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HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven)

( Director)

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Biography HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven)
photo HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven)
Paul Verhoeven was born in Amsterdam on July 18, 1938. Verhoeven's childhood was not easy. It had to be hungry for the war years. Memories of early childhood - people in uniform and an atmosphere of violence - still excite the imagination of director. As recognized by Verhoeven himself, if he had not survived two occupations Holland - a German and an American - he would never make movies.
. At the end of physico-mathematical faculty of the University of Leiden Verhoeven joined the Royal Marines
. In his spare time drill Verhoeven, by then already familiar with the film industry (he co-wrote the script of the German film "You're not alone"), was supposed to shoot a documentary to chronicle the military leadership.
. Leaving the reserve, Verhoeven continued to work in the field of documentary cinema
. In the 1960's. He became known in Holland for his films "Nothing much" (1961) and "The Marines" (1965). In 1969, Verhoeven has received an invitation to work on television. He put the popular TV series "Floris", in which the main role played young Rutger Hauer.

Two years later, the director released his first full-length feature film "What I see?" (1971). Behind him in 1973. followed by "Turkish sweets" - a picture that has become extremely popular in Holland because of great built in a precise story, and to include explicit sex scenes. The film "Soldier Orange country" (1977) and the thriller "The Fourth Man" (1983) brought Verkhoven numerous prizes at film festivals and international reputation. Out of the "fourth man" on the screens accompanied by scandal, . which provoked a cynical, . the opinion of the church, . Verhoeven usage with the Christian religion: a violent faith in God is represented in the picture as one of the first symptoms of insanity.,
. In 1983, Verhoeven moved to Hollywood
. The first American film producer has become an epic band in the life of medieval Europe "Flesh and Blood" (1985). Quoting naturalism, which abused Verhoeven, detail depicting the details of medieval life, confused the American public.
. In 1987, Verhoeven took "RoboCop", a fantastic story about a bleak future in which money and violence prevail
. Three years later the film "Total Recall" - Another mixture militants and dystopian. The main character in the film performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger's villains erased the memory (as the name suggests the film - to no avail) so that he could not lead the struggle against totalitarian systems, inhuman domination of capital and the monopolization of oxygen on Mars. Both films - "RoboCop" and "Total Recall" were successful and made Verhoeven one of the most highly paid directors in Hollywood.

In 1992. the screens out Paul Verhoeven movie "Basic Instinct" - one of the most brilliant and sexualized Hollywood 1990., thriller, though revivify the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock. The visual picture is filled with a number of Freudian imagery-cipher. The apparent paradox of the film's title is, . that the basic instinct (at least so say the theorists of psychoanalysis) in general just two - the instinct of procreation (Eros) and death instinct (Thanatos), . and which of them driven by the heroes pictures, . it is difficult to determine,
. Leaving "Basic Instinct" most discussed was the scene of interrogation at the police station. Are suspected of brutal murders with a knife for chopping ice, a writer (played by Sharon Stone) is shocking in the present inquiry (as well as respectable American audiences - so onuyu scene Verhuvenu recommended cut), . opening your legs and showing a couple of seconds of lack of underwear,
. These few seconds was enough to make a minor actress, whose biggest success prior to 1992 was the appearance in the film Verhoeven as "Total Recall", its fame as a sex symbol of the end of XX century. After the success of "Instinct" Sharon Stone was receiving five million for a role. Script pictures Joe Esterhazy poimel opportunity for some time to become the highest-paid screenwriter of all time, and he Verhoeven acquired a record two million contract to take the next opus "Girls of the Show" (1995).
. True, the "Girls from the show" - a film telling about the heavy work, people are strippers and perverse habits among the artists of the night show
. But the movie is not like any of the public nor the critics and won several Razzie - prize-antipodes "Oscar".
. Two years later, in 1997, Verhoeven returned to the fantasy genre, and released on screens controversial film epic "Space Marines", which became an event in pop culture
. In this movie, computer effects, cheesy plot and hackneyed plot twists hide deep indirect criticism of society. Struck accusations that his "Starship Troopers" promotes violence, Verhoeven has rejected, claiming that brutality on the screen is a reflection of violence that surround us in real life ...

. Filmography

. 1971 - "What I see?" (Wat zien ik?)
. 1973 - Turkish sweets "(Turks Fruit)
. 1975 - "Kitty flirt" (Keetje Tippel)
. 1977 - "Coldat Orange country" (Sodaat van Oranje)
. 1980 - "cabs" (Spetters)
. 1983 - "The fourth man" (De Vierde Man)
. 1985 - "Flesh and blood" (Flesh and Blood)
. 1987 - "RoboCop" (Robocop)
. 1990 - "Total Recall" (Total Recall)

. 1995 - "Girls from the show" (Showgirls)
. 1997 - "Space Marines" (Straship Troopers)
. 2000 - "The Invisible Man" (The Hollow Man)

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HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven), photo, biography
HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven), photo, biography HORSE Paul (Paul Verhoeven)  Director, photo, biography
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