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Anacreon (Anakreon)

( Greek lyric poet)

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Biography Anacreon (Anakreon)
Anacreon (t), Anakreon, of Theos, ca. 570 - OK. 485 years. BC. e., Greek lyric poet. When the Persians captured Asia Minor ca. 545 g, A. together with other inhabitants of Teos left his native town and settled in Abdera, where he took part in the fight against Thracian tribes. Most of his long life spent in the courts of tyrants. Invited Polycrates of Samos, for many years resided at his court. After the fall of the tyrant moved to Athens, which was ruled by the sons Peisistratos. Special friendship bound him with Hippias, who was a lover of literature and art. After the expulsion Pisistratidov, perhaps leaning in Thessaly. According to tradition, he died at the age of 85. Residents Theos gave him a symbolic tomb and statue.

The Acropolis in Athens was also a statue of Alexander, made by Phidias. - Heritage A. Alexandrian scholars gathered in 5 or 6 books and a section on metric criteria for the songs, iambic and elegies. Preserved only fragments. In the earliest of them have sounded echoes of battles with the Thracians. Later A. wrote most songs, intended for performance during feasts and celebrations of the court, therefore I have so much talk about drinking wine and the pleasures of love. Ease subjects combined, however, with a high artistic standard and perfect knowledge of poetic craft. In the surviving fragments of the A. paints a picture of the society of educated people, accustomed to the luxuries that most of the time devoted entertainment. Several times a. sets out rules to be followed by a well-educated members of the feast. He condemned the noisy, ending with a fight feast and talked about adopting moderate wine with friends, in the middle of songs and lighthearted conversation. Love poems A. addressed to both girls and boys.

They have lightness, charm, humor and a lot of subtle self-irony. The instigator of these poems was Eros, to whom the poet appealed for help in love affairs. Hand of Eros was not always soft, what a. not ashamed to admit. In one of the poems we read, . that Eros, . like blacksmith, . deafened love hammer, . and then tossed into cold water, . in the other - left in an aging poet, his purple ball and, . way by inviting him to love amusements, . dooming it to a new rivalry,
. Great skill evinces a. compliments her lover and love confessions. He admired the luxuriant hair Sterdiya, . playfully entices all word forms name Cleobulus, . disclosing to him their, . with ever more bitter feelings, . proud girl he compares with the untamed Thracian mare, . another, . too shy, . with roe, . he knows how to properly assess and elegant attire,
. Old age, which destroys the beauty that draws a line under the love and eventually leads to death, fills him with sadness. Some fragments of iambs indicate that A. could also mock.

In one of them a. attacks some Artemon, who once walked in dirty rags and a mockery of the whole city, and richer, wants to outshine all the pretentious elegance. A. wrote on the Ionian dialect, with minor inclusions Aeolic. His style is simple, original, imaginative and expressive. Song A. in the classical period often sung at banquets. In Hellenistic Alexandria, he imitated Callimachus, Theocritus and epigrammatiki (Asclepiades, Poseydipp, Gedil). A. was included in the number 9 lyricists. Poets Palatine anthology dedicated to him many epigrams. They have created a false image of A. - A drunkard and a libertine. Folded imitators A. so-called Anakreontika greatly added to the poet's popularity, but a few dozen centuries doomed to oblivion his true creativity.

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Anacreon (Anakreon), photo, biography
Anacreon (Anakreon), photo, biography Anacreon (Anakreon)  Greek lyric poet, photo, biography
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