the Union of Designers of Russia. It manufactures two lines of clothing: B! RYUKOV and 2B

. Achievements:
. 1997
. April: Grand Prix of Russia competition of professional fashion behalf of Hope Lamanova

. 1997
. Member of the International Exhibition of Fashion in Moscow, Leipzig, Paris
. Expert on fashion and designer clothing in the textile project EC TASIS

. 1998
. May: Winner of the International Festival of Fashion Pret-a-Porter "IN VOGUE", Vilnius
September: Member of Salon Pret-a-Porter; sector EXPRESSION, Paris.

May: Grand Prix All-Russia competition "Dress of the Year", Moscow.
October: Member of the 1st week of the Moscow Pret-a-Porter.

March: Member of the 2nd Moscow week Pret-a-Porter.

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Oleg Biryukov, photo, biography
Oleg Biryukov, photo, biography Oleg Biryukov  Designer, photo, biography
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