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( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography GUBENKO Anton
photo GUBENKO Anton
(12. 2. 1908 - 31. 3. 1939)

Mr. ubenko Anton fighter nanchanskoy Fighter Group. Born February 12, 1908 in the village Chicherina now Volnovakha Donetsk region (Ukraine) in a peasant family. Ukrainetz. He graduated from the 7 classes of junior high school and school trade schools in Mariupol. Then went to the Black Sea coast of Caucasus, where he worked six months hunter dolphins. Then he worked as an apprentice fitter in Mariupol. Joined the Komsomol. In the Red Army from May 1927. In 1928 graduated from the theoretical Pilot School in Leningrad, in 1929 - 1-th Kachin Military Aviation Pilot School in the AF Myasnikov served in the Far East in fighter aircraft junior and senior pilot, flight commander.

. In April 1934, Lieutenant Gubenko appointed commander of Detachment 116 th Fighter Aviation Squadron (Moscow Military District)
. Soon he became an instructor pilot technique for brigade. The summer of 1935 he was appointed the lead pilot for the military trials-16 fighters. At the final stage of flight tests Gubenko performed to determine the limit congestion. Tests were performed on 1.5 months earlier than scheduled, for which he was awarded the Order of Lenin. Total mastered 12 types of aircraft.

About dnazhdy Gubenko witnessed one accident: during the flight the young pilot during takeoff noticed at the front of the plane and stamped his tail propeller. In this plane culprit was unharmed. This case brought Gubenko the idea to use it when absolutely necessary in battle.

March 13, 1938 sent to China. He fought in the Nanchanskoy Fighter Group under the command of Lieutenant Colonel A. Annunciation April 29, 1938 in a dogfight noticed a Japanese fighter plane has lined Lieutenant Kravchenko, GP. Despite the fact that the ammunition at that time had run out, Gubenko went on the attack and drove the Japanese. After that accompanied the plane Kravchenko to place an emergency landing.

May 31, 1938 at 10.00 lieutenant Gubenko AA. left on I-16 with the group to intercept Japanese aircraft of the 18 bombers and 36 fighters approaching the city of Hankou. On the outskirts of the city got into a dogfight. At the end of the battle, when Gubenko already spent all the ammunition, he noticed a straggler A5M2 fighter and decided to bring it to their base. He walked right up to the enemy and signs suggested that he sit. The Japanese tried to come off a coup by left-wing. But Gubenko caught up with him and repeated his demand. Apparently the Japanese realized that the Soviet pilot no ammunition, and calmly turned to his side. Then Gubenko decided to shoot it down. He came close to enemy aircraft and propeller struck the bottom on the left wing aileron. A5M2 lost control and fell to the ground. Gubenko landed safely at its airfield. For this feat was awarded the Golden Order of the Republic of China.

June 26, 1938, reflecting the Japanese air raid on Hankow, entered into battle with fighter escort, and was shot down. Landed by parachute near your Aerodrome. China fought to August 1938. At 7 air battles shot down 7 Japanese planes.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin Anton Gubenko awarded on Feb. 22, 1939.

. Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Golden China.

. Fter returning home began to prepare for admission to the Air Force Academy, but just before the examinations, 8 August 1938 was appointed deputy chief of the Air Force Special Belorussian Military District
. March 31, 1939, Colonel Gubenko, practicing during an exercise technique developed by them to assault causing stroke, died in a plane crash. Buried in the city of Smolensk. His name are school Б∙╖ 3 in Mariupol and one of the schools in Smolensk. In building PTU Б∙╖ 3 in Mariupol, where he studied, a memorial plaque.


Biography provided by AE Melnikov

. ---
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GUBENKO Anton, photo, biography
GUBENKO Anton, photo, biography GUBENKO Anton  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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