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Alexander Roshal

( chess-player)

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Biography Alexander Roshal
photo Alexander Roshal
Master since 1963
. Honored coach of Russia
. Honored Worker of Culture of Russia
. Publisher and Editor in Chief, '64-Chess Review '
. Alexander Roshal was born in Moscow on August 26, 1936; it means to him - 65: He was 'one of the most striking and original journalists of our time', these words of Anatoly Karpov's capacious and complete characterization of our hero
. But he is also the organizer of the chess movement, and popularizer of chess. Has already grown a generation that knows what coaching 'product' hero of the day became grand master, trainer and television journalist Sergei Makarychev, deserved trainer of USSR, Mark Butler. Several times he led to victory teams junior teams in the All-Union Competition in Moscow.

Current magazine '64-Chess Review 'grew out of a weekly supplement to the newspaper "Soviet Sport' and A. Roshal was his first and key employee - executive secretary. Then he became deputy and first deputy chief editor (the editor was then Karpov), which means that even then he did this journal. In the difficult period of widespread reorganizations A. Roshal had the courage to become the founder and editor in chief of this, one of the most popular and versatile in the world, chess publications. It works most of the leading GMs, coaches and organizers. Journal of like, trust him. It has grown and improved a lot now known journalists, and the author of these lines, among them:

. Alexander Roshal also known as a chess writer, and as a meticulous editor of each issue, care about each of his lane and content in general
. He is a stylist and a genuine fan of his case, which has left almost no. Happy Birthday, Alex!

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  • Eugene Sakvaralidze for Alexander Roshal
  • Dear Alex! Take this opportunity to establish a relationship with you. Georgian friends, including Vasya Akhvlediani and Givi Geladze, remembering our meeting in Moscow and in Georgia, send you greetings. We have a desire to resume our meetings, as it did in the past, which brings only positive emotions. Respond! Zhenya.
  • Eugene Sakvarelidze for Alexander Roshal
  • Dear Alex! Take this opportunity to contact you. My friends and I warmly recall our meeting in Georgia and Moscow in the past and scrap century. Longing meeting - respond. Zhenya.
  • Rochelle Valentovich-Leggett for Alexander Roshal
  • Dear Mr. Roshal, Your name popped up on my screen for an extract from my MA dissertation "Developing Empathy By Design: Tasks For The Whole Person". My fiance is an avid fan of chess (he's been playiing since he was 2 years old) and is in tournaments weekly and I was wondering if you were looking for him but he says chess emcompasses everything. Just to let you know, I am also a writer of short stories (non-fiction/narratives) and was published in the Kathmandu Post in 2009. I also write screenplays, poetry, musicals and perhaps novels. If it is me you are interested in, I could send you my stories which could be a novel when elaborated upon. Don't know where you are living but we will be moving to London as of mid-February and in 2012, I shall be doing follow up PhD from this MA entitled: "Spirits In The Materials World: Towards A Humanistic-Existential Theory Of Learning". If it is my chess playing fiance you are looking for, you can contact him through my email address. Sincerely, Rochelle Valentovich-Leggett, MA in Applied Linguistics
  • Rochelle Valentovich-Leggett for Alexander Roshal
  • I think you will appreciate this poem entitled "Risk": Risk is the process of growth-- To eliminate the risk is a grave mistake For then, how are you to know where to go If you do not dare see, explore the possibilities.... Risk is the process of trust in your own instincts: For then, no man can tell you what to do or what is true Or sink you--for it is clear to all you KNEW: There is no longer the hindrance of interference What then remains is assured endurance With you alone up on the turret--and at home.... c Rochelle Valentovich, 1989 from "Woman Behind The Myth"
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    Alexander Roshal, photo, biography
    Alexander Roshal, photo, biography Alexander Roshal  chess-player, photo, biography
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