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Galland Mark Lazarevic

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Galland Mark Lazarevic
photo Galland Mark Lazarevic
(16. 4. 1914 - 14. 7. 1998)

Mr. alla Mark Lazarevic test pilot. Born 3 (16) April 1914 in St. Petersburg. A Jew. From 1930 he worked as a turner at a factory Red October ╚ ╩. In 1932-1935 he studied at the Leningrad Institute of Engineers GVF. In 1935 transferred to the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, graduating in 1937.

From 1935 to fly gliders and parachute jumping in Leningradskoma eroklube. In 1936 he graduated from the airborne separation flying club, was there as an instructor of parachuting. From 1937 he worked inzheneromv TsAGI. Without a job he graduated from flight school TsAGI and in September 1937 became a test pilot TsAGI. Tested the SB bomber in the tricycle landing gear (1940). From April 1941 to July 1950 at √ flight test work in the Flight Research Institute. Sat tested a flutter on the (1941), tests on the final design of the oil system bomber Er-2 (1941).

In the Soviet army from 1941. Member of the Great Patriotic War: July-September 1941, the pilot √ 2 nd single fighter squadron (Air Defense, Moscow), carried out 10 night sorties on the MiG-3 to repel enemy air raids, shot down 1 aircraft of the enemy. In January-March 1942 √ deputy squadron commander of the 128 th Bomber Aviation Regiment (Kalinin Front), . carried out 28 sorties in the Pe-2, in May-June 1943 √ Pilot 890 th Aviation Regiment (Long-Range Aviation), . had 7 combat missions as a co-pilot aircraft Pe-8 in the bombing in the heartland of the enemy.,

. In June 1943, was shot down over the territory occupied by the enemy, and jumped with a parachute
. Found guerrillas Rognedynska Partisan Brigade (Bryansk region) and 12 days later the plane was taken to the front line.

Rise into the sky and tested a MiG-9 (╚ F-3 ╩) (9.08.1946). Starting powder had tested missiles in the Pe-2 (1943); tests on fine-tuning the engine AL-82 fighter La-5 (1943), . test Yak-7 with an experienced laminizirovannym wing (1944); tests for selection and fine-tuning screws on the high-altitude fighter Pe-2VI (1944); tests trophy jet fighter Me-163 glider version (1946), . the first Soviet jet fighter, the MiG-9 (1946), . long-range bomber Tu-4 (1947-1949),
. Participated in testing the I-215 (1948), Yak-20 (1950).

. In 1950-1953 √ Test Pilot NII-17; tested the radar equipment and fighter-interceptors-320 and La-200.

. In 1953-1958 √ OKB test pilot V. Myasishev; lifted into the sky and tested the aircraft 3M (1956).

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Mark Lazarevich Galland was awarded the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on May 1, 1957 for their courage and heroism, . shown during testing of new aviation technology.,

. Since 1958 √ in stock
. During flight operations mastered about 125 types of aircraft, helicopters and gliders. February 17, 1959 he was among the first rank ╚ Honored Test Pilot of the USSR ╩ (╧ mark √ 3). In 1958-1975 he worked in LII Senior Fellow. In 1960-1961 √ engineer Methodist cosmonaut team. Since 1959 he was deputy chairman of the methodical council MAP for flight tests. Has been heavily involved in the preparation of the first missions, program design and guidance flight tests of new aircraft (TU-144, Tu-154, IL-62, IL-76, AN-22 and others). Published about 30 scientific works. He taught at the MAI. Doctor of Technical Sciences (1972), Professor (1994). Member of the Writers' Union, the author of many books.

. Awarded 3 orders of Lenin, 4 orders of the Red Banner, 2 orders of the Patriotic War 1 ystepeni, Order of the Red Star, Order of Honor ╚ ╩, with medals.

. F ill in Moscow
. Died July 14, 1998. He is buried in Moscow on Troekurov cemetery.


Biography provided by A. Simonov

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Galland Mark Lazarevic, photo, biography
Galland Mark Lazarevic, photo, biography Galland Mark Lazarevic  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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