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Lindberg, Peter (Peter Lindeberg)

( Photographer)

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Biography Lindberg, Peter (Peter Lindeberg)
Born in Germany in 1944. He studied painting in Berlin and Dц?sseldorf. In 27 years, began his career as a photographer's assistant. In 1978 he finally settled in Paris with his wife Astrid and her three children: Benjamin, Jeremy, Simon. His work used International Group Conde Nast, published in all the international editions of the magazine "Vogue". It creates a visual image of the Comme des Garcons and participates in major advertising campaigns. Together with Bruce Weber and Arthur Elgortom he released a book on Azzedine Alai.

In 1991, he serves as director and co-producer 50-minute film on the 5 most famous mannequin early 90's: Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Tanya Patitts, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour

. "In contrast to most so-called fashion photographers, . who photographed women only for, . to enjoy revenge, . or because, . that they were unable to find another way to show their, . Let the smallest, . power over them, . obviously, . that Peter Lindbergh photographs of women, . he loves, . and who met him in the same,

However, as is the case with all good pictures, his pictures are not confined to its primary function (play clothes), and tend to awaken emotions and to achieve timelessness. Like all true artists, . Peter Lindbergh - a sponge, . which absorbs all, . that he loves: cinema, . Paintings, . memories of childhood: to re-play all, . but different, . its warmth, . humor, . arrangements must be delighted,

In the works of Peter Lindbergh easily guessed by the influence of films and Fellini, Wim Wenders, Peter Handke, the eternal feminine 30-ies. and his love and admiration for both ironic Greta Garbo, Josephine Baker and Marlene. If fashion is by definition created for, . to then go out of fashion, . his photos, . opposite, . survive the changing seasons and the ephemeral journals, . because they represent a warm friendly or whimsical look at the men blushing women, . are in cahoots with him and who graciously accepted signs of admiration,

Works Lindbergh immediately recognizable. It creates a strong and sensual images of human beings of flesh and blood, which are much larger than the usual hangers for fancy dress. People in his portraits of laughing and crying, they are physically tangible, give a sense of energy and also the fragility.

Peter Lindbergh - one of the best contemporary artists working with black and white fashion photography. In the works Lindberg, created in the 90's, you can detect the influence of the plastic language of German Expressionism, the 20's and modern choreography Pina Bausch. Most of his pictures contain references to art history and popular culture, film and ballet native Germany. He seems to be rethinking these images and represents an audience that is not even aware of their origin.

Peter Lindbergh was born on the border of Poland and East Germany in 1944 and spent his childhood in Duisburg - a major center of heavy industry. His uncle was a farmer, and Lindberg spent all his time outside the home on the Rhine, on one side of which grew the green grass and trees, and on another there is a factory and shipping docks. The historian Martin Harrison photos discovered this combination of contrasting landscapes into works Lindberg, especially in his book "Women's Images" (1997) - a result of the mid 80's to mid 90's. "The contrast between the bare trees and electric poles can be called the key to unraveling the topic, which is visible in most of the work Lindbergh". One of his earliest photograph taken in 1988 for an advertising campaign "Comme des Garcons", depicts three related to the robot model, facing the old-fashioned, working on a couple of techniques. This way of commenting on the enormous political, industrial and cultural changes that have occurred in Europe in the late 80's. The magazine "American Photo", described his picture: "the most important quality of shooting modes Lindbergh - a frank, almost shocking honesty. I think his model of an emotionally open in front of camera. Despite the artifice, they look real ".

Lindberg believes that luxury artificial background detract from the individuality, which is located in the center of most of his photographs. So he puts the man in the contrasting scenery, emphasizing the expression of individuals and plasticity.

Taking off in Europe, Lindbergh is often used very sparingly landscapes - such as Deauville and Le Touquet place near Calais, and in America - the empty warehouses in Los Angeles and New York, the deserts of California and Nevada. Here, he shoots become his trademark black-and-white photographs, which is dominated by gray.

Peter Lindbergh left school at 15 years for the sake of the designer showcases. At 19 he moved from East Germany to Switzerland, in Lucerne, he lived in Berlin, and later hitchhiking to Morocco and Spain. Eventually he settled in Dц?sseldorf and went to art school "Krefild". Within three years, Lindberg painted abstract painting and studied art and design. Only 27 years old Lindberg first started filming. He became assistant to photographer Hans Lux, and two years later, in 1973, begins to work independently as a commercial photographer. In his early work shows the influence of black and white film. In 1978, when the magazine "Stern" published his great shot of fashion, he moved to the capital of the fashion industry - Paris

. Since photos Lindbergh published in all major fashion magazines, . including American, . english, . French and Italian "Vogue", . "Marie Claire", . "Stern", . "Allure", . "Harper" s Bazaar ", . as well as in such publications, . as "Esquire", . "Interview", . "The New Yorker",
. He also shot advertising campaigns of the best designers: Giorgio Armani, Prada, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi, Jil Sander and other. Among famous people Lindberg - Pamela Anderson, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Deneuve, Mick Jager, Nastassja Kinski, Madonna, Charlotte Rampling, Isabella Rossellini, Christy Turlington, Tina Turner, Uma Thurman, Amber Valletta, and many others. He also filmed commercials ( "Champs-Elysees" Guerlain, "Eternity" Calvin Klein, "No 4" Jil Sander, "Gio" Giorgio Armani, "Tresor" Lancome) and was a photographer in the advertising campaign spirits "Sun Moon Stars" Karl Lagerfeld. In 1992, he withdrew as a director in New York a documentary film "Models" and in 1996 - a music video for the song Tina Turner's "Missing You".

Peter Lindbergh lived between Europe and the United States, is constantly traveling and speaking to the cultures of different continents. One can say that his photos - is the sight of a European, steeped in the experience of all previous culture.

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Lindberg, Peter (Peter Lindeberg), photo, biography
Lindberg, Peter (Peter Lindeberg), photo, biography Lindberg, Peter (Peter Lindeberg)  Photographer, photo, biography
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