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Oxana Fedorova

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Ahead of the entire universe

And it still possible to argue - that the country's big joy. Is it that our team did admit to the world championship on the game with the ball. Whether that our girl has become the most-most-at the very same beauty contest. Oxana Fedorova - FIRST IN HISTORY Rossiyanka, won the title of "Miss Universe" (exclamation marks after each word). And Oxana Fedorova - Lieutenant (a sigh of amazement).

Miss Universe 2002 "(51 th in a row) was held May 29 at the U.S. island of Puerto Rico, there the, the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan. Act was broadcast live, and 600 million viewers from 176 countries could not look enough at the beauties, the number of 75 - each "miss" his home country!
. By the way, the participation of Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova until the last day remained questionable
. Because of the May holidays the girl not dooformili documents, and, therefore, Puerto Ricans did not want to grant her a visa. As a result, she missed the competition for four days. Another day - and it would be withdrawn from the race! No wonder the organizers nervously biting his nails and poshuchivali: "This Russian or not come to the podium, or go with him the Queen!" But the issue resolved with the entry - of the two "or" left one.
. Already after the first exit in bathing suits jury consisting of top models, actors, movie and show business set Oksana 9.88 points out of ten! More than other participants! So determined finalists
. They were five: "Miss South Africa", "Miss China", "Miss Venezuela, Miss Panama" and - "Miss Russia", conquered the judges with elegance and long dark hair. The girls were asked: "What makes you blush?" "I blush when I say not what you want!" - Said Oksana and ... blush. But it was just that! The jury initially named second vice-miss - Chinese woman Lin Kyaw, then - the vice miss? 1 - Justino Pasek of Panama, paused, and ... Miss Universe 2002 "- Oxana Fedorova! Later at a press conference Fyodorov said that the happy, mainly because the "first victory in this contest won Russia.
. ... I woke up a cornucopia! Oksaninu head with a crown of Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto (it is a miracle worth $ 200 000 is decorated with 500 diamonds weighing 30 carats and 120 pearls with a diameter of 3 to 18 mm)
. In addition, Fedorov has received various prizes worth $ 250 000, legion, the number of different contracts, as well as the possibility of two-year study in the New York School of Film and Television - scholarship and apartments in Manhattan are attached.

. Aunt Stepa
. Oksana 24 years, and growth in it as much 178 cm
. Other options: 88-64-93. Spiteful critics, incidentally, already zlopyhnuli: figure something - not ideal! Yes and no person Ksenia Russian beauty! Khokhlushka soon ...

Fedorova was born Dec. 12, 1977 in Pskov. They lived 18 years together with his mother, a doctor by profession (his father left the family). Ibid finished comprehensive school (? 8 - if you do so you need to know) and secondary school police, where, among other things, played in the orchestra on tenor sax. On the police, incidentally, had dreamed of since childhood: a thirst for justice and all that. Domechtalas before that from Pskov her round A student, delegated to the St. Petersburg University of the Interior Ministry, the department heads of city and regional bodies of internal affairs. University Oksana graduated with a gold medal (!) And the title of lieutenant. For a while, worked as inspector of inquiry in the linear ATS Pulkovo Airport. Then I began to teach in their native high school "civil right" and was admitted to the adjunction (ie graduate school).

Subject Oksaninoy dissertation - "Civil legal regulation of private detective and security activity in the RF. Protection - next year. If only the "ecumenical" perspective not mix cards.

Although so far it has somehow managed to combine with one another. Her path to success started ... in the usual shaping room, where she arrived four years ago - to tighten ... blurred hips! However, the hall was not quite normal. He belonged to the Federation shaping St. Petersburg, which is the official organizer of the Miss St. Petersburg. That's the contest trim Oksana and won in 1999, achieving thus the right to participate in a national beauty contest "Miss Russia". And really where the path to the "Universe" is beaten!

Fedorov would have to go to the "Miss Universe" back in 2001-m. It was in that year she won the title of "Miss Russia" (and with it - a Mercedes and gold watches, Cartier). But - the question of reconciling - Oksana from the trip refused, take the exam in the university. And last year, the lists of beauties for the honor of the country puffing "Vice-Miss Russia 2001" - too Oksana, but Kalandyrets, from Surgut. And really now Fedorov took revenge!

Russian Monica?

Regarding its triumph, opinion was divided. Some believe that a personal achievement girls and nothing next to him get a job. Others, however, believe what happened almost a victory for the state.

And among those others, in the first place, it is very, triumphantly state, and there. Oksana has congratulated the governor of the Pskov region Yevgeny Mikhailov, who said: "Finally, the entire planet appreciated the beauty pskovityanok". The headmaster and the Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov, has written this in a telegram: "I think that your victory is a recognition of the fact that our police is not only Russia's reliability but also the most beautiful in the world" (unmitigated nonsense! - ES). Keep up with Gryzlov and his deputy Alexander Chekalin: "This victory will create a positive image for the internal affairs!" - He said. And even hinted, he says, dear girl ignored the police will not leave, and the captain's shoulder straps can give, and only instrument - certainly ... if a girl does not leave the police.

In short, while only from President Putin are no "pozdravlyalok not received. Meanwhile, some of it just waiting, sir.

Names Fedorova and Putin rinse long. Even after the "Miss Russia-2001" the British Daily Telegraph undertook to argue that Putin personally solicited that the contest winner Oksana. Ostensibly GDP longstanding and passionate lover of beauty, he even has her picture. Fedorov then expressed in that spirit that the president we have, of course, intelligent, motivated, young and a lot of work, but she did not know him personally. And in general it is not so, her boyfriend is - Head of the St. Petersburg construction firm by the name ... Vladimir, he is smart apartment in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral and a bank account. As for photos, then yes, Putin was her photo - hung At a news stand near the Cabinet of GDP, among many other. Later, he wrote the article Daily Telegraph journalist Marcus Warren, in fact refuted written. In an interview NTVRU.com he said: "There is serious about this material. He - ironic. Just without all these rumors story about the Russian beauties would not be interesting for the British. "

Case in another. The organizers and the jury of the contest "Miss Russia" may well have a kick ahead and choose to run in the first beauty peterburzhenku, much Fedorova it or Ivanova - does not matter. Oksana is only left that match "made biography". She, . by the way, . this task successfully coping: is so-athlete member of the Komsomol-and-just-Beauty, . that even now on the board of honor! The newspaper "Pravda" and she wrote about her so touched by: "The active search for positive heroes, . instilling a new generation of true values, . - Is a constructive way for our society ..,
. harbinger of the coming rise of Russia ". That's it! Oksana Fedorova even loved reading books on jurisprudence calls, and then the detectives and "Master and Margarita"!

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Oxana FedorovaOxana FedorovaOxana FedorovaOxana Fedorova

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  • Hello Dear Oksana, You are very striking and attractive girl, I am now looking transfer on channel STS "Mother and Daughter" is just about you, . and I think also, . that you are friendly and open chelovek.Ya would like to address you with this question, . At first glance, it might be strange,
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  • Oksana privestvuyu you! I read your biography and many features like. For example, I also do on "" Joining "Security" as a legal person "," Civil-legal regulation of contract security services. Also predodayu civil law, the rank of Major, the father of the year 14/05/1977. I beg of you my articles, books, etc., to read and make reference. Sincerely Nuriddin.
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  • Oksana - this Slavic beauty - tall, visible mill. To the envy of all with low mymram)))
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